I get it; we've all been there—staring at a to-do list that seems to grow longer every minute, feeling like there just aren't enough hours in the day.

You're not alone if you've ever felt overwhelmed by tasks and wished for a magic wand to make everything easier.

Well, while I can't offer you a magic wand, I do have something almost as good: AI technology, or artificial intelligence.

In this article, I'm going to show you 15 amazing ways to use AI to be more productive.

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What are the most effective ways to use AI to be more productive?

an productive AI robot

Here are 15 ways how to use AI to increase productivity:

1. Plan your day automatically

Today, finding the right balance in our daily schedule can be a real challenge. That's where an AI-powered scheduling assistant comes in.

I've started using one recently, Motion (My review here), and it's straightforward yet effective.

This tool quietly works in the background, arranging your meetings and tasks in a way that improves my productivity.

You add a new task, and it automatically schedules it into your day. There's no need for constant adjustments or manual sorting.

Motion's AI algorithms take care of the logistics, analyzing your calendar and priorities to slot in each task where it fits best. This level of automation saves time and reduces the mental load of planning each day.

2. Manages your email box

Dealing with a flood of emails can be overwhelming. To improve productivity and avoid cluttering your email box, using an AI email assistant can make a big difference.

It sorts through your incoming emails and separates the important ones from the noise. This means no more sifting through a cluttered inbox to find what you need.

Tools like SaneBox can significantly improve how you handle your emails.

As a result, you spend less time on email management and more on tasks that require your attention.

3. Write your emails

Now, for writing emails, an AI writing assistant can streamline your email writing process, helping you write important messages quickly and effectively.

Tools like Jasper can suggest ways to phrase your thoughts, making your emails clear and concise. This not only saves time but also enhances the quality of your communication.

It's kind of like having a writing expert by your side, guiding you to write better emails in less time. With Jasper (My review), you can focus more on your message and less on wording it.

3. Record and summarize your meetings 

In the hustle of everyday work, keeping track of meeting details can be a real hassle. That's where AI meeting assistant tools like Fireflies.ai (My review here) have made a huge difference.

This tool not only records meetings but also provides transcriptions and summaries quickly and accurately. Imagine finishing a meeting and having a neatly prepared summary waiting for you.

The transcription feature captures every word, so you don't have to worry about forgetting important points or tasks.

With tools like Fireflies.ai, you can boost your productivity during meetings, ensuring that no critical information slips through the cracks.

It's simple, efficient, and incredibly helpful for anyone who wants to stay on top of their meetings without getting bogged down in notes.

4. Write and post your social media content

Keeping up with social media can be overwhelming, especially when you're trying to juggle multiple platforms.

That's why focusing on productivity across your content strategy is key. I've found that planning and scheduling posts in advance really helps to enhance productivity.

It allows you to batch-create content and then set it to post automatically. This way, you're not constantly interrupting your day to make a post. It's all about working smarter, not harder.

With a good plan and the right social media marketing tools, like Ocoya, managing your social media becomes less of a chore and more of a seamless part of your workflow.

This approach lets you stay active online without it taking over your day.

5. Sparks Creative Ideas

Ever find yourself stuck for ideas? I've been there, but recently, tools like Claude and ChatGPT have changed my game.

These aren't your average chatbots; they're powered by advanced machine learning, making them incredible at sparking creative ideas.

This can be a real boost for your productivity, especially when facing a creative block. Whether it’s for brainstorming, writing, or problem-solving, turning to these AI tools can lead to surprising and exciting new ideas.

6. Help create online courses faster

In the world of online learning, creating courses can be time-consuming. Figuring out the right structure, content, and pace to suit a diverse range of students is no small feat.

That's where AI-powered course creator tools like CourseBox (Review here) come in—a lifesaver for educators and trainers. With this AI tool, putting together a course is more straightforward and faster.

It's designed to understand what students need and tailor the content accordingly. This means less time spent on the nitty-gritty of course creation and more time for actual teaching.

The AI helps organize lessons, quizzes, and resources in a way that makes sense for online learners.

Using CourseBox, educators can quickly set up comprehensive and engaging courses, giving students a better learning experience while saving precious time.

It's a win-win for both teachers and learners in the digital education space.

7. Revamps Customer Service

Good customer support is critical to keeping people happy, but sometimes it's hard to keep up. That's exactly what AI chatbots and AI phone-answering tools can do.

These tools handle queries instantly, meaning customers don't have to wait long for answers.

AI chatbots are great at understanding common questions and providing the right information on the spot.

For phone answering, the AI phone system can seamlessly handle a wide array of caller needs: inbound and outbound calls, answering FAQs, booking appointments, taking messages, and more.

This blend of AI efficiency with a personal touch is really making a difference in customer satisfaction.

Customers get the help they need quickly, and the support team can focus on solving more complex problems.

It's a modern approach to customer service that's changing the game for businesses and their customers alike.

8. Effective project management

Using AI in project management, like with Taskade, is making a big difference in how we handle our work. It's not just about using fancy technology; it's about making our tasks easier and drastically reducing the time spent on managing projects.

Imagine having a tool that automatically crafts custom templates and streamlines project creation and content generation.

Additionally, it can brainstorm, outline, and map out tasks, adapting to specialized roles and needs.

Plus, it can summarize documents and transform how project data is handled, turning even complex PDFs, CSVs, and Docs into streamlined project components.

This AI integration not only prioritizes tasks effectively but also allows for natural language processing to add due dates and reminders, elevating productivity to new heights.

9. Edits video for you

Creating videos for marketing just got easier with AI. Now, you don't need to be a pro at video editing to make great video content. With user-friendly tools, the editing process becomes a breeze.

They help you easily cut and arrange your footage, making your videos look polished and professional.

This means you can turn your creative ideas into engaging videos quickly, perfect for catching your audience's eye.

With the technical side simplified, you can put more energy into what you want to say, making video production more fun and less of a chore.

The story doesn't end there!

You can now chop long-form videos into bite-sized clips perfect for social media platforms.

AI video repurposing platforms like Vizard uses advanced algorithms to identify the most captivating moments in your content, transforming them into short-form videos that resonate with viewers and keep them coming back for more. 

Whether it's for Instagram stories, TikTok, or Youtube Shorts, you can effortlessly tailor your message to fit the format and style of each platform, making sure your brand's voice is heard loud and clear in the crowded digital space. 

10. Create animation videos for you

Making animations is now simpler than ever. You don't need to be a tech whiz to create eye-catching video content.

With straightforward tools available, anyone can start making animations that tell a story or share a message.

Whether it's for social media, blog posts, or just for fun, AI animation generator tools help you bring your ideas to life in a video format.

They take care of the technical stuff, so you can focus on being creative and sharing your vision. It's all about making video creation enjoyable and accessible to everyone.

11. Generates storyboard for you

Creating a storyboard just became a whole lot easier, thanks to generative AI. Now, you don't have to be an artist to come up with visually appealing storyboards for your projects.

With AI tools like StoryboardHero (My review here), you can turn your ideas into detailed storyboards quickly.

It's perfect for planning out videos, presentations, or any story-driven content. The AI helps lay out your vision scene by scene, making sure your final product looks just right.

This means you can focus on the story you want to tell, while the AI takes care of the visual planning.

12. Proofreads your written content

For anyone creating content, whether it's in Google Docs or elsewhere, Grammarly is a game-changer.

It's not just about fixing typos; it's about boosting productivity. With Grammarly checking your writing, you can draft faster and increase efficiency without worrying about errors.

It points out mistakes and suggests improvements, making your content clear and professional. This means less time for editing and more time for other tasks.

13. Design stunning presentations

Nowadays, making great presentations doesn't mean you have to be a design expert. With easy-to-use presentation generator tools like Desktopus (Review here), you can create slides that look both professional and engaging.

These tools help you put together your ideas in a visually appealing way, quickly and without fuss.

This means you spend less time on design and more time on what you want to say. It's a straightforward way to enhance your presentations, making sure your message gets the attention it deserves while saving you time and effort.

14. Breaks language barriers

Have you ever struggled with language barriers in content creation?

Well, AI-powered translation tools are changing the game. These tools, built on large language models, can translate your content into multiple languages accurately and quickly.

With these AI-driven tools, your ideas can reach people across the globe. This means you can connect with a wider audience, share your ideas more broadly, and truly bring down those language barriers.

15. Write blog posts for you

AI tools can generate AI content, making blog writing much faster. These tools draft posts based on your ideas, saving you time and effort.

When it comes to writing blogs, AI is like a helpful assistant.

It can look up blog post topics, create blog post briefs, suggest how to structure your post, and even write a first draft for you.

The cool part is that AI can pick out hot topics that your readers might like, giving you a solid start for your posts. 

However, it's important to remember that you'll still need to edit this AI content. Fact-checking and adding your personal touch are crucial steps.

Also, keeping your content updated is key, ideally every 6–12 months, to ensure it stays relevant and accurate. AI helps get the words flowing, but your insights and updates will make your blog truly stand out.

Can AI REALLY increase productivity?

Yes, AI can really increase productivity.

Statistics show that AI can enhance labor productivity and optimize business efficiency by 67%. [1]

It also can automate communication by 70% and improve data analytics by 59%. [2]

In the workplace, 54% of executives have reported increased productivity thanks to the implementation of AI. [3]

Plus, looking ahead, labor productivity in developed countries is expected to increase by up to 40% by 2035 because of AI. [4]

In terms of daily work efficiency, 61% of respondents indicated that AI helped them have a more efficient and productive workday (SnapLogic), while 49% observed an improvement in their decision-making and faster access to insights

Final thoughts 

As we come to the end, remember this: using AI to boost your productivity isn't just about technology.

14 AI applications above are all about finding smarter, easier ways to get your work done. Imagine spending less time on busywork and more on what really matters, all thanks to AI and machine learning's helping hand.

It's not about the robots taking over; it's about them helping us to be our best.

So, try leveraging AI productivity tools for your workflow, and you might just find yourself getting more done, feeling less stressed, and having more time for the things you love.

That's the real power of AI in our daily work.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the best generative Al tool?

Choosing the "best" generative AI tool depends on specific needs. For writing, Jasper is efficient, helping with drafting text and generating ideas. For creating images or art, DALL-E is a popular choice. Each tool is specialized, so the best one really depends on whether you're working with text, images, or something else.

How to use AI in daily office work?

In the office, AI can save time by sorting through emails, setting up meetings, and even doing some basic data analysis.

Does ChatGPT improve productivity?

ChatGPT can help with tasks like drafting emails or documents and finding information quickly. This can save a lot of time, especially for tasks that involve a lot of writing or research.

Can Al be used to improve itself?

Yes, AI systems can learn from new data and get better over time. This means they can become more helpful and accurate as they're used more.

How Al can motivate employees?

AI can take over some of the more repetitive or boring tasks, which lets employees focus on the parts of their job that are more interesting and rewarding. This can make their work feel more meaningful and enjoyable.

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