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Welcome to my Storyboard Hero review for 2024!

I know you love telling stories and sharing your awesome ideas.

But sometimes, it's tough to show your story to others without cool drawings. You've got the vision in your head, but getting it down on paper? That's a whole different story.

You did some research and found out about Storyboard Hero, but now the question is: is it worth it?

In this article, I'm going to give you the scoop on Storyboard Hero. 

We'll look at how this AI-powered tool works and see if it really can make your storyboarding easier and more fun.

I'll walk you through its features, the pros and cons, and my honest opinions after actually using the tool.

By the end, you'll have all the info you need to decide if Storyboard Hero is the right sidekick for your storytelling adventures.

Are you ready?




Storyboard Hero review!

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Millie's Take

StoryboardHero, the best AI storyboard generator, makes it super easy to plan out your video storylines. You can get custom images made either by their sketch artists or generated quickly by AI. Plus, you can export polished PDF storyboards complete with voiceovers to simplify your video planning and communication.

Out of 10
  • Price: Starts at $19/month
  • A free trial is NOW available

What is Storyboard Hero?

storyboard hero homepage

Storyboard Hero is an AI-powered storyboard generator tool that uses generative AI to help you create video concepts and storyboards quickly. 

It's great for video agencies and content creators. You can make story ideas and scripts and organize them into storyboards with the help of AI.

If you need it, you can even get hand-drawn images. Plus, you can add your own brand to the storyboards.

With Storyboard Hero, you can speed up your whole video planning process. You'll be able to show your clients their storyboards quickly, which they'll really like.

This could make them want to work with you again. Plus, because you can make storyboards so fast, you can talk to more potential clients.

This means you have a better shot at getting more projects. Your team will also have an easier time because they won't have to spend so much effort on making storyboards.

Storyboard Hero: Pros and Cons

  • Streamlines the entire storyboarding process
  • Get character consistency with prompt field 
  • Option to get custom hand-drawn images from the sketch artists
  • Export into PDF and video  files to plan your video shoots
  • Includes unlimited storyboard creation
  • Customizable art styles for images
  • StoryboardHero now works in multiple languages
  • The tool requires a learning curve to be leveraged effectively

Quick Verdict: Should you give Storyboard Hero a try?

Let's cut to the chase: Is Storyboard Hero worth your time? I'd say, for the most part, yes. 

It's a handy tool that lets you harness AI to transform your ideas into storyboards, which is a huge plus for streamlining your creative process.

The hand-drawn image option is also a standout feature, showing that they value a personal touch. However, unlike AI-generated images, it may take some time for the team to draw the images for you.

Storyboard Hero also shines in team collaboration. Every time a task is completed, each team member gets an email update.

When you hover over the dashboard, the progress is also updated, so you can quickly see, at a glance, where everything stands.

This feature ensures you're always in the loop with the latest developments in your project, making it easier to manage and coordinate tasks efficiently.

Now with the prompt field under every image, you can make sure that each character or element remains consistent throughout your storyboard. 

Plus, you can leave comments or get approval on a teammate's work before moving on to the next step. It makes sure everyone is on the same page and the workflow stays efficient.

What I love MOST about this tool is that it continuously updates, always adding new features and improvements to streamline the creative process and enhance collaboration.

However, it's not all smooth sailing. There's a bit of a learning curve, so you'll need to invest some time to really get the hang of it.

And while AI is great, it might not get things right all the time, meaning you'll have to step in and make adjustments.

But if you're patient and willing to learn, Storyboard Hero could be a valuable addition to your toolkit.

Storyboard Hero Review: Key Features

#1. Create endless concepts and scripts

Creating a great video starts with a solid plan, and that's where this feature comes in handy.

You can generate video concepts and scripts without running out of ideas. It's all about making your workflow smoother and helping you save time.

Here's how you do it: You start by giving your storyboard a title, and then you fill in the details about your video.

add details to your video concepts

You can pick the type of video you're making, the language, your video length, and the style you're going for.

Then, you write down your project brief—this is where you tell the AI what your video is all about. After you save your changes, you can tweak the settings to fit what you need.

And here's what Storyboard Hero came up with for me:

video concepts by StoryboardHero

With Storyboard Hero, I can streamline the whole process of coming up with video ideas. Though the results are not perfect and I always need to give it an edit, it's a significant time-saver.

Storyboard Hero takes my rough concepts and turns them into a visual outline that I can then refine and adjust.

This isn't to say that this tool does all the work for me. Like any AI-powered tool, it requires a human touch to bring the storyboards to their full potential.

I find that the AI excels at laying the groundwork, providing a starting point that I can build upon. 

For you, this means you can focus on being creative and leave the repetitive stuff to the AI.

It's a simple way to keep your projects moving forward and make sure you're always ready with fresh, exciting concepts for your videos.

#2. Make unlimited storyboard scenes with AI images

With Storyboard Hero, your creative process gets a big boost. You can turn your story ideas into images that show what's happening visually.

This is all thanks to cutting-edge artificial intelligence technology.

Here's how it works:

To start, you can choose to get these sketches made by the AI.

choose the option to let AI create images in Storyboard Hero

If you want your images to be super precise, you can give the AI more details about what you're picturing. You can even pick the style of the sketch.

choose the style of your AI images in Storyboard Hero

Once the AI has made your images, you can check them out. Here's what I've got from the concepts above:

AI storyboards generated by Storyboard Hero

If you like what you see, great! If not, no worries—you can ask the AI to try again by clicking "AI Regenerate" until you're happy with how it looks. 

This means you can keep tweaking your storyboard until it's perfect.

regenerate AI images in Storyboard Hero

Keep in mind that you have two options for creating AI images:

First, there are the standard images.

You can create as many of these as you want.

They're similar to what other AI tools for storyboarding offer.

Most of the time, these images will do the job just fine.

But if you run into any issues, that's when you might want to switch to the premium ones.

Second, you have premium images, which you can generate under all plans.

How many you can create will depend on the type of subscription you have.

These images are the way to go if you need to keep characters looking the same throughout or if you're dealing with more complicated scenes that don't turn out well with standard images.

They take more resources to make, which is why there's a limit on how many you can create based on your plan.

Here are some tips to help you create the best images:

  • Be clear and detailed when you write your instructions.
  • If you want something to stay the same, like how a character looks, make sure to mention it each time.
  • For the best quality, use Premium images.

#3 Import your own images and concepts to AI-generated storyboards

how to upload your own video concepts in Storyboards

This feature gives you control over the final output, making sure your storyboard looks just the way you want it to.

Here's what you can do:

If you've got a bunch of ideas already sketched out, you can easily add them to Storyboard Hero.

First, you grab a template from the platform. 

download templates for video concepts in Storyboard Hero

Then, you fill in the details for each part of your video.

fill out the templates

Once you've got your file ready, you bring it back to Storyboard Hero and upload it. It's simple—if you want to change your mind or update your concept, just upload a new one.

And what about images?

Maybe you've got the perfect picture for a scene, or you've created an image that's just right.

You can add those to your storyboard, too. Just find the scene you want to change and swap in your own image from your computer. You can even adjust the size to make sure it fits perfectly.

replace AI generated image with your own image in Storyboard Hero

#4. Choose hand-drawn pictures if you want

When you're making something special, sometimes you want that personal touch that only a real artist can give.

That's why Storyboard Hero lets you choose hand-drawn pictures if you want them.

This feature is perfect for content creators who are looking to add a bit of classic artistry to their work, improving the creative process with old-school techniques.

Here's how it goes:

If you decide on the hand-drawn route, you'll get to pick the style you like best—standard, advanced, or color. Keep in mind that these special sketches will use some of your credits.

Once you've made your choice and have enough credits, you send your request off to a real sketch artist.

They'll get to work making your images by hand. You'll get an email when they're ready to look at.

If you like what you see, great!

If not, you can ask for changes until it's just right. This way, you get the exact look you're going for, with that human touch that makes all the difference.

#5 Create doodles to add details to your storyboards

Adding a personal touch to your storyboard can make all the difference, and that's where this feature comes into play.

It's a fun and simple way to draw your own little sketches or "doodles" right onto your storyboard frames.

Here's how you can get doodling:

First, open up your video concepts and find the frame you want to add a doodle to. Then, you click "sketch a reference" to start sketching. 

sketch a reference in storyboard Hero

You'll see a bunch of drawing tools you can use to make your doodle. Go ahead and draw whatever you like to bring your idea to life. When you're done, just hit save to keep your doodle.

If you've already got an image but you want to add something extra to it, no problem.

Just find that scene in your storyboard, click on 'doodle', and you can start drawing on top of the image.

This feature is perfect for when you want to add details or get creative with your storyboard without needing any fancy drawing skills. Just doodle away and watch your storyboard become even more unique and personal.

#6 Branding settings to make your storyboards more professional

When you're sharing your storyboards with clients or your team, you want them to look professional and to feel like they're truly yours.

The branding settings let you add your own company's style to your storyboards.

Here's what you do:

First, go to the company settings on the menu. There, you'll find a section for branding.

This is where you can upload your company logo. Just click on the spot for the logo and pick the file you want to use.

Next, you get to choose your colors. You can pick a main color, a secondary one, and an accent color.

If you know the exact color codes, you can type them in, or you can play around with the color picker until you find the perfect shades.

Once you've got your colors and logo set, you can decide which parts you want to show up on your storyboard PDFs.

branding settings in Storyboard Hero

 Make your choices, hit save, and just like that, all your storyboards will have your unique branding on them.

This makes every storyboard you create look sharp and keeps your brand looking consistent across all your materials.

New Feature

#1. Image quality and relevancy

Before, for example, if you described "a busy MRT train with a student on his phone and an old man behind", the first image you got was often off. Not anymore! With a recent upgrade, that same description gives a spot-on picture.

Image quality and relevancy

#2. Character consistency

The latest upgrade lets you keep characters looking the same in every picture, even if they're doing different things or in new places.

Say you have a cool character idea. Now, you can show them anywhere - at a park, in a city, or even in space - and they'll still look like themselves.

No more weird changes each time you make a new image.

character consistency in Storyboard Hero

Tips to get character consistency with StoryboardHero:

StoryboardHero has added a new field (a prompt field) for each scene.

You can type in the character's description once, and then just repeat it in the Prompt Field for each scene.

This new field lets you keep using the same character details to make sure they look the same in every scene, without filling up the main description area too much.

prompt field  StoryboardHero

#3. Create videos from your storyboards

You start by heading to the 'Storyboard' section from the left side menu. Once you're there, just pick the storyboard you're ready to animate.

Click on it, and you'll be taken to the Storyboard tab.

Make sure every frame has an image. If there's even one missing, you won't be able to create your video.

When your storyboard is all set, simply click on the 'Export' button and choose the 'MP4 video' option.

export your storyboards as video in StoryboardHero

You'll get an email when your video is ready, which is pretty convenient.

You can find your video under the export tab, ready for viewing or downloading.

videos ready for download (1)

Plus, you have the option to select an AI voiceover for different parts of your video, or even for the whole thing.

If you're feeling musical, you can add a soundtrack, or if you want a personal touch, record your own voiceover. 

AI voice and background music in Storyboard Hero

In my experience, this feature just stitches images together with AI voice to create a video-like sequence; however, this is helpful when you're trying to visualize a story or present a concept in a dynamic way.

It allows you to see the flow of your ideas and gives a clearer understanding of how each scene connects to the next.

Plus, it's a great tool for sharing your vision with others, making it easier for them to grasp the narrative you're aiming to convey.

#4. Create characters for your storyboards and save them in the library for later use

create character feature in Storyboard Hero

With this feature, you can keep your characters consistent across all your storyboards. No need to start from scratch every time you want to bring a familiar face back into your story.

There are two ways for you to create characters:

  • The standard image option:

With the Standard images option, you can type in the celebrity's name, and the system will generate a character with similar traits.

The final look will have the vibe of the celebrity without being an exact copy.

create characters in Storyboard Hero (Standard)
  • The Premium option:
create characters in Storyboard Hero (Premium)

If your story calls for characters with a unique identity, the Premium images are your go-to. 

They require a premium AI credit, but you can put in more details like hair, age, and the character's ethnicity.

The result is a set of characters that are uniquely yours, enhancing the depth of your storytelling.

You can keep track of all your characters by storing them in the character library.

This way, they're always at hand for your next storyboard, saving you time and effort. 

Once you've created your characters, you can save them in the library, which means you can reuse them without having to recreate them each time.

use your characters created in Storyboard Hero

#5. You can now upload your script in PDF format

upload your script in PDF format in Storyboard Hero

#6. Arrange and rearrange your shots within scenes and then export your shot list

Arrange and rearrange your shots in Storyboard Hero

If you are a filmmaker, planning your shots just got a whole lot smoother. 

You can now organize your shots into scenes and shuffle them around until they're just right.

After you've got your scenes set, you can export your shot list. This is great for when you need to share your plan with your team or keep track of what you're shooting next.

Each shot comes with detailed settings: 

  • You can choose the shot type
  • Decide on the perspective
  • Define the movement
  • Dial in the camera settings, focus, lighting, and focal length

When you share or export your storyboards, all these specifics are included, so your crew knows exactly what you're aiming for.

This feature is all about making your filmmaking process as smooth and clear as possible.

Storyboard Hero Pricing Plans

storyboardhero pricing plans

Storyboard Hero has rolled out some pricing plans that are pretty sweet, especially since they've added a free 7-day trial option that wasn't there before.

Here's the lowdown on what you can get:

  • Solo Plan: $19/month for individuals, including unlimited concepts, scripts, storyboards, and frames, plus 100 AI images per month and options for guest commenting and password protection.
  • Starter Plan: $49/month for small teams, with 5 seats and all the Solo features, but with 600 AI images per month.
  • Advanced Plan: $199/month for larger teams, offering 10 seats and a generous 2,500 AI images per month, along with all the features of the previous plans.
  • Enterprise Plan: Custom pricing for unlimited seats, tailored to large-scale operations, with a dedicated account manager and custom billing options.

And remember, with the free trial now available, you can take Storyboard Hero for a spin before you decide to commit. It's a great way to see how it fits with your workflow and start making those storyboards shine.

Refund Policy

When you're trying out something new, it's nice to know you can change your mind.

If you sign up for any of the subscription plans and decide it's not for you, there's a 7-day money-back guarantee. This means you can get your money back within a week if you're not happy with the tool.

And if you ever need to, you can cancel your subscription or switch to a different plan—whether that's upgrading to get more features or downgrading to save some cash—anytime you want. 

Possible Alternatives to Storyboard Hero

If you find that Storyboard Hero isn't quite fitting your creative needs, don't worry—there are plenty of other options out there.

 Whether you're looking for something with a different set of features, a more user-friendly interface, or just a change of pace, here are some alternatives that might suit your storyboarding journey:

  • Voxxio
  • Elai's AI Storyboard
  • Boords

Final Verdict: Is Storyboard Hero Worth It?

To wrap up my Storyboard Hero review, here is my thought on this question:

When it comes down to it, deciding if Storyboard Hero is worth your time and money is pretty straightforward.

If you're someone who makes videos and you want to speed up how you plan them out, this tool could be a big help. It lets you turn your ideas into storyboards quickly, without needing a lot of time or money. Plus, with the option to try it out first and a money-back guarantee, you can check it out without any stress. 

So, if you're looking to make storyboarding easier and give your creative process a boost, Storyboard Hero might just be what you need.

storyboardhero logo

Millie's Take

StoryboardHero, the best AI storyboard generator, makes it super easy to plan out your video storylines. You can get custom images made either by their sketch artists or generated quickly by AI. Plus, you can export polished PDF storyboards complete with voiceovers to simplify your video planning and communication.

Out of 10
  • Price: Starts at $19/month
  • A free trial is NOW available

Storyboard Hero FAQs

Do I need to storyboard my own animation?

Creating a storyboard for your animation isn't mandatory, but it's highly recommended. guides you through your animation journey, helping you visualize the final product before you dive into the time-intensive process of animating. Storyboarding can also help you spot potential issues in your narrative or sequence, saving you from costly revisions later on.

What are the advantages and disadvantages of storyboarding?

The advantages of storyboarding include better planning and organization of your animation, efficient communication of your vision to others, and the ability to experiment with different ideas quickly.

On the flip side, storyboarding can be time-consuming, and for smaller projects or very simple animations, it might feel like an unnecessary step. Additionally, if too much detail is added too early, it can limit flexibility and the natural evolution of the project as it progresses.

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