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I'm Millie And Here Is My Story

I'm Millie, and I'm here to share my story with you. It's kind of funny, but writing a full page about myself feels a little strange.

It took me a while to come up with these words because I kept asking myself a lot of questions like, "Who am I? What do I do? And who do I want to help?" to write a "normal" about page.

But hey, that's what makes it so interesting and exciting, right? So let's get started!

The Story Begins

When I was young, I was just an ordinary girl. My routine was nothing but a repeated circle of going to school and getting back home. But then, one day, when I was 12 years old, I stumbled onto something that I really enjoyed for the first time.

On TV, there was a channel that broadcasted Korean songs and let the audience vote so they could make their favorite song air. I got hooked on K-pop and started teaching myself Korean so that I could understand the meaning of the lyrics of my favorite K-pop songs. 

With a passion for the language, I decided to study Korean Studies during my four years of college. During those years, I had the opportunity to work for different Korean companies. A typical example that can be named is Samsung.

After graduating from college in 2020 at age 22, I decided to move to a bigger city to apply for my first-ever full-time job as a Korean-English interpreter.

At that time, working and making money while speaking my preferred language was my dream.

But things didn’t go well…

I got a stable job while being able to earn a living, but all I can feel is emptiness.

Even though I worked hard and tried to be satisfied with my work, I barely felt fulfillment.

I wonder what the reason was…the thought of the future weighed heavily on me, draining my energy.

And everything started to change in the summer of 2021...

When COVID-19 hit hard where I live, I had to work from home. Though challenging, this allowed me to focus more time on myself and started to figure out why I was never happy with what I was doing.

One day, I stumbled upon a video of Adam Enfroy about how he built a $140k/month blog.

Just one word after watching the video: MIND-BLOWING!

I never thought I could make money during the dull period of working from home and create a business with very little upfront capital.

I started my first website,, right after that (which totally flopped, haha!). But even though my first blog was a bust, I still learned a ton from the experience. 

All the mistakes and experience taught me so much. I took a step back, figuring out what I missed and how I could improve. I started learning new tech like AI to boost up my blogging journey.

And in March 2023, I built my second blog - this very one you've landed on!

I was totally prepared for this 'new blog' to not make money for 6 months. But woohoo! An affiliate sale fell into my lap in month 3 - a sweet $75! And that number keeps climbing every month.

Looking back, I'm so grateful for all the experiences that have led me here. I can't wait to see where this journey takes me next.

That's my journey from just an 'ordinary girl' to where I am today, and how was born!

And this great journey has also opened the way for me to show my other interests to other people—starting with my love for coffee—on my new site,!

Now I think it's time to let you in on what this website is all about, just like what you would normally see on other "About Us" pages.

About By Millie Pham is your one-stop destination for everything related to AI and content marketing. I review the latest artificial intelligence tools, provide tips for optimizing online content, and share my insights as an experienced content creator.

On this site, you'll find honest reviews of AI writing assistants, SEO optimization software, website builders, courses and more. I put these tools to the test so you can learn which ones are worth your time and money.

My Mission

My goal is to help fellow content creators and marketers like yourself boost productivity, improve workflows and make the most of what emerging technology has to offer.

You'll find breakdowns of how each tool works along with my personal recommendations based on ease of use, quality and value.

Whether you're just getting started creating online content or are a seasoned pro looking to step up your game, I'm here to provide trusted guidance every step of the way.

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