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Welcome to my Motion app review for 2024.

This review was updated in January 2024 with all the updated features details!

In this review, I'll show you how this AI calendar app has made a big difference in my life and let you decide if it's right for you.

I'll be completely honest here—if you don't have the right tool in place for time management, staying on top of your tasks and projects can be tricky.

But fear not, because Motion has arrived to save the day!

In this Motion calendar review, I'll cover:

  • What is Motion (And Why Do You Need it?)
  • Best Features: Calendar dashboard, booking system, Project management, etc
  • Pricing
  • Alternatives: Motion might not be the best tool for you. I’ll cover a few alternatives that might appeal to you.

Ready? This is going to be in-depth, easy to understand, and… a whole lot of fun!

motion logo

Millie's Take

With automatic task management, project tracking, and a meeting scheduler, Motion streamlines your workflow, leaving you feeling accomplished and balanced.

Motion integrates with Google Calendar, Apple Calendar and Microsoft Outlook 365, it combines all your calendars into one unified schedule, making it the all-in-one solution you've been waiting for.

Out of 10
  • Best For: Everyone
  • Price: $34/mo
  • Annual Discount: $19/mo

Background - What is Motion App? Why You Need It,...

What is Motion?

motion homepage

Motion is an ultimate time management software that makes scheduling your days effortless. It puts your tasks right on your calendar so you always know what to do next.

It's kind of like the all-in-one solution that takes the stress out of planning and helps you stay organized with ease.

Still don't have a clue about Motion?

Just imagine if Google Calendar had the power to automatically plan your day, leaving you with more time for the things you love.

That's Motion!

This works great for individuals and small teams up to 100 people. Motion is simple and easy to use - no lengthy setup or training required. The prompts guide you through setting it up quickly.

One of the best features is that Motion will reshuffle unfinished tasks automatically. If you don't complete something, Motion moves it to the next day. This saves you time on constant replanning.

Motion also prioritizes and rearranges your tasks based on what's most important using AI. You don't have to figure this out yourself.

It combines your work calendar and personal calendar into JUST one. This gives you a complete view of your day in one place, making time management seamless.

Why You Need Motion?

1. Motion automatically plans your day

Believe it or not, we humans today are constantly striving to be more productive and make the most of our time.

If you're like me and find it challenging to juggle multiple tasks in a day, Motion's automation features will be your saving grace. It takes care of micro-time management, so you can focus on what truly matters.

Manual planning?

Nah, Motion will automatically do it for you. No more scratching your head and wondering...

"Now what do I do?"

Plus it syncs with popular calendars, streamlines meeting scheduling, and acts like your own virtual assistant, reshuffling tasks automatically.

It saves you time, keeps you organized, and boasts a user-friendly interface.

Of course, there are a few things to consider. Getting those schedules set up initially requires a bit of effort, and the price tag might raise an eyebrow for some.

But if you're a business or professional hungry for productivity, Motion is worth it. With project-based task management and efficient scheduling, it's a game-changer.

2. Motion can also schedule your meetings

Yep, Motion makes meeting scheduling a breeze too. Just connect your calendar and it will automatically suggest meeting times based on your availability. No more back-and-forth emails finding a time. Motion takes care of it for you.

3. Motion help you handles emergencies

Got a last minute emergency? No problem - Motion's AI will reshuffle your day accordingly when you get a last minute emergency . Just mark the emergency task as high priority and Motion pushes other less important tasks back automatically.

4. Motion helps with ADHD

Motion is great for managing ADHD.

In case you are not familiar with this term, ADHD makes it hard for us to stay organized, focus, and prioritize tasks.

The AI handles the organization and prioritization so you don't have to. By putting tasks directly on your calendar, Motion gives you that schedule you need to stay focused.

And it's flexible - easily adjusting throughout the day. Motion makes staying on track effortless.

Motion Pros and Cons

Let's take a closer look at the pros and cons of Motion:


  • Saves time by automatically scheduling and rescheduling tasks.
  • Acts like a virtual assistant, automatically adjusting tasks when your schedule changes.
  • Offers feature similar to Calendly for convenient booking and managing of time.
  • The user interface is easy to understand and use.
  • Click-and-drag time blocking within the Scheduler tab
  • The calendar integration works well, keeping all your events in one place.
  • Task prioritization with due dates works well, helping you stay organized.
  • The Chrome extension provides quick access to view your calendar and tasks.
  • You can divide tasks into projects for better organization.
  • Template maker for finding shared free time in different time zones


  • Motion may not be as useful for you if you don't have many projects, tasks and meetings each week
  • The price is a bit high
  • Requires learning curve
  • Manually scheduled tasks cannot be switched back to automatic scheduling.
  • The "Notes" section for each task doesn't support formatting like hyperlinks or newlines

Now, let's be honest. Motion is still in development, and there are a few features missing that you might expect from other productivity apps.

I'm talking about little things like color coding tasks created within the app and the ability to import tasks directly from apps like ClickUp without going through Google Calendar.

But let's cut Motion some slack. They're working hard to make it even better!

Motion App Review: Key Features

Overview of Motion Features

Motion has 3 core features: calendar, projects & tasks management, and meeting scheduler.

Let’s cover these features and see how they help you:

A Calendar View Providing an Overview of Scheduled Tasks and Events.

As a person who loves keeping my tasks and events in perfect harmony, Motion swoops in with its impressive calendar view. This is my first impression after starting to use the app. It transforms scheduling from tedious to enjoyable and efficient.

Motion offers a daily dashboard that gives an overview of scheduled tasks and events.

As you create tasks, you'll see your calendar filling up. But no worries! 

Motion keeps things organized with color-coded blocks. 

task scheduling

Grey blocks represent tasks created within the app. These grey blocks fall into two distinct types:

  • Blocks withdotted borders: indicate tasks that have flexible completion times.
  • Blocks with solid borders: mean the task is locked in at a specific time to keep you on track.

Motion also integrates with your existing calendars. It imports tasks from different sources.

Tasks imported from your integrated calendars (Google Calendar or Outlook Calendar) are highlighted in pleasant colored blocks. And you can easily adjust them by dragging and dropping them on the calendar.

This way, you can quickly identify which tasks originated from your external calendars and differentiate them from those created within the Motion app.

Automated Task Scheduling

Picture this: you've got a mountain of tasks to tackle, and you wish there was a magical tool that could help you plan them for you.

That's what the task scheduling feature of the Motion app does for you!

Once you create a new task in Motion, it considers factors like priority, deadlines, and your availability and your task will be planned in your calendar without needing to hire a personal assistant and give them a hefty paycheck.

This is the schedule that Motion helped me automatically with AI capabilities after adding all the tasks I have for the week:

motion calendar

Motion understands that life is full of surprises, so it plans your tasks around various factors.

You can choose whether your task is:

  • a high-priority task that needs to be done ASAP
  • a hard deadline you can't miss
  • or a soft deadline that allows some flexibility 

...when adding a new task in the Motion app.

Motion also updated the "new tasks" interface, making it less confusing and more streamlined so you can add tasks faster.

Before Update

Adding new task in motion

After Update

adding new tasks in motion

Create recurring tasks

You can set the frequency based on specific days and times. This is great for establishing habits or regular activities.

create recurring tasks in motion

Just like adding new one-time task, you have the options to choose:

  • Frequency
  • When to start
  • Duration
  • Priority
  • Timeframe to schedule tasks (work hours or custom time)
  • Auto-schedule on or off
  • Task label

Project management

Motion started as a calendar tool to help schedule your time. It then expanded to task management and now offers full project management capabilities.

As a full-time blogger and a freelancer, juggling multiple projects used to give me serious headaches.

Keeping track of tasks across different clients and campaigns felt impossible. I'd spend more time manually scheduling and re-planning than doing actual work.

So personally, this feature has been a total game changer for me and my team. 

To take a closer look, the project management dashboard will look like this (updated version):

project management interface in motion (1)

Motion also takes care of the project planning and scheduling work for you. Just simply assign tasks to projects and Motion schedules them on your calendar accordingly.

So you can get a complete picture of your day, including work projects, personal tasks, and meetings.

You can also break larger projects into smaller tasks and subtasks. The AI scheduling handles the dependencies and sequencing automatically.

break each task into specific project in Motion

Let's take a look! I've just added my newest project for my client and Motion automatically update my calendar. 

motion calendar automatically update (1)

Plus Motion uses AI to prioritize and rearrange your tasks within projects. If you don't complete a task by the deadline, Motion automatically reschedules it for you. This saves you time spent on constant replanning.

Plus if you're a fan of Kanban board in Trello, you'll love Motion's version too! 

motion kanban view

When priorities change and deadlines shift, you can quickly rearrange your schedule and tasks to accommodate by draging it to the new column. Drag and drop can give you the flexibility you need without slowing you down.

New feature in Project Management Dashboard: Default View 

The Default View in Motion's projects and tasks tab is a great way to customize what you see to match your workflow.

Instead of applying filters every time you visit the tab, the Default View allows you to set up the view exactly how you want it and have it display that way by default.

customed view in motion

As someone who likes to be organized, I find this feature invaluable. It lets me focus on my tasks rather than fiddling with filters and settings each time.

When you first visit the projects and tasks tab, you'll see the default Motion view. It shows all tasks across all workspaces in a list. While it contains plenty of helpful information, it may not be the optimal view for your needs.

That's where the Default View comes in. Click on "Default View" in the top right and you'll be able to fully customize what you see.

default view in motion

You can add or remove columns like labels, assignees, due dates, etc. Simply click the plus or minus icons. Arrange the columns in any order by dragging and dropping.

What I like to do is remove any unnecessary columns so I can better focus. I also move my most important columns like due date and assignee to the left side for quick glancing.

Once you have the columns how you want, you can even rearrange the actual tasks within the list by dragging and dropping.

Plus, if there are certain columns you never use like "labels" or "status", you can remove them completely from your view. That way your view remains clean and focused only on the task details you care about.

custom your view in Motion (1)

The key is that once you set up your view, it will stick.

Whenever you visit the tab in the future, you'll see your customized view without having to change any settings. It becomes your new default!

This view is so helpful for my workflow. I'm able to see all my upcoming tasks organized just how I like at a quick glance.

It really makes managing projects and completing tasks more efficient. So if you haven't customized your default view yet, I highly recommend setting it up to suit your workflow. This will help you focus on what's important without any distractions.

Meeting scheduler

Motion's booking feature is definitely something you should check out if your work involves scheduling loads of meetings.

The back-and-forth emails trying to align schedules always resulted in a time nobody was thrilled about.

Motion's booking links will completely change your meeting scheduling experience for the better.

Now when you need have a virtual meeting with someone, whether it's a client or teammate, you just simply generate a booking link through Motion and share it with them.

This link displays your calendar availability and lets the other person easily select an open timeslot that works for both of us.

It's just like Calendly, but with fewer bells and whistles.

booking page created by motion

Instead of haggling and compromising, the other person gets visibility into your schedule and can pick a meeting time that fits. 

Even better, the booking links are highly customizable. You can set buffer time between meetings, limit bookings per day, and require pre-meeting questionnaires if needed. 

After someone books a slot, it's automatically added to your calendar, so there's no more double booking!

customize your booking link with Motion (1)

For important meetings, you can manually select specific time slots on your calendar . This gives you control over my availability.

drag your free time for meeting in motion (1)

After that, share your availability with a magical key combination (alt/option + command) and you'll have a pre-filled message with available time options and a handy booking page link.

pre-filled message for showing your free time slots for meeting with motion

No more back-and-forth emails trying to coordinate schedules. Time saved is productivity gained!

Add tasks by sending email

Here's how to create tasks from emails with Motion, follow these steps:

1. Log in to your Motion account 

2. Go to the "Settings" tab, indicated by a gear icon.

3. Click on "Integrations" within the Settings tab.

4. Select the "Email" option.

5. Forward emails to tasks@usemotion.com to turn them into tasks. Make sure to send the email from your Motion account email.

More features To explore

  • Webhooks for automation and integration.
  • Drag to Create feature for tasks and events on mobile devices.
  • Task Time Tracking to boost productivity.
  • Seamless Task Creation through Siri on mobile and text on web-app & desktop app.

Desktop App

Motion has replaced its Chrome Extension with a brand new Desktop app, starting from February 14, 2023. So now you can access Motion in three ways: through the web app, desktop app, and mobile app.

So what's in it for you?

Well, let me tell you about the benefits of this change:

  • Faster performance
  • Offline access
  • Seamless integration
  • Enhanced security

Forget about the limitations of a Chrome Extension in the past!

The new Desktop app brings you a lot of things to take your task management to the next level!

Mobile App

I'll be honest, in the past I wasn't the biggest fan of Motion's mobile app.

As someone constantly on the go, I need to be able to manage my tasks and projects efficiently from my phone.

But the app used to feel clunky and limited in functionality compared to the desktop.

However, with the latest updates, the Motion mobile experience has stepped up big time!

My favorite upgrade is that now I can access all project management features.

I can view and update tasks, add comments, track project progress, and collaborate with my team right from my phone, even when I'm on the go.

Plus, Motion now also sends notifications through mobile apps.

motion mobile app

Motion Integrations

Motion is all about connecting the tools you already use into one efficient workspace.

Right now, Motion has some pretty slick native integrations with:

  • Google Calendar
  • Zoom
  • Zapier
  • Gmail
  • Microsoft Teams
  • Google Meet
  • Apple iCloud Calendars (NEW)
  • Microsoft Outlook 365

With Google Calendar, you can manage meetings, events, and tasks directly in Motion by syncing as many calendars as you want.

Zoom integration means you can schedule and join video calls right from Motion.

Zapier opens up connections with thousands of popular apps.

Gmail integration allows you to send customized meeting reminders and rescheduling requests with a single click.

Microsoft Teams and Google Meet are also integrated so you can schedule and join calls directly in Motion.

And Outlook 365 sync brings your Outlook calendar events and tasks into Motion for centralized management.

More integrations are on the way to make Motion the one-stop hub for managing your workday efficiently. 

But even now, Motion connects the tools you rely on daily into one smooth productivity workflow.

Motion Pricing - How Much Does Motion Cost? Is It Worth It?

Wow, there is a lot to say here!

The pricing of Motion can really make your jaw drop, especially if you opt for the monthly payment option.

Brace yourself, because it's an eye-watering $34 per month (individual plan) for a scheduling app.

NO.WAY. I mean, seriously!

But don't worry, there's more to the story.

There's the option of paying $19 per month if you prefer the annual plan.

You can even try Motion for free for a whole week to see if it's worth the investment.

Now, let's talk about what you get with these plans.

Motion _ Pricing

The Individual plan

The Individual plan includes features like:

  • Task management
  • Project management
  • Automated scheduling
  • Planning with A.I.
  • Calendar syncing
  • Meeting booking pages
  • Meeting booking templates
  • 1-click email assistant

That's quite a package! But wait, there's MORE!

The Team plan

For teams, Motion offers the Team plan at $12 per user per month if billed annually or $20 per user if billed monthly.

In addition to all the features in the Individual plan, the Team plan allows you to:

  • Collaborate on projects and tasks with your entire team
  • Enjoy automated planning and prioritization of tasks for each team member
  • Benefit from central billing.

Plus, there's a tempting 40% discount per member. Not too shabby!

While Motion is still evolving, it's a game-changing task management app. The pricing may seem a tad steep, but think about it: 

If Motion saves you ONLY 30 minutes a day, that's time well spent.

So, my suggestion is to give it a shot for a free 7-day trial and see how it transforms your productivity.

My Personal Experience With Motion Calendar

I want to share my firsthand experience while using the Motion app—it has completely transformed the way I manage my time in my day to day life, making me more organized and productive than ever before.

First off, Motion feels like having a personal assistant by my side. As someone running a blogging business, I have a lot to do in one day, the automations it offers are a godsend.

The automatic scheduling and rescheduling feature is incredibly helpful, saving me a ton of time. Plus, seeing everything instantly on my calendar boosts my productivity to new heights

The desktop and mobile apps have made managing my schedule a breeze, whether I'm at my desk or on the go.

What's even more impressive is that Motion has all the tools I need to schedule meetings with my clients and effectively manage my team.

I no longer have to rely on external apps like Calendly or Asana. Everything I need is right within the Motion app, making my workflow smoother and more efficient.

Now, let's talk about the elephant in the room: the shortcomings. When my schedules aren't set up properly, the AI might schedule meetings back-to-back without adding breaks in between. task manager

This can feel overwhelming at times.

Although there's a feature called "breaks" to add scheduled breaks, it doesn't always work seamlessly. However, considering the overall value it provides, this minor inconvenience is well worth it.

Now, let's address the price. I won't lie; it's a bit STEEP. Motion is more suitable for individuals with a higher disposable income or businesses that can afford it.

All in all, Motion gets a solid score of 4.4 out of 5 from me. It's a personalized time management assistant that saves me time, reduces scheduling headaches, and boosts my productivity.

That wraps up my Motion review, friends. 

Motion App Alternative

Motion is one of the best AI scheduling assistant tools available, in my opinion, especially if you’re serious about simplifying your scheduling and maximizing your productivity. 

However, it’s not the only AI calendar app out there, and some might actually be better for you (even if they are probably not better overall).

Here are a few Motion alternatives you might want to check out if it’s too pricey or complex for you:

Final Verdict

Motion app is a good option for those who want to streamline their schedule and boost productivity. It offers a well-organized calendar, effective time blocking, and task management tools that keep users on track. Overall, Motion App is worth a try if you are serious about increasing their productivity and team collaboration.

After reading my motion app review, if you know any of your friends who could benefit from this app, don't hesitate to recommend it to them. They'll thank you for it later. 

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Just a quick note that bymilliepham.com contains affiliate links. This means that if you click through and make a purchase, I may

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Just a quick note that bymilliepham.com contains affiliate links. This means that if you click through and make a purchase, I may

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