We've all been there, buried under a mountain of tasks, deadlines looming, and feeling like time is slipping through our fingers.

But fear not, because I have something that can turn the tide in your favor.

Picture this: a world where artificial intelligence becomes your trusty sidekick, boosting your productivity and helping you conquer your to-do list.

Today, I want to introduce you to the 9 best AI tools for productivity on the market this year. These tools are like having a team of virtual assistants at your beck and call, leveraging the power of natural language processing and AI to streamline your workflow.

Trust me, these AI-driven productivity tools are a game-changer you won't want to miss.

What Are The Best AI Tools For Productivity?

Here are the 9 best AI productivity tools that will revolutionize your workflow

  • Best for task management: Taskade
  • Best for speeding up your reading: Speechify
  • Best for auto-scheduling your day: Motion
  • Best for meeting note-taking Otter.ai
  • Best for speeding up your writing process: Jasper
  • Best for project management: Notion AI 
  • Best for creating presentations faster: Decktopus
  • Best for time management: Time Doctor
  • Best for everything: Chat GPT

1. Taskade

Best for task management

taskade logo

Taskade Summary


Taskade is a lightweight project management tool that allows you to efficiently handle tasks and projects in various views. It's available on multiple platforms and is particularly suitable for micro project management, calendar organization, and mind mapping. The application allows smooth transitions between personal note-taking and team collaboration, making it ideal for small teams.


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What is Taskade?

taskade homepage

Taskade serves as a lightweight project management tool that enables you to efficiently handle tasks and projects in various views. Available on Android, iOS, Mac, PC, and even Linux, Taskade caters to a wide range of platforms. It's particularly suitable for micro project management, calendar organization, and mind mapping.

The application allows smooth transitions between personal note-taking and team collaboration, making it ideal for small teams.

Why I recommend Taskade

Taskade doesn't hold the top spot on my list of productivity tools without reason. Here is why I think Taskade is one of the best productivity boosters in town:

Firs of all, Taskade is not just for one thing. It's like a toolbox filled with different tools.

You can do all of these things with this badass tool: 

  • organize your tasks
  • make awesome calendars
  • create as many tasks and projects as you need
  • create mind maps to visualize your ideas.
  • easily set up tasks to repeat at specified intervals
  • set up templates for scheduling.
  • collaborate seamlessly with your team through real-time updates and video calls.
  • access a wide array of pre-designed templates to jumpstart your projects (500+ templates)
  • automate your daily tasks with Taskade AI.
  • store big files up to 1 GB

Let's talk about Taskade AI. How does the AI technology in Taskade help you?

First up, we have the AI Workflow Generator. It's like having a master planner right at your fingertips. This AI can help you create really cool workflows and plans, making your tasks all organized and efficient.

Then, there's the AI Chat Assistant. Think of this as chatting with a robot friend who knows a ton of stuff. You can ask it questions, and it will give you answers lightning fast. It's like having a clever ChatGPT to help you out whenever you're curious.

The AI Task Assistant is like your personal task manager. It's excellent at keeping track of your to-do list, reminding you of important tasks. It's like having a mini helper to make sure you're always on top of things.

The AI Block Generator is something creative minds will love. It's like having an artist friend who helps you come up with creative ideas for your projects. This can be really handy when you're looking for inspiration.

Got a ton of tasks to tackle? No worries, that's where the Bulk AI Assistant steps in. It can manage a bunch of tasks at once, making your workload feel lighter and more manageable.

More than that, Taskade allows you to host video meetings with varying numbers of attendees without paying for other software like Zoom.

Another thing that I can't ignore when it comes to Taskade is that it's customizable to fit your style and needs.

This means you can make it work just the way you like it!

Whether it's the colors, the layout, or even the way you organize your tasks and projects, Taskade lets you personalize it all. 

So, if you like things organized in a specific way or you have your favorite colors, Taskade lets you bring your own touch to your productivity journey.

What I Like/Dislike About Taskade

  • Taskade is a versatile project management tool suitable for various team sizes and types, including remote and hybrid teams.
  • The interface is simple and intuitive, making it easy for users to navigate and adopt quickly.
  • Taskade offers a range of pricing plans, accommodating different team sizes and budgets, including a free plan for basic needs.
  •  The platform offers a well-organized knowledge base, providing users with ample resources to understand and utilize its features effectively.
  • Taskade facilitates collaboration within the platform through features like messaging chat and video call capabilities, reducing the need for external communication tools.
  • Uploading many documents can lead to glitches and lags within the platform, potentially affecting the user experience.
  • Some commonly expected project management features, such as Gantt chart views are not yet available on Taskade.
  • As the number of projects increases, navigation can become complex, potentially impacting usability for users with a significant number of tasks.
  • Taskade's apps require an internet connection and cannot be used offline, which might be inconvenient for users in areas with unreliable connectivity.


Taskade offers a range of pricing plans, from personal plans to team plans. Here are the available options to cater to various needs and requirements:

Personal and Family plan:

  • Free Plan: Free forever (1 workspace, 3 users, 1,000 AI credits/month, 250 MB storage, 7-day history)
  • Starter Plan: $4/mo (annually) or $8/mo (Taskade AI, calendar sync, 1 workspace, 3 users, 2 GB storage, 1-month history)
  • Plus Plan: $8/mo (annually) or $16/mo (Taskade AI, cloud upload, 2 workspaces, 5 users, 5 GB storage, 3-month history)

Team and Business plan: 

Pro Plan: $19/mo (annually) or $39/mo (Taskade AI, advanced features, 5 workspaces, 10 users, 20 GB storage, 6-month history)

Business Plan: $49/mo (annually) or $99/mo (Taskade AI, external collaboration, 20 workspaces, 25 users, 100 GB storage, 1-year history)

Ultimate Plan: $99/mo (annually) or $199/mo (Taskade AI, advanced security, unlimited workspaces, 50 users, 1,000 GB storage, 5-year history)

Try Taskade for FREE now:

2. Speechify

Best for speeding up your reading 

speechify logo

Speechify Summary 


Speechify is an AI text-to-speech reader that turns any text into spoken words, saving you time and maximizing your productivity. It uses high-quality AI voices that sound more human-like and fluid compared to other text-to-speech tools, making it easier to understand and remember what you're listening to. It works with any text, including webpages, PDFs, emails, and even pictures of pages.


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What is Speechify?

Speechify homepage

Have you ever wished you could listen to your documents, articles, or emails instead of reading them? Well, with the amazing tool called Speechify, you can do just that! Speechify is an AI text-to-speech reader that turns any text into spoken words, and it's super helpful.

Why I Recommend Speechify

It saves you time:

Instead of spending hours reading, Speechify allows you to listen to your text 2-3 times faster than reading it manually.

Imagine if it normally takes you 9 hours to complete your reading assignments, now the number is cut down to JUST 3. How amazing would that be?

Maximize your productivity:

With Speechify, you can do more at once. Take your reading wherever you go – to the gym, the park, or even while relaxing on the couch. Just listen and absorb the content effortlessly.

Access anything, anywhere:

You can use Speechify on your computer or mobile devices like Chrome, iOS, Android, and Mac. Plus, anything you save in your Speechify library syncs across all your devices. So you can listen to anything, anywhere, anytime.

Understand and remember more:

Speechify uses high-quality AI voices that sound more human-like and fluid compared to other text-to-speech tools. This makes it easier to understand and remember what you're listening to.

It works with any text:

Whether it's a webpage, PDF, email, or even a picture of a page, Speechify can read it out loud to you. Just snap a picture, and let Speechify do the reading.

It's great for everyone:

Speechify is useful for people who are learning a new language, have dyslexia, want to improve their reading skills, or simply want to multitask while listening to their content.

So, if you're looking to boost your productivity, save time, and make reading easier, Speechify is the perfect tool for you.

What I Like/Dislike About Speechify

  • Speechify reads text aloud from various sources, including scanned pages, copied text, web links, and documents.
  • You can use photos, web links, documents from your computer, or Google Drive to feed text to the app.
  • With the premium subscription, you gain access to high-quality, human-like voices, enhancing the listening experience.
  • Using Speechify can significantly speed up your reading process, making it especially beneficial for tackling lengthy materials.
  • Listening to content being read aloud can help maintain focus and engagement, making it suitable for studying or absorbing information.
  • Speechify can be particularly helpful for educational purposes, such as homeschooling, or when you're on the go and want to consume content hands-free.
  • Scanning printed materials can lead to misinterpretations, especially if pages are curved or contain odd formatting, resulting in glitches and mispronunciations.
  • The app might struggle with recognizing certain words or phrases, leading to occasional skips or pauses while reading.
  • There are instances where the app does not adjust text colors properly, making it difficult to read the copied content when certain themes are selected.
  • The app offers only an annual subscription, catching some users off guard.


speechify pricing
  • Free Plan:

    • 10 standard reading voices
    • Listen at speeds up to 1x
    • Listen anywhere
    • Text to speech features only
    • Try for Free
  • Premium Plan:

    • $11.58/month or $139 billed annually
    • 30+ high-quality, natural reading voices
    • Support for 20+ different languages
    • Scan and listen to any printed text
    • Listen at 5x faster speeds
    • Advanced skipping and importing capabilities
    • Comprehensive Text to Speech functionality

The free plan allows users to experience the app's basic features before deciding on a pricing plan. The premium plan offers a range of advanced features, including a wider selection of voices, language support, and enhanced scanning and listening options, making it suitable for those seeking a more comprehensive experience.

Try Speechify for FREE:

3. Motion

Best for auto-scheduling your day

motion logo

Motion Summary 


With automatic task management, project tracking, and a meeting scheduler, Motion streamlines your workflow, leaving you feeling accomplished and balanced. Seamlessly integrating with Google Calendar and Microsoft Outlook 365, it combines all your calendars into one unified schedule, making it the all-in-one solution you've been waiting for.


Disclosure: Links to other sites may be affiliate links that generate me a small commission at no extra cost to you.

What is Motion

Motion homepage

Motion is an AI scheduling assistant that uses automation and AI to help you plan your day, schedule meetings, and create the perfect to-do list. Motion automatically prioritizes your work, so you don't have to worry about getting it wrong. It even reschedules tasks if you don't finish them on time.

You know Google Calendar?

Well, Motion is like Google Calendar, but it takes it to the next level by automatically scheduling your day for you, so you don't have to wonder what to do next!

Motion is trusted by 20,000 top performers and teams to manage their busy schedules."

Why I Recommend Motion

Now, why do you need Motion?

First of all, Motion saves you time by algorithmically and automatically planning your schedule and protecting chunks of time for deep work.

Studies show that you can complete the task well, and efficiently, with deep work.

If you work in a team, Motion is perfect for you too.

It helps you organize complex projects, track progress, and prioritize important work. You can see everyone's schedules at a glance and ensure that everyone is on track. If you've used Trello before, you'll love how Motion can provide similar benefits.

Motion even has an intelligent algorithm called "The Happiness Algorithm" that aims to maximize your happiness and satisfaction while increasing productivity.

It helps you feel accomplished, tackle challenging tasks, and ensures that nothing slips through the cracks.

And the best part is that Motion combines all your calendars, work, and personal, into one schedule. You can keep your personal info private while having everything in one convenient place.

What I Like/Dislike About Motion

  • Automatically update tasks, calendars, and schedules based on your progress and priorities.
  • Integrates tasks, calendars, and scheduling links, creating a cohesive daily planner experience.
  • Offers detailed context to tasks for better decision-making on task prioritization and rescheduling.
  • Allows customization of task parameters to enable automatic rescheduling based on meetings, work, and calendar events.
  • Provides a kanban view for creating and managing projects, streamlining project-related tasks and workflow.
  •  Helps you prioritize tasks by offering urgency settings, deadlines, and outlines for optimal task completion.
  • Offers a team plan with AI-enhanced project and task management features, which is useful for collaboration and coordination.
  • Useful for those who struggle with time management and need assistance in organizing and optimizing their schedules.
  • Relatively high cost for individual users at $19/month billed annually, making it more suitable for users willing to invest in premium productivity tools.
  • Basic text editor for capturing notes, lacking advanced note-taking features.
  • May not cater to users needing deep focus for intensive tasks, as it emphasizes task and schedule optimization.
  • Some users might require time to fully leverage the AI-driven automation and customization features.


Motion _ Pricing

Individual: $19 per month (annually) or $34 (monthly)

  • Task management
  • Project management
  • Automated scheduling and planning with A.I.
  • Calendar management
  • Meeting booking pages
  • Meeting booking templates
  • 1-click email assistant
  • Desktop and Mobile app
  • Dedicated customer support

Team: $12 per month (annually) or $20 (monthly)

  • $12 per user / month, billed annually
  • $20 per user billed monthly
  • Everything in Individual, plus:
  • Collaborate on projects and tasks with your entire team
  • Automated planning and prioritization of tasks for each team member
  • Central billing
  • 40% discount per member

Personally, I believe that Motion's pricing plans might be somewhat high. However, it's crucial to assess the worth of the features offered and how they can enhance productivity and efficiency. Even if Motion only saves you one hour per day, the investment is justified.

Try Motion for FREE for 7-day:

4. Jasper

Best for speed up your writing process

Jasper homepage

What is Jasper?

Jasper is an incredible AI content creation tool that makes sure your message stays on point, no matter where you work. With Jasper, you can say goodbye to those hours spent agonizing over first drafts because it cuts down that time by a whopping 80%. Imagine all the extra time you'll have to tackle other important tasks!

With over 100,000 satisfied customers, Jasper has proven itself as a go-to AI tool for content creation. It's like having your own personal writing assistant that understands your brand's voice and keeps it consistent across all platforms. Whether you want to sound bold, cheeky, or formal, Jasper has got your back.

You can check how the writing style and tone change right on the homepage of Jasper.

Why I recommend Jasper

Jasper combines the best models out there, including OpenAI's GPT-4 and Google's models.

With Jasper, you CAN:

  • Bring the magic of AI to your own platform by using Jasper's API.
  • Talk to a chatbot that feels like talking to a real person, helping you with tasks, research, and answering questions.
  • Add the Jasper Chrome extension to have your AI assistant with you wherever you go online.
  • Create amazing art and images in seconds with AI, perfect for ads, thumbnails, and illustrations.
  • Access a wide variety of templates that can help you write catchy headlines, optimize blog posts, and more with just a few clicks.
  • Easily create and repurpose content in over 30 languages using Jasper's translation capabilities.
  • Teach Jasper about your company, products, and style guide so it can always maintain your brand's unique voice.
  • Create marketing campaigns from start to finish with one simple guide, making it easy to execute effective campaigns.

And don't worry about security and privacy because Jasper takes that seriously too. Your data is safe and private with built-in security features, and Jasper's data centers are based in the U.S.

They go above and beyond to ensure the highest industry standards, including SOC2 certification.

5. Otter.ai

Best for meeting note-taking 

otter.ai homepage

What is Otter.ai?

Otter.ai is an AI meeting assistant that records audio, writes notes, captures slides, and generates summaries, saving you time and effort in meetings. It offers real-time transcription, collaboration features, and seamless integration with popular meeting platforms, making note-taking and information recall easier than ever.

With Otter.ai, manual note-taking becomes a thing of the past as technology takes over the task for you.

It's incredibly COOL because you can now write notes and summarize meetings a whopping 30 times faster!

Why I Recommend Otter.ai

The reason why I recommend Otter over other meeting assistant apps is that it offers an impressive combination of automated note-taking, real-time transcription, and advanced features that make meetings more productive and efficient and...

All are priced at ONLY $8/month.

Not only that but you can also:

  • collaborate with your teammates using the live transcript
  • add comments
  • highlight important points
  • assign action items.

Plus Otter.ai integrates seamlessly with popular platforms like Zoom, Microsoft Teams, and Google Meet. You simply connect it to your Google or Microsoft calendar, and it will automatically join and record your meetings.

You can follow along live on the web or through the handy iOS or Android app, ensuring you never miss a beat.

Oh, and when someone shares slides during a virtual meeting, Otter.ai has your back.

It automatically captures and inserts them into the meeting notes, giving you the complete context of what was discussed.

After the meeting, Otter.ai goes the extra mile by generating a helpful summary and emailing it to you. You don't have to revisit the entire transcript to find key information.

It saves you PRECIOUS TIME!

No matter if you're a business professional, a student, or just someone who wants efficient note-taking, Otter.ai has the perfect solution for you.

They offer tailored options that meet the specific needs of businesses, education, and general users, providing seamless and accurate transcription for meetings, lectures, and everyday use.

6. Notion AI

Best for project management

Notion AI homepage

Notion AI homepage

What is Notion AI 

Notion AI is a cool new tool that uses AI to make your work easier and more efficient. With Notion AI, you can access the power of AI right inside Notion, which is a productivity app.

Why I recommend Notion AI 

Let me tell you some of the awesome things it can do.

First, let's talk about working FASTER.

Notion AI can automate tedious tasks, like summarizing important information from messy notes.

Instead of switching between your notes and another AI app, Notion AI can do the work for you. It can even analyze meeting notes and generate the next steps instantly, saving you time and effort.

Next, it helps you write BETTER and communicate with confidence.

Notion AI can be like a one-click photo editor but for your words.

It can fix spelling and grammar mistakes, so you don't have to worry about misspelling words like "fuchsia."

It can also translate your writing into different languages, making it easier to communicate with people around the world.

And if you need help with your writing style, Notion AI can edit the voice and tone of your text, making it sound more professional or even simplifying technical jargon for everyone to understand.

But that's not all!

Notion AI can also help you think bigger and conquer writer's block. It can be your creative brainstorming partner, helping you generate ideas and get started on your writing.

If you're stuck staring at a blinking cursor, Notion AI can help you get something on the page and keep the momentum going.

It's really a handy tool that saves you time and makes your work easier. It's like having your own AI teammate!

7. Decktopus

Best for creating presentations faster

Decktopus AI

What is Decktopus?

With Decktopus, you can easily make amazing presentations without any stress. You get to choose from cool themes, fonts, and colors to make your slides look awesome. It's all just one click away.

If you're not sure where to start, no worries! Just give Decktopus a topic, and it will create a fully prepared presentation just for you.

It's like having a magic button for presentations!

Why I Recommend Decktopus

You know what's really cool?

Decktopus uses its super-smart AI powers to suggest great images and icons for your slides. No need to spend forever searching for stock images.

All you need to do is just click the magic button, and Decktopus finds them for you!

But wait, there's more!

If you're stuck on what to say, Decktopus has got your back. It provides tailored slide notes to help you speak confidently and impress your audience. Plus, it can even give you more ideas to make your presentation even better.

Decktopus also has some special tricks up its sleeve.

You can:

  • collect feedback from your audience in real-time with forms
  • add your own voice to your decks with audio narration
  • connect your own custom domain for a personalized touch.

And updating your presentation is a breeze too! You can easily make changes without having to change the link you share. It's all about making things easier for you.

So, if you want to create super cool presentations that stand out, try Decktopus AI. You can check out their awesome deck templates for inspiration and see just how easy it is to make professional-looking presentations.

Give it a go and become a presentation superstar!

8. Time Doctor

Best for time management

time doctor homepage

What is Time Doctor?

Time Doctor is designed to help your teams become more productive and efficient. With Time Doctor, you can track your time effortlessly, which means you'll know exactly where your team excels and where they might need some extra support. This helps you improve individual and overall performance, making your team a well-oiled productivity machine!

Why I Recommend Time Doctor

Time Doctor gives managers the power to measure and analyze how the team spends their time. This valuable insight allows any manager to be more engaged with each project, offering encouragement and stepping in when necessary.

Plus, managers will easily recognize the strong performers on the team, boosting morale and creating a positive work environment.

But it's NOT JUST FOR managers! Time Doctor is awesome for employees too.

When employees track their time, they gain valuable knowledge about their strengths and weaknesses. They'll discover when they're overwhelmed and when they're underutilized, and this knowledge empowers them to be more productive, accountable, and self-directed.

And here's the best part:

Time Doctor enables a "work from anywhere world" with full transparency and accountability. Whether you prefer working from home, in the office, or even while traveling, Time Doctor supports your flexibility.

Happy employees are productive employees, right?

Who should try Time Doctor?

Whether you're:

  • working remotely
  • in a hybrid setting
  • or managing outsourced teams

Time Doctor has got you covered.

It provides increased visibility and actionable work insights for remote workforces, real-time productivity analytics for any work environment, and workday analytics for companies with offshore teams.

9. Chat GPT

Best for everything

ChatGPT homepage

What is Chat GPT?

Chat GPT is a computer program that uses machine learning algorithms to understand what you say and give you helpful answers.

If you aren't living under a rock, you definitely know about Chat GPT now. It has shaken things up in the AI world! Chat GPT is like having a super smart buddy who can talk to you about anything.

Imagine you have a question, like "What's the capital of France?" Just ask Chat GPT, and it will tell you, "Paris!" It's like having a walking encyclopedia right at your fingertips.

But it's not just about facts. Chat GPT can also have a chat with you, just like a friend. It can talk about movies, sports, or even help with homework. You can have a real conversation!

Not too long ago, Chat GPT made a big leap forward with the release of Chat GPT plugins that are compatible with GPT 4.0.

Now, Chat GPT can do things it couldn't do before! It can read direct links, find information in your PDFs, and much more.

Why I recommend Chat GPT

Everybody knows about ChatGPT, but how it can actually help us boost productivity?

Here are some ways that I personally use Chat GPT to speed up my workflow:

  • Chat GPT can quickly search for information, saving me time from manually browsing the web.
  • Whether it's writing an article, brainstorming ideas, or drafting emails, Chat GPT helps me in generating high-quality content.
  • I can easily translate text between different languages, eliminating the need for separate translation tools.
  • Chat GPT helps me organize my thoughts and plan projects by providing suggestions and structuring information.
  • Chat GPT acts as a virtual assistant, prioritizes tasks, and helps me stay organized.
  • I can ask Chat GPT questions to deepen my understanding of various topics, making it a valuable learning companion.

These are just a few examples of how Chat GPT can enhance productivity. Its versatility and intelligence make it a valuable tool for streamlining tasks and saving time.

What Is An AI Tool For Productivity?

An AI tool for productivity is a software or application that utilizes AI technology to enhance and optimize productivity in various aspects of work and daily life.

These tools are designed to automate tasks, provide intelligent insights, and streamline workflows, ultimately helping individuals and teams work more efficiently and effectively.

AI tools for productivity can range from simple task management apps to advanced virtual assistants and collaborative platforms.

They can assist with time tracking, project management, document organization, data analysis, communication, scheduling, and much more.

By leveraging AI algorithms and machine learning capabilities, these tools can adapt to user behavior, learn from patterns, and provide personalized recommendations and solutions to enhance productivity.


How to use AI to improve work performance?

To use AI to improve work performance, businesses can integrate AI technologies into their operations, such as using AI-powered analytics tools to gain insights from data, automating repetitive tasks with AI-driven software, or utilizing AI chatbots for customer support.

Which of the following is a way AI can be used to increase productivity?

AI can be used to increase productivity through automation, intelligent decision-making, and predictive analytics. By automating manual tasks, AI frees up time for employees to focus on higher-value work. AI algorithms can analyze vast amounts of data to provide actionable insights and make data-driven decisions.

How much faster can AI work than humans?

The speed at which AI can work compared to humans varies depending on the task and the level of complexity involved. In some cases, AI can process information and perform tasks much faster than humans, especially when dealing with large datasets and complex calculations.

Can AI outperform humans?

While AI can excel in certain areas and perform tasks more efficiently than humans, there are still areas where human intelligence and capabilities outshine AI. Human intuition, creativity, empathy, and complex problem-solving are areas where AI may struggle to outperform humans.

Final Thoughts

In a world where productivity is key, you don't want to miss out on the best AI tools that can supercharge your performance. These AI tools are like having your own personal productivity assistant, helping you automate tasks, gain valuable insights, and make better decisions.

So, if you're looking to stay ahead of the game and achieve remarkable results, it's time to embrace the future of work with the best AI tools for productivity. Don't wait any longer, start optimizing your productivity today and unlock your full potential with the power of the AI productivity tool!

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