Looking for the best AI email assistant?

We all know how challenging it can be to keep up with the constant influx of emails. An AI email assistant is designed to streamline your email workflow and make your life easier.

In this article, I'll introduce you to the 9 best AI email assistants that will transform the way you handle your emails. 

You can expect to learn about:

  • Their best features
  • pros & cons
  • pricing plans 
  • Who should use these tools

From smart replies to email scheduling and organization, these tools have got you covered.

so let's dive in to discover how this AI-powered assistant can help you craft effective responses, manage your inbox like a pro, and save valuable time.

What Is The Best AI Email Assistant?

Here are the 11 best AI email assistants you should try to boost your workflow:

  • Missive
  • Lyne.ai
  • Sanebox
  • Smartwriter
  • Warmbox AI
  • Boomerang for Gmail
  • MailBuddy
  • Ghostwrite
  • Lavender
  • Flowrite
  • rasa.io

1. Missive

Best for Team Email Communication

What is Missive?

Missive is an email application that goes beyond just managing your emails. It's a third-party app that allows you to collaborate with others on emails and also uses it for your personal emails. With Missive, your team can work on email, SMS, WhatsApp, Messenger, Instagram, live chat, and more, all in one place.

Why I Recommended Missive

Now, let's get to the exciting part—the AI function.

Missive has introduced this feature by integrating with OpenAI.

To set it up, you'll need to go into your settings, find OpenAI, and connect it to your Missive account.

It's important to note that you'll also need an API key from OpenAI, which might require a separate payment. Once you have everything set up, you're good to go! The AI function is located in the bottom left-hand corner of your screen.

After finishing the integrating part, here's what you can do with Missive:

  • Use the prompt feature to generate responses quickly with pre-created prompts like "reply positively" or "reply negatively,"
  • Fix grammar and spelling errors when you want to make sure your emails are polished and professional.
  • Get access to various templates to enhance your email-writing experience.
  • Respond to emails in a conversational and natural manner while letting the AI do some of the work for you.
  • Translate your message to ANY language, ensuring your communication with people in different languages more easily.

In addition to the AI integration, Missive also allows you to use the OpenAI commands area on the right-hand side. You can easily create emails by giving them prompts, and it will generate the content for you.

It's pretty cool how it seamlessly integrates with the rest of the features.

Millie's Take

I think the combination of email and AI is a GREAT match.

Missive's AI integration is a step forward in using technology to improve our day-to-day email experiences. It may still be in its early stages, but it's definitely promising.

As time goes on, I believe it will become even more refined and tailored to individual voices and personalities.

Missive's AI integration is a valuable addition that can help you save time and reply to emails in a more efficient and personalized manner.

Of course, it's important to find the right balance between your own voice and the AI's suggestions.

In the future, I expect this technology to become even more user-friendly and widely used.


Now, let's talk about the cost. Currently, Missive's AI feature doesn't charge anything extra, but it's always good to keep an eye on your OpenAI account to see if there are any charges associated with it.

However, from my experience, most of the prompt functions don't cost much, so it's definitely worth exploring if you want to save time and fine-tune your email responses.

2. Lyne.ai

Best for Creating Cold Email Personalized Email Opening Lines at Scale

What is Lyne.ai?

Lyne.ai is an AI-powered tool that helps businesses personalize their cold email campaigns at scale. It uses real-time online activity data to generate personalized intro lines or merge tags for each prospect. By automating the process, Lyne.ai enables businesses to save time, increase response rates, and improve the effectiveness of their cold outreach efforts.

Why I Recommended Missive

Did you know how it's getting MUCH HARDER to get responses from cold emails? In fact, approximately 50% of cold email campaigns have a response rate of under 10%.

Because generic emails don't work anymore, as more and more people are bombarded with them.

Well, Lyne.ai is here to change that. It uses the power of AI to make your emails more personal and interesting to your prospects.

No more boring merge tags like {{first_name}} or {{company_name}}. Lyne.ai goes beyond that!

When using Lyne.ai, you can

  • Overcome low response rates in cold email campaigns with personalized emails
  • Create standout intro lines and merge tags, saving time and money without the need for extra hires.
  • Seamless integration with your sales outreach platform (such as Mailshake or Lemlist) or easy download for further processing.
  • Boost efficiency, capacity, and warm response rates with Lyne.ai.

Here's how it works:

You give Lyne.ai a list of prospects in a spreadsheet, and in just a few minutes, Lyne.ai searches the internet to find all kinds of cool stuff about your prospects. It looks for podcast appearances, webinar appearances, blog posts, case studies, LinkedIn profiles, and more.

Afterward, it begins to generate personalized first lines for your cold outreach messages

Lyne.ai helps you save time, money and increases your efficiency and capacity. It's a game-changer for anyone doing sales outreach.

So, if you want to level up your cold email campaigns and get more warm responses, give Lyne.ai a try. Plus, you can try it out and get 25 free credits to see how it boosts your response rates!

3. Sanebox

Best for Declutter Your Inbox

What is Sanebox?

SaneBox is an AI email organizing tool that can help you with your messy inbox and make your life easier when dealing with emails!

So, what exactly does SaneBox do?

Well, you know how some emails are super important, like messages from your boss or your best friend, and then there are those not-so-important emails, like newsletters or promotions. 

SaneBox is like a magic wand that separates the important ones from the rest automatically.

Why I Recommended Sanebox

The best part is you don't need to switch to a different email service. SaneBox is a friendly little helper that works with your current email provider, whether it's Gmail, Outlook, Yahoo or another one.

So, no need to learn new tricks or say goodbye to your favorite email app!

SaneBox learns from you! Yep, that's right.

You can teach it which emails are important and which ones are not. So, when you get emails that aren't so important, you can send them to the "SaneLater" folder, and SaneBox will remember for next time.

Oh, and if you ever get annoying emails that keep bugging you, SaneBox has your back with the "SaneBlackHole" folder.

It's like a secret portal where those pesky emails disappear forever. Poof! No more irritation!

SaneBox can also help you take a break from your inbox with the "Do Not Disturb" mode. You can set it up for the weekend or whenever you need some peaceful time. Your emails will patiently wait in the "Do Not Disturb" folder until you're ready to tackle them again.

And it gets even better! You can get little reminders from SaneBox about important emails you might have forgotten to check with

Besides all of this, there are still powerful tools that Sanebox offers to enhance your email management:

  • Deep Clean: Clears unnecessary emails, keeping your inbox clutter-free.
  • SaneNoReplies: Flags emails awaiting responses, so you never miss an important reply.
  • SaneNotSpam: Rescues important emails from the spam folder and brings them to your inbox.
  • Snooze Folders: Temporarily removes emails from your inbox and brings them back at a chosen time, like an email alarm clock.

So, if your inbox is feeling like a chaotic jungle, it's time to bring in the SaneBox magic! With SaneBox as your email sidekick, you'll feel organized, less stressed, and have more time for fun things in life.


Now, you might be wondering, does all this magic cost a fortune? Not at all! SaneBox is surprisingly affordable.

They have different plans named like meal courses: Snack, Lunch, and Dinner.

  • The Snack plan ($7/month): 1 Email account, 2 features of your choice. This plan is perfect if you want to try it out, and you can always upgrade later if you need more features. 

  • The Lunch plan ($12/month) :  2 Email account, 6 features of your choice. This plan is great if you have more emails to organize and want even more helpful tools to keep your inbox tidy and efficient.

  • The Dinner plan ($36/month):  4 Email account, all features. This plan is the best choice if you have a big team or a lot of work to handle. You get access to ALL the fantastic tools Sanebox has to offer, making your email management super easy and stress-free!

Plus, they offer a 30-day money-back guarantee, so you can give it a whirl without any worries.

Still not convinced? How about a cherry on top?

You can get a 14-day FREE trial to see how SaneBox works its magic for you. 

4. Smartwriter

Best for creating hyper-personalized email marketing campaigns through real-time web scanning for subscriber insights.

What is Smartwriter?


SmartWriter.ai is an AI writing assistant specializing in personalized email content. It harnesses unique internet data to craft hyper-personalized messages for improved engagement and high reply rates. With capabilities like contextualized outreach and copywriting, it streamlines the process of creating compelling email campaigns that foster one-on-one connections with prospects.

Why I Recommended Smartwriter

First thing first, when you're writing to someone, you want it to feel like you know them really well, right?

SmartWriter does that.

This email writer looks at information about them online and uses that to make your message super special. It's like having a secret helper that knows everything about the person you're writing to.

Here's the cool part: this email assistant integrates with other tools you might be using. It works well with Google Sheets, LinkedIn, and more. 

This means it fits right into what you're already doing. No extra work is needed – just click and it's there!

You can also use SmartWriter for other things, like making your blog posts better or even reaching out to businesses. It helps you write things that people want to read. 

And if you ever get stuck or have questions, there are videos and guides that show you how to use it like a pro. 

But let's keep it real.

Smartwriter isn't the perfect match for everyone. If you're a big company sending tons of messages every day, it might not cover all your needs.

But if you are someone who wants to write better cold email outreach messages without too much hassle, Smartwriter is like having a writing wizard on your side.

To sum it all up, Smartwriter is a handy tool that helps you with email personalization without making you pull your hair out.

It's simple to use, works well with other tools, and makes your writing game stronger.

So, if you're in the market for a tool that's like a helpful writing buddy, give Smartwriter a shot.

5. Warmbox AI

Best for Warming up Your Cold Email Inbox

warmbox ai homepage

What is Warmbox AI

Warmbox.ai uses AI to send emails automatically and improve email deliverability by avoiding spam folders. It's powered by GPT-3 technology to create personalized emails. The software helps warm up cold email inboxes, prevent emails from going to spam, and improve your email reputation. The software also offers analytics and reports to monitor improvements in email performance.

Why I Recommend Warmbox AI

You know how sometimes when you send emails, they end up in the spam folder? That's not where you want them to be!

Warmbox AI helps fix that, making sure they land right in the inbox where they belong.

Imagine you have a lot of people to email, like maybe for your school project or if you're trying to market your product.  Warmbox AI helps make sure those emails don't go unnoticed. Over 2,000 companies already trust this tool because it's so good at its job!

But why is it even important?

Well, did you know that 48,68% of all emails end up in spam?

Crazy, right?

And that's not good if you want people to read your emails. Without a tool like Warmbox AI, your emails might not even reach the people you want to talk to.

Warmbox AI does some really smart things to help.

First, it connects to your email account in just 2 minutes – no hard stuff, promise! Then, it acts like a real person, sending emails back and forth with your inbox.

And it's not just your inbox – it's like a big team of inboxes working together. Imagine 35,000 inboxes all helping you out! That's what Warmbox AI does. It's like a team of friends making sure your emails are super important and get to where they need to be.

After a while, you'll see some awesome results. Your emails won't land in spam anymore, and you'll be able to reach more people.

So, if you want your emails to be like superstars and not get lost, I totally recommend trying out Warmbox AI. It's like a secret weapon for emails! 

6. Boomerang for Gmail

Best for Email Inbox Management

What is Boomerang?

Boomerang is a helpful tool for Gmail that adds features to make email management easier. It allows you to schedule emails to be sent later, set reminders for follow-ups, and even analyze your email writing to improve effectiveness. Boomerang helps you stay organized and communicate more efficiently.

Boomerang is trusted by millions of users and is even independently certified for security. It works with Gmail and Google Workspace email, and it's compatible with popular web browsers like Chrome, Firefox, Safari, Opera, and Edge.

Why I Recommended Boomerang

Boomerang can make your Gmail experience even better! It offers some really cool features that can help you manage your emails and schedule your tasks more effectively.

And here are six of those features that truly impress me:

1. Schedule your emails to be sent later

First off, with Boomerang, you can schedule your emails to be sent later. Let's say you want to write an email now, but you want it to be sent tomorrow morning.

No problem! Just use Boomerang's "Send Later" button and pick the perfect time for your message to be delivered. It's super convenient!

2. It helps you stay on top of your important emails

You can set reminders to follow up on messages if you don't hear back within a specific time frame. This ensures that important emails don't slip through the cracks and helps you stay organized.

3. Temporarily remove emails from your inbox

Another awesome feature is the ability to temporarily remove emails from your inbox and bring them back when you need them.

This helps you declutter your inbox without losing track of important messages.

You can even mark them as unread or starred to make sure they catch your attention when they come back.

4. Schedule meetings

If you're someone who struggles with scheduling meetings, Boomerang has you covered there too.

It offers one-click calendar scheduling, which eliminates the back-and-forth emails and saves you time.

You can share your availability with others, set up a bookable schedule, and even integrate with Zoom and Google Meet. It's a real time-saver!

5. Respondable

Boomerang has a feature called "Respondable" that uses artificial intelligence to help you write better emails. It gives you insights into your email effectiveness and even suggests improvements to increase your chances of getting a response.

6. Inbox Pause

And if you ever feel overwhelmed by your email inbox, this feature stops new emails from coming in until you're ready for them. This can help reduce stress and improve your productivity by allowing you to focus on important tasks without constant distractions.

Plus Boomerang is also available for iOS and Android devices, so you can use it on the go.

7. MailBuddy

Best Free Email Writing Assistant

What is MailBuddy?

MailBuddy is a Chrome extension powered by ChatGPT 3.5, an advanced artificial intelligence technology. MailBuddy reads your emails and crafts personalized replies based on the context. With MailBuddy, you can save time and handle your email conversations more efficiently.

This tool is best for those who simply want to generate automatic responses without the need for advanced features like complex customization or in-depth analysis.

Why I Recommend MailBuddy

Nothing complicated. I love this tool because...

It's FREE! Yep, you heard it right, no strings attached! We all love getting free stuff, don't we?

Ha! Just kidding, free is one of the reasons why I love this tool, but there's more to it.

MailBuddy saves you time.

It uses advanced technology, just like its famous sibling ChatGPT, to understand the context of the message and write a response for you. You can even tell MailBuddy how you want the response to be – polite, formal, funny, or brief.

Another interesting part is that MailBuddy works directly in your Gmail mailbox. No need to open extra windows or tabs. Simply hit the "reply" button, and MailBuddy will be there, ready to assist you.

You have full control over the quality of the response. MailBuddy crafts responses that sound human-like, but you can edit them before sending or generate new ones as many times as you want.

8. Ghostwrite

ghostwrite homepage

What is GhostWrite & Why I Recommend It

GhostWrite is an AI-powered email writing tool that helps you compose better emails quickly. It's available as a free Google Chrome plugin and is powered by Chat GPT.

With GhostWrite, you can create up to 4500 emails per month using its simple process.

You just install the GhostWrite Chrome Extension, activate it, and type your email content, you can let AI generate email drafts for you, offering suggestions and allowing you to customize writing styles, lengths, and language.

One thing that makes GhostWrite different from MailBuddy is that while MailBuddy only allows you to choose from response options, GhostWrite also lets you enter your own prompts or input to make the email more specific.

I've been using GhostWrite on a daily basis to help with my email responses, and I must say, it has saved me a ton of time. I regret not using it sooner!

Not only does GhostWrite help you with the email copy, it also crafts the email subject line that suits the content for you.

email drafts by Ghostwrite
Lavender homepage

Lavender is an AI-powered email assistant that offers real-time coaching for salespeople to improve their email writing skills. It helps users craft better sales emails quickly by providing tips and suggestions. Lavender's features include analyzing email length, clarity, and question count, as well as offering subject line advice. 

You can use it on your computer or even on your phone. Lavender even works with other email programs like Gmail and Outlook.

Why I Recommend Lavender

Lavender makes your emails better in real-time. It even tells you things like if your email is too long or if the words you use are too hard. 

And you know what's even cooler? It helps you make your email sound just right for the person you're writing to.

But that's not all. It helps with lots of other things too. Like, it checks your email and gives you a score. And it even tells you how long it will take to read your email.

Isn't that cool? It's like having a super smart proofreader.

Oh, and Lavender also has a mobile app, so you can use it on your phone. That's great because most people read emails on their phones , right? (47% of consumers)

And you can even see how your email looks on a phone while you're writing it.

You can try Lavender for free if you're a student or looking for a job. But even if you're not, it's not expensive. It's like $19 a month, which is not much if it helps you write awesome emails that get noticed.

I think Lavender is amazing. It's like having a helper that makes you a better writer. It's like a game-changer for emails.

But, you know what? Sometimes you might want to make your email just a bit your style, not perfect-perfect.

So, don't worry if Lavender gives you lots of advice. It's like having a friend who wants you to be the best, but it's okay to be you too.

So, if you want to write better sales emails and impress people, I totally recommend Lavender. It's like having a secret weapon for emails. Check it out and let me know what you think!

What Is An AI Email Assistant?

An AI email assistant is a computer program or software that uses artificial intelligence technology to help you manage your emails. It can perform various tasks, such as organizing your inbox, suggesting responses, composing drafts, scheduling emails, and providing reminders. Essentially, it's like having a virtual helper that uses smart algorithms to make your email management easier and more efficient.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do you automate email writing?

You can automate email writing by using AI-powered tools or software that can generate email templates or suggest text based on your input. These tools analyze patterns and data to help you compose emails faster and more efficiently.

Is there a fake email generator?

Yes, there are fake email generators available that allow you to create temporary or disposable email addresses for various purposes, such as signing up for online services without revealing your real email.

Is there a better email app than Gmail?

There are alternative email apps to Gmail that some people prefer, such as Microsoft Outlook, Mozilla Thunderbird, or Apple Mail. These apps offer different features and user interfaces, so it depends on personal preference and specific needs.

Final Thoughts

In conclusion, the best AI email assistant is your ultimate ally in conquering email overload and boosting productivity. With its intelligent features and automation capabilities, it transforms the way you handle emails, making your life easier and more efficient.

After thoroughly exploring the options, my recommendation for the best AI email assistant depends on your specific needs and preferences.

  • Missive: Ideal for team collaboration and shared inboxes.
  • Lyne: Perfect for generating personalized first line at scale for optimizing cold email campaigns.
  • Boomerang: Offers advanced features like email scheduling, reminders, and analysis. 
  • EmailBuddy: User-friendly assistant for writing responses right in your inbox.

That's it, my friend! With this article, I hope you find the perfect AI email assistant that suits your requirements and enhances your email management experience.

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