You know, it's amazing to see how artificial intelligence has been changing education lately. One of the coolest innovations is these new AI course creator tools.

They're basically software that makes it super easy for anyone to put together an online course, without needing coding skills or fancy design abilities

On average, it takes from 25 to 500 hours [1] or more to make a quality course! Between coming up with content, filming videos, designing slides, and setting up your course platform, it's a ton of work.

But these tools can automate parts of the course creation process for you.

In this article, I'll highlight 6 of the best AI Textonline course creator tools that can cut your course production time in half.

I'll compare the top options and help you find the best fit your needs and budget.

Read on to learn how AI can make course creation easier and let you focus on what matters most - sharing your knowledge!

What is the Best AI Course Creator Tool?

Here are the top 6 AI course creator tools for 2023:

1. Coursebox

360 Learning
Coursebox homepage


Coursebox AI (My review here) is an online platform that makes creating your own courses a breeze. With just a few keywords about your course topic, the AI will generate a complete course outline for you - course title, description, objectives, tags, lessons, topics, quizzes, and more.

This saves you a ton of time compared to building a course from scratch, allowing you to develop courses much faster.

Plus, you can totally tweak the course structure if you want to. Or just ask Coursebox to give you a brand new outline and see which one you like better. It's great for getting creative ideas flowing and customizing your course.

Once you've got your course outline sorted, here comes my favorite part. Coursebox will actually write up draft content for every lesson if you want it to! This automates the most labor-intensive part of course building.

All you have to do is click a button, and you can go in afterward and edit or polish up anything you want. This gives you full creative control while still leveraging AI for efficiency.

Adding videos, images, slides, whatever -super easy. Coursebox makes it seamless to enrich your course with visuals and multimedia.

And the coolest feature is being able to preview the course from a student's point of view anytime. This allows you to optimize the learning experience before publishing.

When you're happy with everything, just publish your masterpiece! Make it public, private, paid, whatever you want. Coursebox gives you flexibility and control over your final course access.

In summary, Coursebox AI simplifies and expedites building online courses through AI automation, creative control, and a student-focused approach.


Not just quality, Coursebox seems to offer the most reasonable pricing plan on this list, with a free forever plan that still allows you to create up to 3 AI courses. This is great for trying out the platform and basic usage.

he paid plans cater to different use cases:

  • Pro ($29/month) - For individuals/professionals wanting additional capabilities like certificates, assessments, no watermarks, etc. It's still very affordable.
  • Guru ($49/month) - For organizations that need more advanced features like subscriptions, segmenting learners, integrations, etc. Competitive pricing in this space.
  • LMS ($99/month) - A full white-label LMS for larger enterprises that need heavy customization and hundreds of courses. High-end plan but packed with features.

The free and Pro plans look like excellent value to me. Even the highest LMS plan is very reasonably priced for everything included.

2. Heights Platform 

Heights Platform homepage


Heights Platform is an all-in-one online course creation and selling platform, similar to Thinkific, Teachable, or Kajabi.

But the huge advantage is that Heights offers way more affordable pricing compared to those other platforms that can get very expensive.

With Heights, you get access to a super user-friendly drag-and-drop course builder to create professional-looking courses easily. You can incorporate all types of content - videos, images, audio, text downloads, quizzes, and more. Everything you need is built right in.

One of the best features is how Heights helps you engage your students.

You can:

  • Set up automated email campaigns to keep in touch
  • Create an affiliate program to get referrals
  • Offer badges when students complete lessons
  • Enable discussion forums for a community feel.

These kinds of tools really improve student motivation and satisfaction.

The onboarding process makes it really simple to get started. Right when you log in, they provide tips and walkthroughs to get you up and running quickly.

And the backend dashboard is fantastic—you get all the key stats on students, sales, revenue, and course completion rates, allowing you to optimize over time.

Overall, Heights is an awesome alternative to pricier players like Kajabi or Thinkific. It's been around for years with lots of happy users, so it's a proven, safe choice.

And the affordability can't be beat - you get all the tools needed to create and sell online courses easily under one roof.


I think the pricing for Heights Platform is very reasonable, especially compared to similar course platforms. It seems affordable for most course creators.

Here's a quick rundown of the pricing:

  • The challenge plan starts at $29/month (or $19/month when you choose the annual plan). Good for getting started.
  • The basic plan is $49/month (or $29/month when you choose the annual plan). Allows unlimited courses and more features.
  • Pro plan at $119/month (or $99/month when you choose the annual plan) is the most popular. More capabilities and support.
  • The Academy plan at $499/month (or $399/month when you choose the annual plan) is for larger-scale creators.

3. Learning Studio AI (Former Course AI)

Learning Studio AI hoempage


Course AI, now called Learning Studio AI, is an impressive AI tool that makes creating online courses incredibly simple. With its advanced algorithm, it can analyze information on any topic and generate high-quality course content faster than doing it manually.

The process is straightforward - just sign up for a free account, enter your desired course subject, and Course AI handles the rest. In a matter of seconds, it creates a complete course outline, modules, summaries, quizzes - everything you need.

I find the benefits to be:

  • Speed - courses can be generated in minutes versus weeks of manual work.
  • Automation - the tool automatically creates outlines, content, summaries tailored to your topic.
  • Customization - easy to edit, add media, download in different formats.
  • User friendly - simple interface and process, no technical skills required.
  • Free - sign up and use for free.

With Course AI, creating professional online courses is incredibly fast and easy. It's like having an expert design team do the heavy lifting for you. This allows anyone to generate courses on any subject without expertise or experience needed.


Though the price is quite steep, I think the pricing is very reasonable for how powerful Course AI is. The starter plan seems affordable to try out, the pro plan provides strong value, and even the enterprise pricing is cost-effective given the volume of courses enabled.

  • Starter: $39/mo (or $390/year) - 5 AI creations, 30 workspaces, PDF & SCORM downloads, 48hr support
  • Pro: $69/mo (or $690/year) - 15 AI creations, unlimited workspace, PDF & SCORM downloads, 24hr support
  • Enterprise - $149/mo (or $1490/year) - 50 AI creations, unlimited workspace, PDF & SCORM downloads, 12hr support

4. Courseau

Courseau homepage


The way it works is super simple - you just upload your existing materials, like voice notes, webinars, books, etc and Courseau's AI does the heavy lifting.

It analyzes your content, structures it into lessons, and generates a polished course curriculum for you. No more spending hours manually trying to format things or figuring out how to break things down into teachable sections. The AI handles it all for you!

I tested out the mini-course option which lets you turn up to 2 hours or 30 pages of your own content into a 6-8 lesson course.

It was wild to see my rough voice notes transformed into a professional-looking curriculum with an introduction, lesson overview, exercises, summaries, and more.

The AI even added relevant images and embedded videos to make things more engaging.

And the best part is that the courses it generates are fully customizable and editable.

So I could go in and tweak the wording or add my own brand assets, but still save a ton of time compared to creating a course from scratch.

They also have a pro version if you want to turn longer materials like books into premium courses with up to 20 lessons generated. This uses their most advanced AI, so the output is incredibly accurate and human-sounding.

If you have any existing materials collecting dust, I'd definitely recommend giving Courseau a spin.

It's free to try out and super user-friendly.


The pricing for Courseau is very reasonable given the value you get from the AI-generated courses.

  • The free version allows you to test out the platform before committing to a paid plan.
  • The Mini plan, starting at $39 per month, seems fairly priced for 6 customized mini-courses.
  • And the Pro plan at $99 per month for 20 mini-courses and 2 premium pro courses is a steal in my opinion.

5. Mini Course Generator with AI Assistant

Mini Course Generator homepage


Mini Course Generator is a pretty neat tool that makes it super simple to create your own mini online courses. You can either build them manually or use the AI assistant to auto-generate courses for you based on keywords.

The interface is really clean and easy to navigate. You just click a button to add things like images, videos, quizzes, surveys, sign up forms, payment integrations, etc. It's a drag and drop builder that takes only minutes to figure out.

I like that you can preview your course as you build it and then download analytics after people start using it to see engagement.

The AI-powered assistant is also a cool feature - you just type in a topic like "lead generation" and it will automatically create relevant course content for you.

It still needs some work to allow for more customization of fonts, colors, positioning, but the core functionality is there. I think the AI assistant has potential too if it can add more automated personalization in the future.

Mini Course Generator makes it possible for anyone to build professional mini courses in minutes.

It's only going to get better too as they refine the AI and customization capabilities. I'd recommend trying it out now while it's still new and affordable.


  • Free Plan - 3 courses, 25 users/analytics, 100MB uploads
  • Premium ($29/mo) - Unlimited courses, full analytics, 500 AI credits, 30GB uploads, custom domains, no branding
  • Premium Plus ($49/mo) - 1,000 AI credits, 75GB uploads

I think the pricing is very reasonable for the value this tool provides. For only $29/month or $15, if you choose to pay for an annual plan, you get unlimited mini-courses, analytics, AI credits, more storage, custom domains, web hooks, and no branding. That's an insane amount of value!

6. 360Learning

360 learning 1-click course creator


360Learning makes it really easy for companies to create fun online training courses for their employees. With 360Learning, anyone can make awesome courses even if they don't know anything about building courses.

The best part is you can get help from a robot named Robyn. Robyn is like your best friend who helps you make your courses.

She can do things like:

  • Suggest ideas for your course
  • Write content for you
  • Make quiz questions

All you have to do is tell Robyn the topic and she'll take care of the hard stuff for you!

360Learning has lots of other neat features too. You can add videos, images, documents and more to your courses with just one click.

There's even a video recorder built right in so you can easily record videos for your course.

You can also bring in experts to help make your courses. Let's say you're making a course on selling stuff. You could add a top salesperson as a "co-author" to give you tips and ideas to make the course better.

And 360Learning makes it super easy to track how much your employees are learning. After employees take the courses, 360Learning shows you how they did on the quizzes and activities. That way you know who needs more help learning.

What is an AI Course Creator tool?

An AI course creator tool is software that helps people easily build online courses without needing to know how to code or design graphics.

The key thing that makes these tools powered by artificial intelligence is that they can generate content for your course automatically based on just a few prompts from you.

For example, you could describe the overall topic and goals of your course, and the AI would generate an outline, sample lectures, interactive elements like quizzes and survey questions, and other materials to get your course up and running quickly. The AI aims to sound natural, avoiding stiff or robotic language in the content it creates.

The best part is you can give the AI feedback to refine and improve the AI-generated content until it meets your quality standards.

So you get unique, customized course materials without having to write everything yourself or hire a team of designers and writers.

AI course creator tools lower the barriers to creating great online courses and allow more people to share their knowledge or offer their own courses.

With the right prompts and iterations, the AI can handle much of the heavy lifting of course creation for you. But it still allows you to inject your own personality and expertise into the course content.

So you end up with a course that sounds like it came from an experienced human instructor, not an emotionless robot. That's the magic of today's AI content creation tools!

Final Thoughts

And there you have it - my picks for the 5 best AI course creator tools in 2023. These modern platforms take the pain out of course building with their intuitive drag-and-drop interfaces and built-in AI features.

If you're looking for an easier way to create professional online courses, grow your audience, and boost revenue, I highly recommend giving Coursebox a spin. The future is bright for AI-powered course creators! Let me know if you give it a try.

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