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Have you ever been frustrated with your website’s low search engine rankings, despite putting in hours of work to improve your content?

As someone who has been in the same boat, I know how it feels to pour your heart and soul into your website, only to see it languish on page 10 of the search results.

That’s why I was excited to discover Page Optimizer Pro (POP), a tool that promises to boost your website’s search engine rankings with just a few clicks.

In this Page Optimizer Pro review, I’ll be sharing my personal experience with POP and giving you an inside look at how it works.

So, if you’re tired of feeling like your website is invisible to the world, keep reading to find out if Page Optimizer Pro is the solution you’ve been searching for.


Millie's Take 

With its powerful features, such as the content editor, Google Docs integration, Watchdog feature, and unlimited optimization, POP can help you optimize your website and stay ahead of your competition.

Out of 10
  • Best For: Bloggers and SEO Content Marketers
  • Price: $34/mo (From January 2024)

What is Page Optimizer Pro?

Page Optimizer Pro is a powerful on-page SEO tool that can help you optimize your website’s pages and content for better search engine rankings. It can help analyze your content and provides data-driven insights to improve its optimization.

POP homepage

One of the unique features of Page Optimizer Pro is the “secret key access” that you can share with your content writers. This key allows them to access the tool’s powerful optimization features without giving them access to your account.

Another great thing about Page Optimizer Pro is that it’s easy to use, and it even comes in Google Chrome extension form to let you seamlessly optimize your pages as you work on your Google Docs or WordPress editor.

Who Created Page Optimizer Pro?

POP was founded by Kyle Roof, a renowned SEO specialist who developed the Scientific On-Page SEO Method. He gained recognition in the SEO industry for his ability to beat the Google search algorithm.

Kyle’s expertise and experience served as the foundation for creating Page Optimizer Pro. The tool has been tested over 400 times on the Google Algorithm and has proved to be a reliable and effective SEO solution for website owners and content creators.

Top benefits of Page Optimizer Pro

One of the best things about POP is the many benefits it provides to users. Here are some of the top benefits you can expect from using this tool:

  • POP helps you optimize your website’s on-page SEO by analyzing factors like keyword usage, page titles, meta descriptions, and more.
  • With POP, you can conduct detailed keyword research and identify related terms and variations that can improve your website’s search engine rankings.
  • By identifying and incorporating relevant words and phrases in your content, POP helps ensure that your web pages are more relevant to your target audience and search engines.
  • POP streamlines the optimization process and saves you time by automating various SEO tasks, such as identifying keyword gaps and suggesting improvements.

Page Optimizer Pro Pros and Cons

Page Optimizer Pro is a popular tool used by many SEO specialists and content creators, but like any product, it has its strengths and weaknesses. It’s important to consider both sides before deciding whether or not to use it. Here are some of the pros and cons to keep in mind:


  • Provides a comprehensive on-page SEO analysis for your content.
  • Offers suggestions for variations and LSI terms.
  • Has an easy-to-use interface
  • Available in Chrome plugin that can integrate with Google Docs via its Chrome extension.
  • Saves you time by automating the process of optimizing your content for search engines.
  • Allows you to optimize unlimited pages with unlimited and team plans


  • Some may find the process of entering their content and waiting for analysis to be time-consuming.
  • Sometimes, POP can’t cache the page and update the score.
  • Doesn’t provide real-time feedback automatically like other tools like Surfer SEO

How To Use Page Optimizer Pro (Full Walkthrough)

If you’re wondering how to use Page Optimizer Pro, the process is quite simple.

First choose between the Pro or Customized options

page setups in POP

The Pro option allows you to optimize your pages quickly and easily. With this option, you can enter a keyword and get instant suggestions for optimizing your content for that keyword.

On the other hand, the Customized option allows users to enter specific guidelines, such as target keyword density and competitors, and receive customized suggestions based on those guidelines.

This allows for a more tailored and precise approach to on-page optimization.

Then simply enter your target keyword and secondary keyword into the tool.

pop pro setting

Once you’ve completed the second step, simply wait for POP to do the work for the next 3 minutes and you’ll get a report that shows you exactly what changes you need to make to your page to optimize it for your chosen keyword.

wait for POP to function

Best Features of Page Optimizer Pro

This powerful SEO tool is packed with features that can help you optimize your website’s pages for maximum visibility and traffic. In this section, we’ll explore some of the best features of Page Optimizer Pro and how they can help take your SEO game to the next level.

1. POP Workstation Tab 

POP Workstation Tab

The POP Workstation Tab is your centralized dashboard within POP, designed to streamline your SEO tasks and project management.

It's kind of like the control panel for your SEO strategy, where every task that requires your attention is displayed.

As you generate a Content Brief within POP, the associated tasks are automatically listed in your Workstation.

But the functionality doesn't end there; you can add tasks manually from a suite of POP features, including EEAT, Compare Data, and Page Structure, directly into your To-Do list.

The Workstation isn't just about viewing tasks; it's interactive. You can download your task checklist to keep a close eye on your progress.

download checklist in POP

If you're working within a team, the Workstation Tab becomes even more powerful.

You can assign tasks to specific team members, making collaboration seamless. This is particularly useful if you're on a Teams plan, which comes with 120 POP Credits.

These credits can be used for various tools such as POP AI, POP Watchdog, Google NLP, and EEAT Reports, giving your team a competitive edge.

2. Comprehensive On-Page SEO Analysis

Page Optimizer Pro provides a comprehensive on-page SEO analysis that can help website owners optimize their web pages for search engines with ease.

This powerful tool analyzes every aspect of your page, including search engine titles, page titles, subheadings, related keywords, and E-A-T factors, providing valuable suggestions for improving your page’s SEO score.

Best Online Business Ideas To Start - Google Docs (2) (1)

With POP, you can cover all the bases necessary to optimize your website for search engines.

Update 1: POP updated how it handles terms in your Content Brief after HCU

Unlike other tools, POP uses its own system, not relying on outside sources. This means it can quickly adjust to changes made by Google.

Before, POP would remove certain terms to avoid counting them twice. These terms were thought to not help much with search rankings. But after Google’s Helpful Content Update, these terms seem to be useful for ranking better.

Now, POP won't remove these terms. You'll see them in your Content Brief, and you can use them to improve your content. This change only affects new projects and reruns, not your past work. There might be a slight change in your score with reruns, but it will be small.

In short, POP’s update helps you stay on top of SEO changes, making sure your content has what it needs to rank well.

Update 2: Content Editor revisions

Content Edit revisions in POP

Page Optimizer Pro has introduced a new feature in its Content Editor: full editing with the ability to save and review revisions. Now, you can easily track and manage changes in their content.

One of the standout aspects of this feature is the history log.

The Content Editor now keeps a record of the last 10 revisions. Users can access this log to view past versions of their content.

Even better, they have the option to open a side-by-side comparison of any two revisions.

This comparison tool highlights the differences and changes between the versions, making it easy to track modifications and refine content strategy.

3. POP Watchdog

Do you ever wonder how you can make sure your website always stays ahead of the competition? You don’t have to worry anymore, because Page Optimizer Pro’s Watchdog feature has got your back!

POP watchdog

With Watchdog, you can monitor your website’s rankings and those of your competitors, keeping an eye out for any changes that could affect your site’s performance.

The Watchdog feature notifies you of any changes to the SERP on a monthly or quarterly basis, giving you the information you need to stay ahead of the competition.

Whether it’s a change in a competitor’s content strategy or a Google update, you’ll be the first to know. POP Watchdog also provides you with specific suggestions on how to improve your page to outperform your competitors.

4. POP E-E-A-T Optimizer

If you're into SEO, you know how important E-E-A-T is. It stands for Experience, Expertise, Authoritativeness, and Trustworthiness.

Google loves sites that show these qualities, especially for topics about money or health.

Here's where the POP E-E-A-T Optimizer shines. It scans your page and checks for E-E-A-T signals, comparing them to your top competitors.

 The idea is simple: your site should cover at least as many E-E-A-T signals as your competition does.

But how does it work? The tool highlights the E-E-A-T signals you have (in green) and the ones you're missing (in red).

This makes it super easy to see what you need to add to your site. Sometimes, it's small things like adding a phone number in your site footer or creating links to social media profiles.

5. Google’s NLP

When you set up a new page in POP, remember to check the box for Google's NLP API. This helps analyze your content just like Google does.

In your report, you'll see the 'Google entities' tab. It shows key topics (entities) on your page and compares them with your competitors'. 

Each entity gets a score showing how important it is for your page's category. The 'confidence score' tells you how sure Google is about the category of your page.

Basically, this tool helps you understand and improve your content based on how Google sees it.

6. WordPress Editor and Google Docs Integration

Collaborating with your team and optimizing your content has never been easier thanks to Page Optimizer Pro’s integration with the WordPress editor and Google Docs. 

With the POP Chrome extension and secret key, you can seamlessly integrate POP into your workflow or share it with your writers.

The website editor allows you to make changes to your web pages and instantly see the impact on your SEO score. 

Meanwhile, the integration with Google Docs lets you optimize your content right within the document, making it simple to optimize your text for keywords, subheadings, and other factors.

Best Online Business Ideas To Start - Google Docs

Thanks to these powerful features, it’s easier than ever to ensure your content is fully optimized for search engines and ranks well on the SERP.

Plus, with the ability to share your work with your team, everyone can contribute to the optimization process without needing direct access to the account. This helps drive more traffic to your website and ensures you get the best results possible from your content optimization efforts.

7. Recognize Schema Markup Just Like Google Tools

POP skema markup feature (1)

Understanding schema markup is crucial for SEO, and the Schema tab in Page Optimizer Pro (POP) makes this easy.

It shows you the schema types on your webpage and compares them with your competitors.

You’ll see which schemas are common among your competitors, like 'Article' or 'News Article' schema.

Why does this matter? Well, schemas are like clues to search engines about your content.

If your competitors are using certain schemas, it's wise to consider adding them to your site too.

The Schema tab helps you stay competitive by highlighting these key schemas.

8. SEO Test Backed

The founder, Kyle, has spent almost ten years conducting over 400 scientific tests to fine-tune his method of testing whether single variables are ranking factors in Google’s algorithm.

This dedication and expertise have paid off, as Kyle’s method was officially granted a patent in January 2020, distinguishing him from other Search Engine professionals.

With Page Optimizer Pro, you can trust that the recommendations and optimizations are backed by real data and proven results.

Page Optimizer Pro Pricing

Page Optimizer Pro offers 4 pricing plans for single-user to choose from.

  • The Basic Plan (single-user) is $34/month, which includes 20 POP Credits per month to split between POP reports, EEAT, NLP, Watchdog and AI.
  • The Premium Plan (single-user) costs $47.5/month, which includes 40 POP Credits per month to split between POP reports, EEAT, NLP, Watchdog and AI
  • The Unlimited Plan costs $610/year (single-user), which gives you unlimited POP reports and Watchdog reports per month. Besides, you'll get 50 POP EEAT, NLP and AI credits. 
  • POP also offers a team plan ($1200/year), which allows you to create up to 5 sub-accounts and optimize up to unlimited pages per month.

They also offer a 7-day refund, so you can try the product without committing anything.

Updated: Pay Via Invoice

Users subscribed to the Yearly Unlimited and Yearly Team plans now have the option to pay through invoices.

Here's the process: when you choose to pay by invoice, they'll send it to your email. You'll then have 7 days to make the payment.

pay via invoice in POP

POP AI Writer: Product Update

Introducing POP AI Writer

Following the rise of AI writing assistants, Page Optimizer Pro has released POP AI Writer, which integrates the advanced GPT-4 32k AI writing engine with a data-driven on-page optimization tool, all within the familiar POP user interface.

What makes POP AI Writer stand out is its ability to generate and optimize existing content. With just a few clicks,  you can update neglected pages within minutes based on POP's Content Brief instructions.

This tool refreshes, rewrites, and optimizes content, breathing new life into your pages.

With POP AI Writer, you can regenerate outputs section by section, without the need to regenerate the entire article. 

POP AI Writer Update (Written on 29 December 2023):

1. Bulk AI Runs

bulk AI run

POP AI can cut down the time to optimize a web page or an article from a couple of hours to just about five minutes. And it just got a whole lot better.

Now, with Bulk AI Runs, you can optimize up to 50 pieces of content at one go. Yes, you heard that right – 50!

This means POP AI is now 50 times more efficient than it already was. Imagine the time and effort you'll save.

The process is simple and user-friendly. All you need to do is:

  • Upload a single sheet with all the required information
  • Select the number of images, forms, lists, and other rich content elements you need
  • Let POP AI work its magic 

You even have the option to include advanced features like EEAT and Google NLP!

  • Setting up for a Bulk AI Run is pretty straightforward: 
  • Download a template from the POP platform and fill it out in Excel or Google Sheets. 
  • Fill out information like project names, page names, target URLs, and primary keywords. 
  • You can also set up your AI writer in this bulk process.

Remember, each element adds a bit to the total credit cost, but if you have the GPT-4 API access key, it reduces to just one credit for the article.

GPT-4 access key

Once you're happy with your setup, upload the sheet back into POP, and you're good to go.

The system will give you an estimate of the total credits needed, and with your approval, it starts generating your reports.

2. Download your AI content in .docx format

Download Word Doc inside of the POP AI

Page Optimizer Pro (POP) has added a handy feature for its users: now you can download your AI content in .docx format. This new option is a big help for those who like to work in Microsoft Word.

When you're using the AI Writer in POP, look in the top right corner. There, you'll find the download button. Before, you could download your content as plain text, html.txt, or html. But many users wanted something more convenient for Word. That's where .docx comes in.

The .docx format is great because it keeps your layout and formatting just right when you open it in Word. No more messing around with converting files or losing the look of your document. It's all about making things easier and saving time.

How to use POP AI Writer + My Thoughts

Once you've entered your main keyword and initiated the process, simply locate and click on the 'Open Report' button. In this example, my main keyword is "Fireflies ai review"

how to use POP AI Writer Step 1

Inside the 'Open Report' section, you'll easily spot an orange button with the label 'AI Writer'. Just go ahead and give it a click!

My honest POP AI Writer Review

From here, you have the option to either ask POP AI to generate your title and headings or write them yourself to guide the tool.

how to use pop ai writer - step 3

Just for the sake of testing, I decided to let POP AI do all the work to see how it performs.

Here are the title ideas generated by POP AI:

title ideas generated by POP AI Writer

You might have noticed that the tool isn't perfect in understanding the context, like recognizing that Fireflies is actually an AI meeting assistant and not an AI content marketing tool.

But that's okay! We can always make adjustments to the titles until we're happy with them, and then simply click on "Next" to move the "headings" part.

Here are the H2s and H3 that POP AI Writer generates:

H2s and H3 that POP AI Writer generated

Now, it can accurately grasp the context and generate highly accurate and effective headings! These headings can be used in my actual article.

Once you are finished with the headings, simply click on "Next" to allow POP AI to generate paragraphs based on the headings it generated.

Let's take a look at the paragraphs that POP AI write: 

paragraphs generated by POP AI .png

As you can see, POP AI separates the headings individually and allows us the option to regenerate or edit them without the need to rewrite the entire article.

This is something I love about POP AI. Typically, other one-click AI writers that I've used require me to make edits after writing the entire article. However, with POP AI, I have more flexibility in this aspect.

Once you've finished all the necessary steps, you have the option to download each part as a separate TXT file. Then, you can easily copy and paste them into WordPress for publishing.

Personally, I really wish there was a setting that allowed me to download everything in one go, including the titles, headings, and paragraphs. However, it's possible that having the flexibility to edit each part individually might come with its own downsides.

After downloading, your TXT file may appear a bit messy like this:

POP AI - after downloading

Updated: This download issue is now solved!

My Thoughts on POP AI Writer:

Having explored the features and functionality of POP AI Writer, I must say that it has both impressed and intrigued me.

The process of using this tool to generate titles, headings, and paragraphs has been quite fascinating.

One aspect that stands out to me is the flexibility it offers.

I appreciate how I have the option to either let POP AI generate the content or provide my own input.

This flexibility allows me to strike the right balance between leveraging the AI's capabilities and infusing my own creativity and personal touch.

I must admit that there are instances where the tool may not fully grasp the context, however, the ability to fine-tune and edit the titles and headings easily allows me to overcome this limitation.

The generated headings have been accurate and effective, providing a solid structure for my articles. It saves me time and effort in brainstorming and organizing the content.

Overall, my experience with POP AI Writer has been positive.

It's a powerful tool that complements my content creation process, providing valuable assistance and speeding up the writing process. 

While it may have its limitations, the flexibility and efficiency it offers make it a valuable asset in my content creation toolbox.

Page Optimizer Pro Alternatives

Here are 5 alternatives to Page Optimizer Pro:

  • Surfer SEO: A cloud-based on-page optimization tool that offers keyword research, content editor, and SERP analyzer features to help you optimize your content for higher rankings. (Read my Surfer SEO vs Page Optimizer Pro comparison)
  • NeuronWriter: An affordable content marketing tool that uses AI to help you create optimized articles for search engine rankings. 
  • Clearscope: An AI-powered content optimization tool that analyzes top-ranking pages for a given topic and provides insights on how to improve your content to outrank them.
  • Frase: An all-in-one content optimization platform that offers features such as topic research, content briefs, and content optimization suggestions to help you create content that ranks higher on search engines.
  • MarketMuse: An AI-driven content optimization platform that analyzes your content and provides insights on how to improve it to rank higher on search engines.
  • SEMrush: A popular SEO suite that offers features such as keyword research, on-page optimization, and content optimization suggestions to help you improve your search engine rankings.

My Personal Experience With POP: Ranking On Page 1 With A 2-Month-Old Website

When I started my website on March 2023, I knew that SEO would be essential to my success. But as a beginner, I wasn’t sure where to start.

That’s when I stumbled upon Page Optimizer Pro (POP) while learning about E-A-T. I was impressed by the range of features the tool offered, from keyword research to competitor analysis. So, I decided to give it a try.

Using POP, I was able to optimize my website’s content and structure for the best possible search engine ranking.

The tool’s easy-to-use interface and step-by-step guidance made the optimization process straightforward and less overwhelming. I especially appreciated the ability to see real-time SEO scores and recommendations as I made changes to my website.

After more than 1 month of using Page Optimizer Pro, I was thrilled to find that my product review article had reached the #4 spot on Google’s search engine results page!

perfecting Pinterest Review - Google Search (1)

This achievement was a testament to the power of POP’s unlimited page optimization feature, which allowed me to optimize as many pages as I needed without any extra cost.

Overall, my experience using POP has been excellent, and I would highly recommend it to anyone looking to improve their website’s search engine ranking.

Conclusion: Should You Buy Page Optimizer Pro?

In conclusion, if you’re looking to improve your website’s SEO and increase your chances of ranking on the first page of Google, POP is an excellent investment and I hope this Page Optimizer Pro review has provided you with valuable insights into the product and its features.

With its powerful features, such as the content editor, Google Docs integration, Watchdog feature, and unlimited optimization, POP can help you optimize your website and stay ahead of your competition.

Moreover, POP’s pricing is reasonable, and with a 7-day free trial, you can try it out and see if it’s the right fit for you.

If you’re serious about improving your website’s SEO and staying ahead of the competition, I highly recommend giving Page Optimizer Pro a try.

page optimizer pro

Page Optimizer Pro Summary 


With its powerful features, such as the content editor, Google Docs integration, Watchdog feature, and unlimited optimization, POP can help you optimize your website and stay ahead of your competition.

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