Struggling to keep up with your Pinterest campaigns? You're not alone. With over 450 million active users, Pinterest is a goldmine for marketers, but managing it can be overwhelming. 

Fear not, I've got you covered.

In this article, I'll introduce you to the 5+ best Pinterest tools of 2024 that will revolutionize and automate your Pinterest marketing efforts.

These tools aren't just about saving time; they're about maximizing impact.

From advanced Pinterest scheduling to comprehensive management solutions, get ready to transform your Pinterest presence.

What is the Best Pinterest Tool?

Here are the 6 best Pinterest automation software tools to try this year: 

1. Pin Inspector


What is Pin Inspector?

Pin Inspector (My review here) offers in-depth analytics to help you understand how your pins perform. This tool allows you to:

  • do keyword research
  • identify trends
  • analyze competitors

...which can improve your strategy on Pinterest.

It's suitable for bloggers, business owners, and social media managers who want to track their Pinterest account's performance and make data-driven decisions.

Pin Inspector is unique because it can extract a large amount of information directly from Pinterest, which other tools might not offer.

Why I Recommend Pin Inspector

Here's how it can be beneficial:

  1. Keyword Research: helps you find the right keywords that people are searching for. What's even better is that it doesn't leave you guessing about popularity – it shows you the search volume, so you know exactly how many eyes are potentially looking for what you've got to offer.
  2. Competitor Analysis: allows you to peek at their most successful pins and strategies, giving you the chance to learn from their successes and improve your content.
  3. Trend Spotting: show you what's currently trending on Pinterest, so you can tailor your content to what's popular right now.
  4. Time-Saving: Instead of manually combing through Pinterest for insights, Pin Inspector automates the process, saving you time that you can use to create content or grow your business in other ways.
  5. Cost-Effectiveness: With a one-time payment, you get lifetime access to Pin Inspector. This can be more economical in the long run compared to subscription-based tools.

Plus, the tool is user-friendly, making it accessible even if you're not particularly tech-savvy. It simplifies the process of analyzing and optimizing your Pinterest strategy.

There's always a bit of caution when linking your Pinterest account to third-party tools, and rightly so.

To keep things on the safe side, you can create a separate account for this purpose. It's a simple step that can help you minimize risks.


You can purchase Pin Inspector for $67, and with my exclusive discount code, you can get a special $30 discount, bringing the cost down to $37.

2. Tailwind

Tailwind homepage

What is Tailwind?

Tailwind helps you plan, create, and share marketing content on social media and via email.

The app generates personalized marketing plans, suggesting content ideas and incorporating best practices to enhance your marketing impact.

It also offers a feature called Ghostwriter, which uses AI to create engaging copy for your brand. Tailwind can design professional-quality social media posts and schedule them across different platforms, especially Pinterest.

It's particularly handy for small businesses looking to streamline their marketing efforts without needing extensive design or marketing expertise.

Why I Recommend Tailwind

The first thing that stands out about Tailwind is its ease of use.

Its straightforward interface makes setting up and scheduling posts a breeze, even for those who aren't tech-savvy. This is a huge plus for anyone who values simplicity in their tools.

The ability to plan and schedule your content in advance with Tailwind is a massive time-saver. It allows for better organization and a more consistent posting schedule.

Tailwind provides insightful analytics, enabling you to track how your posts perform. This helps in fine-tuning your strategy to better engage with your audience.

Tailwind supports multiple platforms, notably Instagram and Pinterest, and facilitates easy cross-posting. This feature is great for maintaining a cohesive presence across different social media channels.

From intelligent hashtag suggestions to optimal posting time recommendations, Tailwind is equipped with features that enhance the impact of your social media content.

For Pinterest users, the 'Tailwind Communities' is invaluable. It helps in connecting with similar users, aiding in audience growth and engagement.

A Few Downsides:

  • It's not perfect for every situation. For instance, if you use Twitter or LinkedIn a lot, Tailwind doesn't support those platforms.
  • Also, it's a bit limited to Instagram posts that have multiple images.
  • And you'll need an Instagram business account for some of its features.

3. Tasty Pins

Tasty Pins homepage

What is Tasty Pins?

Tasty Pins (My review here) is a plugin for WordPress websites, designed to help with Pinterest. 

It's pretty straightforward: it lets you add descriptions to your images right when you're working on your posts.

This is a big deal because having the right words attached to your images makes them easier to find on Pinterest. And you don't need to mess around with any complicated code to do it.

Here's why it's handy: when someone finds your image on Pinterest, the description you've added will already be there, which is great for getting more eyes on your image.

Plus, Tasty Pins has this cool feature where you can keep your website looking clean by hiding images that you don't want displayed until someone decides to pin them.

Why I Recommend Tasty Pins

If you're using Pinterest to boost your blog or website, Tasty Pins is a game-changer. Here's why I'm all for it:

First off, it tackles a common headache: adding pin descriptions.  

With Tasty Pins, you can easily include keywords and hashtags in your images’ descriptions, right from WordPress. 

No coding, no fuss. This means your pins are more likely to get found on Pinterest, bringing more eyes to your work.

But there's more. Ever felt your site looked cluttered with all those Pinterest images? Tasty Pins has a neat trick for that.

It lets you hide images in your posts that only appear when someone wants to pin your content.

Your site stays clean, and your content remains Pinterest-ready.

This plugin saves a ton of time. Imagine not having to manually add descriptions every time you create a pin. 

That’s hours saved, hours you can spend on creating more content or, let’s be honest, taking a well-deserved break.


You can purchase Tasty Pins for $49/year, and if you find it doesn't meet your needs, you're covered with a refund option within 14 days of purchase. This gives you the peace of mind to try it out risk-free.

4. Pin Generator

Pin Generator homepage

Pin Generator simplifies making pins for Pinterest. It's quick and efficient, turning the process of creating pins into something you can do in seconds.

With Pin Generator, you can pull images and details from any website to craft your pins, and you can even automate the whole thing.

The tool comes with a bunch of features to make your life easier. It has an AI that helps write titles and descriptions, saving you time.

There's also a bulk scheduler to help you plan out when your pins go live, and a template creator to give your pins a consistent, professional look.

For those who manage multiple Pinterest boards or need to edit a lot of pins, Pin Generator has features for multi-board pinning and editing multiple pins at once. And if you're in the business of selling, you can import your product details directly into the tool.

Pin Generator is compatible with Etsy, Shopify, WordPress, and Amazon, making it a versatile choice for marketers and creators. It's even got the thumbs-up from Pinterest itself.

You can try Pin Generator for free for 7 days to see if it fits your workflow. It's designed to be a time-saver for anyone looking to boost their Pinterest presence.

5. Buffer

Buffer homepage

Buffer is a social media marketing tool that now works with Pinterest to help you manage your Pinterest content and scheduling.

So, what's the deal with Buffer and Pinterest?

Buffer lets you post and schedule pins just like you do with other social networks like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and LinkedIn. It's all about making your social media life easier.

Here's how Buffer helps with Pinterest:

  • Pin from the web or upload your own images.
  • Set up a pinning schedule that's tailored to you.
  • Keep track of repins, likes, and comments.

When you want to schedule a pin, it's just a few clicks, especially if you use Buffer's browser extension.

You'll see a "Share Image" button when you hover over images on the web. Click it, choose Pinterest, pick your board, and you're good to go. Buffer even suggests a description for you.

You can also use Buffer to queue up content you find on Pinterest to share later. Just look for the Buffer icon on the images.

And if you want to pin something new, you can upload images directly through the Buffer dashboard.

Buffer lets you customize your pinning schedule or it can pick times for you. You can always see what's in your queue and make changes if you need to.

To help you grow on Pinterest, Buffer provides Pinterest analytics. You can see how your pins perform with stats like repins, comments, and likes.

If you're using Buffer for Business, you can track your follower growth and see which pins are the most popular.

6. SocialPilot

socialpilot homepage

SocialPilot is a social media management tool that helps you keep your Pinterest account active and engaging. It's designed to make it easy for you to manage your Pinterest content and connect with your Pinterest audience.

Here's what SocialPilot can do for you:

  • Schedule your pins: You can plan your Pinterest posts in advance with the Pinterest scheduler. This means you can set up multiple pins to go live on different boards without spending extra money.
  • Make your images pop: There's an image editor built right into SocialPilot. You can tweak your photos to make sure they catch people's eyes and stand out in Pinterest feeds.
  • Get help from AI: SocialPilot's AI Assistant can help you create content that really draws attention.
  • Plan your strategy: With SocialPilot, you can see all your planned pins on a calendar. This helps you figure out the best times to post and how your pins fit into your bigger content plan.
  • Keep clients in the loop: You can share links with your clients so they can see how your Pinterest marketing is doing. This helps build trust because they can see the results of your work.
  • Post lots of content easily: With bulk scheduling, you can set up to 500 posts at once. This saves you time and helps you keep a regular posting schedule, which is important for doing well on Pinterest.
  • Stay on top of trends: SocialPilot has a content library where you can store groups of hashtags. This makes it easy to add the right hashtags to your pins and stay relevant.

SocialPilot isn't just for Pinterest. It has features that agencies and small businesses will find useful, like an approval workflow that's easy to use, customization options to make the tool look like it's yours, and ways to work with your team smoothly.

7. Metricool

Metricool homepage

Metricool is a free tool that helps you get the most out of Pinterest and other social media platforms like Pinterest.

Here's what Metricool can do for you:

  • Schedule your pins: You can plan when your pins go up on Pinterest. This means you can have pins going live all day, even when you're busy doing other things or catching some z's.
  • Edit your images: If your photo isn't the right size for Pinterest, you can fix it right in Metricool before you schedule it.
  • Add important details: With every pin, you can include a title, a description, and a link to send people where you want them to go. Remember, all pins can be clicked on!
  • Create new boards on the go: While you're setting up your pins in Metricool, you can also make new Pinterest boards without any hassle.

And the best part? You can start using Metricool for free. There's no trial period; it's free forever.

But Metricool isn't just about posting content. It's also about understanding what works.

You can check out easy-to-read data and graphs to see what your audience likes and what you might want to change to make your Pinterest strategy even better.

Metricool also makes it super easy to create professional reports. With just a few clicks, you can customize them with your logo, pick the colors, choose what data to show, and download them in PDF or PPT format. This is perfect for sharing with clients or your team.

And it's not just for Pinterest. Metricool works with Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn, TikTok, Twitter, Google Business Profile, YouTube, and Twitch too. You can use it on your computer or on the app.

So, are you ready to step up your Pinterest game with Metricool? Create your free account and start optimizing your strategy today.

What are the benefits of using Pinterest automation tool?

1. Time Efficiency

Pinterest automation tools streamline the process of content sharing by allowing you to schedule pins in advance.

This means you can batch-create your content and set it to post over the week or month, freeing up your time to focus on creating new content, strategizing, or attending to other business needs.

2. Consistent Posting

The key to building a following on any social media platform is consistency.

Automation ensures that your account remains active by posting regularly, even when you're not online. 

This helps maintain your visibility in your followers' feeds and can lead to increased follower loyalty.

3. Increased Engagement

By scheduling pins for peak times when your audience is most active, you're more likely to see higher engagement rates.

Automation tools often provide insights into the best times to post, which can lead to more likes, comments, and shares of your content.

4. Analytics and Reporting

Understanding what works and what doesn't is crucial for any marketing strategy.

Pinterest automation tools often come with built-in analytics that provide detailed reports on your pins' performance, audience demographics, and engagement trends, helping you to make data-driven decisions.

5. Keyword and Hashtag Suggestions

Discoverability on Pinterest is driven by keywords and hashtags. Automation tools can suggest the most effective ones for your content based on current trends and search data, helping your pins reach a broader audience.

6. Content Curation

For those looking to provide value beyond their original content, automation tools can help curate and share relevant content from other creators.

This not only saves time but also helps in building relationships and positioning your account as a go-to resource within your niche.

7. Competitor Analysis

Keeping an eye on the competition can provide valuable insights. Some Pinterest automation tools allow you to monitor competitors' profiles, giving you a better understanding of their strategies, what content performs well for them, and how you can differentiate your own content.

8. Growth Acceleration 

Ultimately, the combination of all these benefits can lead to accelerated growth on Pinterest.

By optimizing your content strategy, maintaining a consistent presence, and engaging with your audience effectively, you can grow your following and increase your brand's influence on the platform.

Remember, while automation can be incredibly beneficial, it's important to keep a human touch in your interactions and content to truly connect with your audience.

 Authenticity can't be automated, and it's the genuine connections that often lead to the most loyal followers and customers.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I find the most popular pins on Pinterest?

To find the most popular pins on Pinterest, you can use analytic tools like Pin Inspector, which helps in identifying trending content and analyzing user engagement. Plus, browsing through Pinterest's own trending section and using its search feature to explore popular topics can give you insights into what pins are currently popular among users.

Is Pinterest is better than Google?

Pinterest can be better than Google in specific niches where ad revenue per thousand impressions (RPM) is higher, especially in visually-oriented and lifestyle sectors. However, Google typically serves a broader range of informational needs. The effectiveness of each platform depends on your specific goals and target audience.

How do I get better pins on Pinterest?

Yes, can transcribe audio without recording it. You can upload pre-recorded audio files to for transcription, eliminating the need for real-time recording.

What is the most popular niche on Pinterest?

To find the most popular niche on Pinterest you should look into Pinterest's trend predictions for the year. These predictions are based on user searches and engagement, offering insights into which topics are becoming increasingly popular. This will help you understand which areas are likely to attract the most attention on the platform in the current year.

Final Thoughts

Here you are, the 6 best Pinterest tools to elevate your marketing game in 2024.

These tools are designed to streamline your workflow, enhance your content strategy, and engage your audience more effectively. 

Remember, the key to Pinterest success is not just about posting regularly, but also about utilizing the right tools to analyze, schedule, and optimize your pins.

With these tools in your arsenal, you're well-equipped to tackle the dynamic world of Pinterest marketing.

Keep experimenting, stay updated with the latest features, and watch your Pinterest presence flourish!

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