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Looking for the best Pinterest course of 2024?

Are you struggling to drive traffic to your website or did your site just get slammed by a Google update?

I totally understand and I'm sorry if you're one of the many site owners impacted.

In 2023, especially with the helpful content update in September, Google has dragged down so many niche sites I know.

And that's despite people implementing what Google recommended around E-E-A-T and high quality content.

That's why as a blogger myself, I'm always looking for new strategies to attract visitors. And let me tell ya, Pinterest has been an absolute game-changer for me.

However, I know that Pinterest can be tricky to navigate, and that's where the RIGHT course can make all the difference.

That's why I've researched for you and compiled a list of the 13 best Pinterest courses that you can take this year.

Whether you're new to Pinterest and looking for ways to make money on Pinterest, or you're looking to take your Pinterest strategy to the next level, these courses can help you master the platform and drive more free Pinterest traffic to your website.

So let's DO it!

If you're short on time, here's a brief summary:

Perfecting Pinterest by Sophia Lee

Covers all levels, from setting up your account to advanced engagement tactics.

Sophia's approachable teaching ensures you understand and can apply each step.

Course content is refreshed each year.

Perfecting Popular by Nadalie Bardo

 Learn how to double your Pinterest viewers in under a month with actionable analytics insights.

Get the blueprint for more engagement, followers, and site traffic with Claire's real-world examples and clear, fun teaching style.

Pinterest Marketing & Advertising Beginner To Advanced

Sumner shares his Pinterest strategies that led to over $1 million in sales, helping you elevate your business.

Learn to optimize SEO, craft engaging pins, analyze data, and run successful ad campaigns

What is the best Pinterest course
of 2024?

If you're hoping to find a free Pinterest course, I'm sorry to say that this post won't be able to help you out. 

But don't worry, all the courses I've listed here are totally worth their prices and packed with exceptional expertise and insights. 

I've handpicked each one to make sure you get the best Pinterest marketing knowledge out there. 

While it may be tempting to go for a free course, investing in a quality, paid Pinterest course will pay off significantly in the long run and provide you with the support you need.

So, if you're ready to take your Pinterest game to the next level, keep reading! 

1. “Perfecting Pinterest” by Sophia Lee: The Ultimate Pinterest Course

Money-back period: Within 30 days after enrolling in the course.
Course Level: Beginner to Advanced


Perfecting Pinterest


Perfecting Pinterest is one of the best Pinterest courses for bloggers created by blogger Sophia Lee. Sophia has been able to grow her own blog to $120k+/month using her own Pinterest strategies, which she now shares with others through Perfecting Pinterest.

PROMOTION: Get 20% off when you purchase this course along with 'Perfecting Blogging' as a blogging bundle.

My Background

When I first started my blogging journey, I understood that Pinterest was super important for getting people to visit my blog.

I searched all over the internet to find a course that would teach me the ins and outs of the platform and help me grow my blog traffic.

After researching, I stumbled upon a YouTube video featuring Sophia Lee. She shared her blogging journey from starting at zero to now earning a 7-figure income.

What really amazed me about Sophia Lee's story was how she began with nothing and now makes a ton of money. It’s more than $120K per month! 

She earned enough to pay off her student debt, and she did it mostly by using Pinterest without even needing to make lots of link-building - the nightmare of every blogger I know. 

I thought her way of doing things was super interesting, and I really wanted to learn directly from her.

So I took the plunge and enrolled in her comprehensive Pinterest course - Perfecting Pinterest in August 2022, excited to see what the course had in store for me.


About Perfecting Pinterest

In Perfecting Pinterest, Sophia shares her secrets to success and teaches you how to create a winning Pinterest strategy from the ground up.

The course covers EVERYTHING from the basics of Pinterest, how to set up your Pinterest account to advanced Pinterest techniques for boosting engagement. 

Sophia teaches step-by-step on:

  • How to create a Pinterest business account
  • Create boards
  • Pinterest SEO
  • Conduct keyword research
  • How to write a really good pin title and generate a lot of clicks
  • Create eye-catching and highly engaged pins
  • Schedule them strategically with both Tailwind (paid) and Pinterest Scheduler (FREE).

Every lesson is super detailed; she doesn't just TELL you what to do, but actually SHOWS you what she has tested and done to make her Pinterest game so successful.

Plus, she even provides printables for you to organize all the boards and keywords.

Why is Perfecting Pinterest my #1 recommended Pinterest course?

You know, the thing I REALLY loved about Perfecting Pinterest was how Sophia teaches. 

She takes you through each step really carefully and slowly. It's like you're right there watching her grow her Pinterest account, and she doesn't keep any secrets – everything's out in the open! 

If you're thinking about using Pinterest to grow your blog or business but you're not really experienced, I totally suggest giving Perfecting Pinterest a shot. It's really worth checking out!

She kind of made those tricky Pinterest ideas seem so simple to get and do.I felt like I could totally handle my Pinterest plan, and I started seeing results.

I have leveraged a keyword research strategy with Pin Inspector (Review here) and Sophia's Pinterest strategy, and I started focusing on Pinterest for my new coffee blog two months ago. 

millie's pinterest results

As I saw the traffic from Pinterest picking up quickly, I decided to apply to Journey by Mediavine when my website had just 5K sessions. I was thrilled when they accepted my website within next 2 weeks after my blog reached 11k sessions! Yay!

You've Been Selected into journey by mediavine

The spikes you can see in the screenshot above? Yeah, that happened after I put into action what I picked up from Perfecting Pinterest.

But you don't have to just take my word for it. 

Let me share a real story from an actual student. I found this random comment in a Facebook group about social media marketing, and it totally caught my attention.

Check this out:

Perfecting Pinterest real review

Perfecting Pinterest real review from student

Another real review from her student ($60k per month from affiliate sales – every blogger's dream!)

real review of student after taking the Perfeting Pinterest course by Sophia Lee

You won't need to look for another Pinterest course after this one. Perfecting Pinterest covers absolutely everything about Pinterest marketing. 

The course also has a BONUS SECTION that includes:

  • Tips on topics such as Idea Pins
  • Videos on Pinterest
  • Tagging products on Pinterest
  • And more
bonus section of perfecting pinterest (1)

What I Don’t Like about Perfecting Pinterest

Alright, let's talk about the things I'm not so crazy about when it comes to Perfecting Pinterest:

First off, the Facebook support group isn't as quick to respond as I hoped.

Sometimes you have questions and you're looking for a speedy answer, but it might take a little while to get the help you need.

Another thing is that there aren't any ready-made Pinterest Canva Templates included. I mean, considering the price of the course, I get it, but it would have been nice to have those templates to save some time.

But don't worry, in the pin designing lesson, she goes really deep into it, from choosing images to colors, so you can easily create your own templates.

Honestly, overall, these are just minor bumps in the road compared to all the awesome stuff you get from the course.


You can get "Perfecting Pinterest" for $247, and Sophia also offers a 30-day money-back promise.

Until Thursday, June 27th, you can enjoy a 20% discount on all Sophia Lee’s courses and bundles! All you have to do is apply coupon code SUMMERBLOGGING at checkout.

If you decide within 30 days of signing up that the course isn't for you (and you haven't gone beyond Unit 1, you can ask for a full refund.

My thoughts on the updated price:

I just saw Sophia increased the price of Perfecting Pinterest to $247 from $169! I know, that 78-dollar price jump might make you pause. I was surprised too.

But then I realized...she updates the entire course EVERY YEAR to match Pinterest algorithm changes. This isn't just a few new modules added on. We're talking re-recorded videos, new worksheets, the works.

Which means we're getting an entirely new and up-to-date Pinterest course for 2024.

Kinda makes the price bump worth it, right?

I don't know about you, but I'd rather pay a little more for a course that's gonna be relevant versus outdated info.

Especially with how much Pinterest changes!

Plus, Sophia's past students have seen insane results from her courses - like 10X or 100X ROI. Wild!

So even though $249 gives you pause, I think the value is there. Worst case, we still have the 30-day refund policy to fall back on if it's not a good fit.

So, just enrolling in the course and checking if it works for you doesn't hurt, right?

If your answer is yes, then don't hesitate to click the button below to start your Pinterest journey with Sophia and see if she is your Pinterest guiding star!

By the way, if you are thinking about picking up Sophia's Perfecting Blogging too, she offers a nice bundle deal where you can get a 20% discount.

Definitely something to keep in mind if you're planning to buy a blogging course anyway.

Beginner's Blogging Bundle





Perfecting Pinterest + Perfecting Blogging

 This is a great bundle for those bloggers who don't want to spend too much money but want to really get their blog off the ground!

Ultimate BSL Blogging Bundle





Perfecting Pinterest + Perfecting Blogging + Perfecting Email

If you want to really go all in on your blog, this is the perfect bundle and the best deal!

2. Pinterest Popular

Pinterest Popular logo

Nadalie Bardo, who gained 1 million impressions on Pinterest in her first month of marketing on the platform, teaches you all her tricks in over 15 hours of videos. The course also includes helpful tools like a Pinterest tracker, Pinterest workbook, and Tailwind $30 off credit to make managing your Pinterest easier.

Out of 10
  • Best For: Business Owners & Bloggers
  • Price: $594 (Or $198 in 3 months)

About Popular Pinterest

Pinterest Popular homepage

Popular Pinterest is created by Nadalie Bardo, a successful blogger who made her blog, "It’s All You Boo," a big hit. She did this mostly by using Pinterest and just a little bit of SEO search traffic.

With her Pinterest strategy, she was able to make a splash on Pinterest right from the start, with 1 million views in her first month. 

She also grew her email list to over 20,000 subscribers and sold thousands of digital products and courses.

She figured out how to use Pinterest to do all this.

Now, she's put everything she knows into the "Pinterest Popular" course to help other people achieve the same success.

The course has over 15 hours of video lessons where Nadalie shows you exactly what to do, step by step.

She's also giving away Tailwind credits, which means you can save $30 when you decide to upgrade your account.

It's really helpful if you want to keep your Pinterest updated without being stuck at your computer all day.

Why I Recommend "Popular Pinterest" Course for Businesses

If you're running a business and thinking about stepping up your business strategy with Pinterest, I've got to tell you why Pinterest Popular is the best choice.

Along with checklists and printables, one of the coolest features is that she also provides:

A Pinterest tracker that helps you keep track of your boards, pins, Pin SEO, and stats.

It also comes with three manual pinning schedules that you can choose from.

Nadalie has found that using both automatic and manual pinning is a great way to grow your account quickly.

Pinterest Popular's pin tracker

Pinterest Tracker in "Pinterest Popular" course

Plus, she shares her own Pinterest workflow in one dedicated video, so it's like you're standing behind her, watching what she does everyday to grow her account this fast.

Nadalie doesn't just talk about pinning strategies. She also goes into how to make your blog more Pinterest-friendly.

From uploading images to your blog that catch the eye to using plugins like Tasty Pins (My review here) to boost your pins' save rates, she covers it all.

Adding Images Pins to Your Content

And then, she takes it a step further by showing how to use Facebook groups and Tailwind Communities to get even more eyes on your pins.

And when it comes to designing pins, she goes all in.

There are walkthroughs for both image and video pins, with lessons so in-depth they almost feel like a one-on-one session.

She talks about choosing the right visuals and setting up your brand's look with fonts and colors, and if you want to speed things up, she's got templates you can use.

Canva Pin Design Class

But Nadalie doesn't just stop at making your pins look good; she teaches you how to use Pinterest as a lead generator for your business with a detailed business planner.

business planner in the Pinterest Popular course

This is something you don't see very often in other courses.

So, if you're running a business and want to drive more leads and sales with Pinterest, Pinterest Popular might be what you need. It's helped me see Pinterest in a whole new light, without all the fluff.

What I don't like about Pinterest Popular

While Pinterest Popular has a lot of great features, there are a few things that could be better.

First, the price is pretty high at $594, which might not fit everyone's budget.

Also, the course requires a lot of time to go through all the videos as it's really in-depth, which might be tough for someone with a busy schedule. 

Another downside is that there's no community supports like a forum or group where you can talk with other learners.

But don't worry, you can ask her anything related to the course by sending her emails (I emailed her once, and she got back to me on the same day) or leaving comments right below her course.


Yes, Pinterest Popular is not exactly pocket change—it's half of $1000 or $594, to be precise! 

But there's a good reason for the price tag. This course is packed with everything you need to really understand and use Pinterest to grow your blog or business. 

And if the full price feels a bit much right now, there's a helpful option: you can choose to pay in installments. 

This way, it breaks down to 3 payments of $198 each month, making it easier to fit into your budget.

Choose your plan

Pay In Full 



One payment

Professional plan



Pay in 3 Months

3. Pinterest Marketing & Advertising Beginner To Advanced 2023

Pinterest Marketing & Advertising Beginner To Advanced 2023

If you are a small business owner struggling to drive traffic and sales, I want to introduce you to this new Pinterest marketing course.

Created by Sumner, an entrepreneur who has generated over $1 million in sales with Pinterest and other platforms, it's packed with insider tips and strategies.

After taking the course, I can confidently say it's a game-changer for anyone looking to harness the power of Pinterest for their business.

Sumner really knows his stuff and has boiled it down into a simple, step-by-step system that anyone can follow.

I love that the course is so comprehensive. It truly takes you from beginner level all the way up to advanced Pinterest advertising tactics.

If you are not a Pinterest marketing expert by any means, don't worry, you still be able to easily implement the tactics for setting up your account, creating high-quality pins, improving engagement and running profitable ads.

What You'll Learn in the Course

This comprehensive course provides the A-Z blueprint you need to get real results.

You'll learn:

  • How to optimize your Pinterest profile and account settings for maximum visibility, from profile images to claimable links.
  • Design principles and specific tactics to create visually stunning pins optimized for engagement and repins. Templates and tools provide done-for-you options for beautiful pins.
  • In-depth Pinterest SEO strategies to improve ranking and be discovered. Specific topics include keyword research, writing optimized pin descriptions, structuring boards effectively and more.
  • How to leverage Pinterest analytics and data, like impressions and engagements, to glean actionable insights. Identify high-performing content to replicate and low-performing content to eliminate.
  • Step-by-step instructions for setting up and optimizing Pinterest ad campaigns. How to structure campaigns, choose match types, bid effectively and analyze performance.
  • Advanced marketing tactics such as affiliate programs, remote teams, email lists, and content curation strategies to maximize results.
  • Recommendations for platforms to integrate with Pinterest for maximum traffic and sales potential.

With 72 detailed lessons spanning over 9 hours of content, the course aims to leave no stone unturned when it comes to effective Pinterest marketing. If you want the knowledge and skills to fully capitalize on Pinterest, this course has you covered.

4. Grow Your Business with Pinterest Analytics

Grow your Business with Pinterest Analytics

Pinterest marketing is awesome, but how do you really know if your pins are hitting the mark? That's where Pinterest analytics comes in handy.

In her new intro class, designer and illustrator Claire Charisse will show you how to use analytics data to grow your biz in a strategic way.

You'll learn Pinterest lingo, figure out who your audience is, and determine where to focus to achieve your goals faster. The insights literally helped Claire double her monthly Pinterest viewers in less than a month! 

She'll share tactics on optimizing pins for engagement, when to post, how to write compelling descriptions, and more.

Whether you want more repins, followers, or site traffic, this class will give you a blueprint tailored to your business.

The lessons are quick and tactical with real examples from Claire's experience. She explains concepts clearly and makes analytics fun!

If you're an entrepreneur, freelancer or online biz owner who uses Pinterest for marketing, join Claire's class. You'll walk away with the knowledge to grow your audience and engagement the smart way.

What You'll Learn in the Course

Here's a quick look at what Claire will cover in her course:

  • Key terminology and metrics so you can understand your Pinterest data
  • How to identify your target audience on Pinterest
  • Best practices for writing compelling pin descriptions
  • Tactics to increase repins, engagement, and followers
  • Using analytics to determine the best times to pin
  • Real-world examples and case studies from the teacher
  • Tips to optimize your Pinterest profile and boards
  • Tools to make analytics analysis easier
  • Strategies to align your Pinterest goals with your business goals
  • How to track your Pinterest ROI
  • And more!

Claire keeps things beginner-friendly with clear explanations, visuals, and step-by-step guidance. She also shares examples from her own Pinterest marketing experience so you can see the concepts in action.

5. Ultimate Guide To Tailwind: Master Pinterest With Tailwind!

Master Pinterest With Tailwind course

With over 24 lessons and 3 hours of content, this is the most comprehensive Tailwind course available.

Tailwind is one of the best Pinterest management tools, allowing you to easily create, schedule, and analyze your Pinterest pins.

Nick speaks from over 2 years of experience using Tailwind himself to achieve great results on Pinterest. He's committed to teaching you how to get the most out of this amazing platform.

The course is constantly updated with new lessons as Tailwind evolves, so you'll always have access to the latest features and upgrades.

With Nick's clear teaching style and readiness to answer any questions you have along the way, you can feel confident you'll master Tailwind. Whether you're new to Pinterest marketing or looking to scale up, this course has something for you.

The small class size ensures you'll get personal attention from Nick. Plus, you'll complete a hands-on class project to help apply all that you learn.

What You'll Learn in the Course

When you enroll in the Ultimate Guide to Tailwind course, you'll gain a deep understanding of how to maximize your Pinterest marketing.

Nick will walk you through the key features and functionalities of Tailwind, with actionable techniques you can apply right away.

By the end of the course, you'll be able to:

  • Effectively navigate the Tailwind interface and use its core tools
  • Strategically schedule pins for optimal exposure
  • Join relevant Tailwind communities and engage with them
  • Design beautiful, branded pins that grab attention
  • Analyze pin and board analytics to refine your approach
  • Implement Nick's insider tips for Tailwind success
  • Complete a hands-on class project to practice your new skills
  • Master Tailwind in order to achieve your Pinterest goals

The course curriculum covers all aspects of the tool, but here's a quick glance at some of the topics we'll tackle:

  • Tailwind's Publisher tool for scheduling pins
  • Finding and joining ideal communities
  • Interacting with other Pinners
  • Creating pins within Tailwind
  • Customizing brand visuals
  • Reading Tailwind analytics and reports
  • Real-world examples and use cases
  • Maximizing your Pinterest presence

Nick has carefully designed the course to include the essential Tailwind foundations as well as more advanced features. With 24 well-paced lessons spanning over 3 hours of content, you'll gain a comprehensive understanding of Tailwind and how to make the most of it for your brand.

6. Pinterest SEO Traffic Secrets by Anastasia Blogger

Money-back period: Within 30 days after enrolling in the course.
Course Level:
Beginner to Advanced


About Pinterest SEO Traffic Secrets

Pinterest SEO Traffic Secrets, founded by Anastasia Blogger, is a comprehensive blogging course that offers multiple lessons covering various aspects of affiliate marketing and blogging.

This course includes 20 high-quality Canva pin templates and 15 Photoshop pin templates that are ready to use and customizable to match your brand or style.

These templates are designed to help you create eye-catching pins that will grab your audience's attention on Pinterest.

But that is not all; she even offers a 1:1 Pinterest Audit, which is a personalized consultation where she will evaluate your Pinterest profile and offer specific recommendations to help you optimize it for success.

This audit will provide valuable insights into your profile's strengths and weaknesses and give you actionable steps to improve your Pinterest marketing strategy.

Why I Recommend Pinterest SEO Traffic Secrets

Anastasia has spent a decade in corporate digital marketing, followed by over four years running her own blogging business. On top of that, she's also a highly-ranked business YouTuber and online educator.

Her course - Pinterest SEO Traffic Secrets- is designed for beginner and intermediate Pinterest marketers who want to grow their website traffic organically.

The course covers everything from basic account settings to sophisticated pinning automation systems. It suits bloggers, website service sellers, and eCommerce site owners.

The advanced Pinterest course will teach you how to build your Pinterest account from scratch, fix it if the traffic has been stagnant for a while, promote your new content, and drive traffic to your old content.

What You'll Learn in the Course

  • Foundational settings for a business account on Pinterest
  • How to enable Rich Pins to optimize your account for future success.
  • Pinterest SEO and how to optimize your entire account, including the profile, boards, pins, and website, for the best SEO performance on Pinterest.
  • Organize your boards and make your profile look professional with board covers. Get all you need to know about group boards.
  • Read and interpret your analytics to allocate your efforts to the things that really matter and are efficient.
  • Discover the manual pinning technique, the recommended best practices for creating pins manually, and what you should not do on Pinterest to keep your account safe.
  • How to design pins that stand out and are visually appealing to attract more clicks and traffic on Pinterest.
  • Step-by-step guide on how to use Tailwind, an authorized scheduling tool, and learn about Tailwind Communities and Smartloop. Learn all about analytics on Tailwind as well.
  • Create video pins that meet the requirements for uploading on Pinterest and minimize the downsides of the video pins.
  • Get the best tips for eCommerce sites and highlight their typical mistakes on Pinterest.

Beside all the tricks and tips from Anastasia, here what you get from the course 

  • Private FB Group for Questions and Support
  • 20 HQ Pin Canva Templates
  • 15 Photoshop Pin Templates
  • 1:1 Pinterest Audit

No matter what stage you are in marketing, this course offers strategies that will work for you.

If you want to grow your website traffic organically and use the viral effect, this course is a great option, whether you are a beginner or have an established business and want to get more client leads and customers.


  • Pinterest Course ONLY
    • Unlimited Course Access + Updates
    • Private FB Group for Questions
    • 20 Canva Pin Templates
    • 15 Photoshop Pin Templates
    • Price: $597 (Payment plan available)
  • Pinterest Course + 1:1 Audit
    • Everything in Course
    • Video Audit of Pinterest Account
    • Live 1:1 Consultation
    • Board Title Suggestions
    • Pin Design Review
    • Site Optimization
    • Price: $997 (Payment plan available)

7. Pinteresting Strategies 2.0 by Mommy on Purpose

Money-back period: N/A
Course Level:
Intermediate to Advanced


About Pinteresting Strategies 2.0

Pinteresting Strategies 2.0 is a bundle of Pinterest courses and products created by Carly Campbell from Mommy on Purpose.

The course teaches you how to use manual pinning strategies to get awesome results on Pinterest without buying any third-party scheduling tools.

Plus, the bundle includes other awesome products like Pinterest Title Traffic Hacks and Pin Design Rules to Break that can help you optimize your pins for better results.

Carly Campbell is an experienced Pinterest marketer who has seen incredible results with the platform, and her course is rooted in facts and data.

What You'll Learn in the Course

The course is divided into modules, each covering a specific aspect of Pinterest marketing. This course teaches you the fundamentals of setting up your Pinterest profile, creating eye-catching pins, optimizing for search engines, and much more.

Let's take a closer look at the content of Pinteresting Strategies 2.0:

  • Introduces the platform, how it works, and how to set up your pinterest profile, including important definitions and tips for creating boards and setting up rich pins.
  • Emphasizes the importance of understanding Pinterest user intent and niche virality to optimize your pins for maximum visibility and engagement.
  • Pinterest SEO is also covered in depth, including keyword research and writing effective pin descriptions.
  • How to create pins that are more likely to get clicks, including tips for board and session co-occurrence.
  • Strategies for pinning on both new and established accounts are discussed.
  • Advanced topics such as Pinterest Analytics and video pins and includes bonus content such as pin templates and access to a mastermind group.
  • Two additional pieces of training, previously sold separately, are now included as essential components of the course: "Title Traffic Hacks for Bloggers" and "Pin Design Rules for Bloggers."
  • Free pin template


You can buy all of their best blogging courses for $97.

8. Passive Profit with Pinterest 

Money-back period: N/A
Course Level: 
Intermediate to Advanced

Passive Profit with Pinterest homepage

About Passive Profit with Pinterest

Got a sales funnel that's working but lacking traffic? Then it's time to let Pinterest work its magic.

In her game-changing course, Pinterest expert Anita reveals her effortless system for driving targeted, high-quality leads into your funnel around the clock.

And the best part? It takes just 3 hours per month to maintain.

Anita spills all her secrets for optimizing your Pinterest profile to attract your ideal clients from day one.

You'll create binge-worthy boards using her proven "Trifecta Method" and craft pins that hook attention fast with the AA Pin Mastery Formula.

But more than just driving traffic, Anita's 4-step system helps you identify and double down on what's working. Her Pinterest conversion strategies and "Wheel of Lead Conversion" model take the guesswork out of funnel optimization.

The days of hustling nonstop on Instagram and wasting money on Facebook ads are over. Anita shows you how to kickback while Pinterest funnels high-intent users to your lead magnets and offers around the clock.

What You'll Learn in the Course

  • Get access to 4 video modules (OPTIMIZE, ATTRACT, CREATE, CONVERT) that will be your guide to making Pinterest work its magic for your lead generation.
  • Simplify your strategy with templates, worksheets, and swipe files. They're like your handy tools, making Pinterest management a breeze.
  • Conversion Compass, your strategy ally. It helps you spot and fix any gaps, ensuring a steady flow of leads.
  • Gain exclusive access to the AA Pin Mastery Formula for improving pin conversions.

Limited-Time Bonuses:

  •  AI-powered content creation and plug-and-play prompts 
  • Level up your website with tips on optimizing for Pinterest leads
  • Get creative with Canva pin templates 
  • Start fast with the Pinterest Jumpstart Mini-Course to set up your Pinterest business account in minutes. 
  • Unlock the Pinterest Pro Hub after hitting your first 100 Pinterest leads. 


For just $497, you get lifetime access to Anita's Passive Profit with Pinterest online course.

9. Pinterest Ninja by Megan Johnson

Money-back period: N/A
Course Level: 

Pinterest-Ninja homepage

About Pinterest Ninja

The Pinterest course was created by Megan Johnson, a Pinterest Marketing Expert with a track record of helping 1,000 students market their blogs and online businesses with Pinterest.

Pinterest Ninja includes all the steps she took to go from making less than $100 per month to over $10,000 per month with her blog Love Family Health by driving an abundance of FREE traffic from Pinterest!

The course is updated once a month to keep up with best practices and current trends.

Also, once a month, they have live training on pin conversion in the Private Student Group. It's a great opportunity to get personalized feedback from the coach on improving your underperforming pins' performance.

What You'll Learn in the Course

  • Monthly live training on Pinterest Pin Conversion is included.
  • The Private Student Group is a great place to ask any questions about pin design, pin conversion, Pinterest SEO, pinning strategy, analytics, finding Pinterest Group Boards to join, and TailWind Tribes.
  • The course is updated monthly to keep up with best practices and current trends, and as a student, you get all course updates for free.
  • Each chapter includes PDFs going over everything in the video and then some, making it easier for you to take notes or go back and reference things.
  • The course curriculum covers:
    • creating a Pinterest for Business Account
    • claiming your website
    • enabling rich pins
    • keywords
    • Pinterest SEO
    • Pinterest Trends Tool Update
    • account optimization


This Pinterest course will cost you $147.

10. Pin Like a Boss

Money-back period: Within 14 days after enrolling in the course.
Course Level: 
Beginner to Advanced

pin like a boss homepage

About Pin Like a Boss

This online course is designed to help individuals and businesses increase their presence on Pinterest and drive more traffic to their website. The course is taught by Pinterest expert, Vanessa Cooper.

The best part about this course is that you will learn a secret that many people don't know - you don't need to create tons of new pictures every day to achieve great results.

NOPE, you can make just a few new pictures and still get great results! 

There are real stories of people who followed this method and saw their Pinterest accounts grow.

One blogger, for example, only made 25 new pictures each month and still got lots of new followers and likes!

Another blogger made 30 pictures and had fantastic results too!

What You'll Learn in the Course

So, what will you learn in "Pin Like a Boss"? Let's break it down:

  • Keep your account safe by knowing and following Pinterest's rules. Learn everything about this in a quick 10-minute video.
  • Learn to give Pinterest what it wants to boost your reach and impressions.
  • Discover a single step that can make a big difference, without making tons of new pins.
  • A new technique for getting results even with low impressions.
  • How to schieve results without going crazy making countless new pins.
  • Method is built on what Pinterest wants and shares with us.
  • Achieve results without going crazy making countless new pins.
  • Get a Pinterest Planner in Google Sheets.
  • Learn to write titles and descriptions quickly.
  • Peek into a real business's use of the planner.
  • Learn two methods of pinning that align with Pinterest's rules.
  • Choose what suits your work style or use the Pinning Smarter method.

This course offers actionable insights and strategies to make your Pinterest marketing more effective and successful.


You can become a member of "Pin Like a Boss" by paying an one-time fee of $397

11. Pinterest Traffic Avalanche 

Money-back period: Within 30 days after enrolling in the course.
Course Level: 

Pinterest Traffic Avalanche homepage

About Pinterest Traffic Avalanche

The masterminds behind About Pinterest Traffic Avalanche course are Lauren McManus and Alex Nerney, the dynamic duo of Create and Go. 

They're like online wizards who know all the spells to make websites super popular!

Before they became big shots in the online world, Alex was a personal trainer and Lauren was an accountant. Just regular people like you and me! 

They started their blog, avocadu.com, and used Pinterest to drive a whopping 150,000 visitors to their website every single month

Avocadu was like their magical testing ground, and they learned tons from it. They even hit a peak where their website was getting over 500,000 page views per month!

That's like a whole city visiting their site regularly. And they didn't just stop there.

They shared their secrets with you in "Pinterest Traffic Avalanche."

Here's the cool part – this course isn't just a bunch of made-up theories. Nope, it's like a treasure chest filled with real gold coins of practical advice.

See, some courses are all about fancy words and no real action, but this one is different.

It's based on their actual experiences and the awesome successes of their students. Plus, they're always updating it with fresh info and insights to keep it super helpful.

Let's meet some real-life heroes who benefited from this course:

Maria and Alyssa from Spinach 4 Breakfast: They saw their traffic skyrocket to 50,000 page views in just the first month after using the strategies taught in the course.

Rusty Moore from Seattle: Rusty's page views shot up from 1,500 to an astonishing 30,000 views in a single day thanks to Pinterest.

Mia from Sweden: In only five months, Mia increased her daily page views from 121 to an incredible 86,000!

What You'll Learn in the Course

Now, let's break down what's waiting for you inside the "Pinterest Traffic Avalanche" course:

  1. Pinterest SEO Strategy: Learn how to make your Pinterest profile super attractive to search engines, helping more people find you.
  2. Create Viral Pins: Crafting pins that stand out like shining gems is key, and this course shows you how to do it.
  3. Boost Clicks to Your Content: Discover the art of designing pins that not only catch eyes but also lead visitors to your website.
  4. Automate Traffic: With scheduling strategies, you can have Pinterest working for you even when you're not online.
  5. Track Progress and Analytics: Understand the tools to see how your efforts are paying off and how to keep growing.
  6. Grow Your Audience and Email List: Learn how to use Pinterest to get more subscribers and build your online tribe.

And don't forget the awesome bonuses:

  • Worksheets and Checklists: Like magical guides to make sure you're doing everything right.
  • Ninja Secrets Bonus Lessons: Extra tips that even some experienced folks might not know.
  • Community Support Group: Join a private club where you can ask questions, share your progress, and learn from others.

The creators of this course were once beginners too, and they're here to guide you on your journey to be successful on Pinterest. They've made multiple successful websites using these strategies, and now they're sharing their treasure trove of knowledge with you!


The course is priced in a way that's gentle on your budget and perfectly aligned with your learning path. You have two convenient options to choose from:

  • A single payment of $197
  • Or, you can opt for a payment plan with two installments of $107 per month.

It's all about making your learning experience as smooth and flexible as possible!

12. The Pinterest Studio 

Money-back period: N/A
Course Level: 

the pinterest studio homepage

About The Pinterest Studio

The Pinterest Studio, taught by Katie Grazer, a successful mom-preneur from Switzerland. In this course, Katie shares her exact method that propelled her to over 500K monthly Pinterest views in just a few months. 

From SEO strategies to pin creation, this course empowers bloggers, entrepreneurs, and influencers to boost sales and grow their online presence.

Katie's insights go beyond tactics, fostering a smarter approach to Pinterest success.

What You'll Learn in the Course

  • Proven strategies from Katie Grazer's experience in growing her monthly Pinterest views to over 500K.
  • A tested system to enhance your Pinterest profile and achieve immediate results.
  • Insights on Pinterest SEO strategy and the anatomy of a successful pin.
  • Methods to earn money on and off Pinterest.
  • The impact of Pinterest on brand discovery and sales.
  • Make more money from affiliate marketing using Pinterest
  • Get more people on your email list


Ready to dive in? For just $79 or 3 payments of $27, let's make it happen!

13. Slaying Pinterest 101 by Lia Garcia

Money-back period: Within 30 days after enrolling in the course
Course Level: 

Slaying Pinterest 101 homepage

About Slaying Pinterest 101

Travel blogger Lia Garcia clearly knows her stuff when it comes to Pinterest. Just six months after launching her site Practical Wanderlust in 2016, she'd already driven over 20,000 sessions using Pinterest alone. 

With this game-changing traffic, Lia was able to quickly monetize her site and pave the way to becoming a full-time travel blogger. It's no wonder she's now so eager to share her Pinterest wisdom with us all.

In Slaying Pinterest 101, Lia spills all her insider secrets for effectively leveraging Pinterest to grow your blog traffic and following.

And I mean all of them - right from optimizing your account setup to building sustainable habits that'll keep the Pinterest juice flowing.

Lia's advice is as up-to-date as it gets, too. She's attended exclusive Pinterest creator events, worked directly with Pinterest employees, and really knows how to tweak her approach to match their ever-changing algorithm.

With her background in fashion design, Lia also has a great eye for creating visually stunning pins that grab attention. So along with mega traffic-driving tips, she teaches how to make your own pins pop.

What You'll Learn in the Course

In Lia's action-packed Pinterest course, you'll become a Pinning pro in no time:

  • Set up a polished, professional Pinterest business account optimized for success
  • Create irresistible, traffic-driving pins with Pro tips for images, text, and naming
  • Discover hands-on strategies forPinning smarter, not harder with Lia's insider knowledge
  • Learn exactly when and how often to Pin for maximum impact
  • Grow your followers and engagement with proven techniques
  • Optimize your Boards for the Pinterest algorithm with Lia's step-by-step guidance
  • Leverage analytics to assess and improve your Pinterest strategy


This course is now closed for enrollment 

Why Take a Pinterest Course?

Pinterest is a visual search engine that can be a powerful tool for businesses, bloggers, and educators.

According to Hootsuite, Pinterest has over 400 million active users worldwide, and 85% of them use the platform to plan purchases. 

Additionally, 89% of Pinterest users are on the platform for inspiration, and 77% of weekly Pinners have discovered a new brand or product on the platform.

That number highlights how many people use Pinterest NOT just for fun, but to plan what they want to buy and get inspired. This shows that Pinterest plays a big role in helping people decide what products or services to get.

So if you know how to optimize your Pinterest profile, create eye-catching pins, and use Pinterest's advertising tools to reach your target audience, you can make the most of this opportunity and even earn a good amount of money online.

And a comprehensive Pinterest course can guide you through all of these steps and help you master them.

With the right training, you can learn all the tricks to succeed on Pinterest and turn your online presence into a money-making venture.

Overall, taking a Pinterest course can help you unlock the full potential of this powerful platform and achieve your goals, whether they are related to business, blogging, or education.

What to Consider When Choosing a Pinterest Course?

1. Course Content and Curriculum

Look for a Pinterest course that covers a comprehensive range of topics.

This includes not only the basics like setting up a Pinterest account, creating pins, and boards, but also dives into more advanced strategies such as understanding the nuances of Pinterest algorithm, optimizing content for searchability, and leveraging trends to your advantage.

2. Consider the format of the course

Online courses are a popular option for learning about Pinterest marketing, but there are many different formats available. Some courses are self-paced, while others are live or have set start and end dates. Think about what format will work best for your schedule and learning style. 

3. Research the course creator

Before investing in a Pinterest course, research the creator to ensure that they have experience and expertise in Pinterest marketing. Look for reviews and testimonials from past students to get a sense of the course's quality.

4. Practical Exercises and Assignments

Getting hands-on experience matters. Look for a course that gives you chances to do real stuff.

Like assignments and tasks that help you practice what you're learning in the course. It's like learning to ride a bike by actually pedaling, not just reading about it. 

These activities could include creating pins, optimizing boards, analyzing analytics, and crafting a Pinterest marketing plan.

5. Level of Difficulty

Think about how much you already know about Pinterest marketing. Then, pick a course that fits what you know.

If you're just starting, go for a beginner course that teaches the basics. If you already know some stuff, try an advanced course that dives into tricky tactics like A/B testing and using data to make smart choices.

It's like choosing a trail that matches your hiking skills – not too easy, not too hard.

6. Interaction and Support

Getting to talk with the teacher and other students can make your learning better. Find courses that let you join live Q&A sessions, chat in forums, or be part of a group where you can ask questions, share what you know, and learn from what others have gone through. It's like being in a team where everyone helps each other reach the finish line.

7. Up-to-Date Content

Make sure the course provides lifetime access to course materials and any future updates. Pinterest changes over time, and having access to everything for a long time means you can keep up with what's new. 

8. Money-Back Guarantee or Trial Period

Choose a course that gives you a guarantee or lets you try it out first. This way, you can see if you like the course and if it's helpful for you. 

9. Cost and Value

Pinterest courses can range in price from free to hundreds of dollars. Consider your budget and what you're willing to invest in your education before choosing a course. Keep in mind that a higher price doesn't always mean a better course.

How I Researched The Best Pinterest Course

As someone who has taken several online classes and invested a significant amount of money into learning about Pinterest marketing, I was determined to find the best Pinterest course out there, so I did my homework.

In addition to the course I took, I spent hours combing through the internet and reading reviews from fellow bloggers who had taken various courses.

But all the digging was worth it because I found some really awesome options that were not only top-notch but also budget-friendly.

But I didn't stop there. I wanted to ensure the courses had active communities where people shared ideas, and the coaches updated their programs.

I also looked for courses that offered refunds, just in case they didn't live up to my expectations.

After taking one of these courses, you can be confident that you will be armed with enough knowledge to use Pinterest effectively, whether it's to drive free traffic to your blog posts or start an online business as a Pinterest virtual assistant.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Pinterest marketing worth it?

Pinterest marketing's worth depends on your business goals, target audience, and marketing strategy. For industries like fashion, home decor, and food, it can be a valuable platform to reach potential customers and drive traffic to your website.

Does Pinterest pay you for pins?

Pinterest does not pay you directly for pins, but you can earn money through affiliate marketing, sponsorships, or by driving traffic to your website, where you can sell products or services.

How often should you post on Pinterest?

The optimal posting frequency on Pinterest varies depending on your content and audience. Generally, it is recommended to post at least once a day and up to several times a day during peak engagement times. However, the quality and relevance of content are more important than quantity.

Is Pinterest female-dominated?

Previously, Pinterest has had a predominantly female user base, but the platform has seen an increase in male users in recent years. As of 2023, about 76.2% of Pinterest's global audience is female, and 17% is male.

Final Thoughts

I hope this article has helped give you some insights into the best Pinterest courses. Whether you're new to Pinterest or looking to improve your existing strategy, investing in a course can help you take your game to the next level.

As a blogger myself, I understand the importance of staying on top of the latest trends and techniques to grow your audience and drive traffic to your website.

Make sure you take your time and research these courses or even ask other students that have seen results with a Pinterest coaching program. Now it is your time to shine on Pinterest and bring your business to the next level!

I highly recommend checking out the "Perfecting Pinterest" course. With step-by-step guidance and proven techniques, you'll be able to grow your audience and drive more traffic to your website.

Thank you for reading, and best of luck on your Pinterest journey!

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