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Looking for the best Reclaim AI alternative?

I know how it feels to finally find a tool that promises to streamline your schedule and free up your day.

Reclaim AI (My review here) has been a beacon for many, automating the calendar and to-do list so you can focus on what you do best.

But maybe, just maybe, Reclaim doesn't quite fit your unique workflow, or maybe it's missing that one feature you can't live without (for me, it's project management).

It happens, and you're not alone in that search for something that feels tailor-made for you.

So, I'm here to promise you a solution. I've scoured the digital landscape and found the 5 best Reclaim alternatives that cater to various needs.

motion logo

- Simplifies caledar, task management, project collaboration, and meeting scheduling for maximum productivity

- Available in web app, mobile app, and desktop app versions.


- Helps achieve work-life balance with effective scheduling.

- Guided daily planning, unified daily view, drag-and-drop functionality, and analytics.

timehero logo

Timehero uses AI-powered scheduling technology to prioritize tasks and make a schedule.

You can add tasks easily using natural language and organize them into projects. 

In this article, we'll quickly dive into these alternatives, because, less than 1 in 5 people (18%) have a proper time management system [1]. And It's time to find the right productivity tool that works for you, not against you.

What are the best Reclaim AI alternatives?

1. Motion

motion logo

Millie's Take 

With automatic task management, project tracking, and a meeting scheduler, Motion streamlines your workflow, leaving you feeling accomplished and balanced. Plus, it combines all your calendars into one unified schedule, making it the all-in-one solution you've been waiting for.

Out of 10
  • Best Overall
  • Price: $34/mo
  • Annual Price: $19/mo

What is Motion?

Motion is a smart scheduling tool that simplifies your daily planning.

It neatly places your meetings and tasks onto your calendar so you know what to tackle next. It's a no-nonsense tool aimed at decluttering your schedule.

One of the standout features of Motion is how it handles unfinished tasks.

Instead of you having to manually reschedule, Motion automatically shifts them to your next available time slot.

It also uses AI to prioritize your tasks, which means you're always focused on what's most pressing.

But where Motion really shines compared to Reclaim is its project management capability. It doesn't just organize your day; it helps you manage entire projects.

Motion gives you a comprehensive view of your commitments by integrating your work and personal calendars.

This integration is a game-changer for anyone who needs to balance multiple projects alongside daily tasks.

motion calendar

Why I Recommend Motion Over Reclaim

I've been using Motion for a while now, and I have to say, it's a game-changer. It's not just another app on my phone or a tab on my browser; it's become an essential part of how I navigate my day.

Here's why I think Motion could be a great fit for you, too:

Motion is an all-in-one solution, that combines task management, project tracking, existing calendar events, and meeting scheduling.

One of its standout features is to use AI capabilities to plan your day automatically. This automation takes the guesswork out of what to do next, saving you invaluable time and mental energy.

The app syncs with popular calendars, including:

  • Google Calendar
  • Microsoft Outlook
  • Apple Calendar

Plus, it reschedules tasks when you don't complete them, automatically moving them to your next available time slot.

This feature ensures that nothing falls through the cracks, keeping your to-do list up to date without the need for manual adjustments

For those with ADHD, Motion provides a structured approach that can help maintain focus.

On the other hand, Reclaim is particularly for individuals or students looking for smart scheduling and habit formation assistance.

But for those who need in-depth project management capabilities to collaborate with your team easily, Motion stands out.

It's pricier, but the investment can be worthwhile for professionals focused on maximizing productivity.

Each app has its own advantages.

Motion is top-notch for managing complex projects and detailed scheduling, while Reclaim is more affordable and straightforward, ideal for personal use.

From my experience, Motion has significantly improved my workflow and time management, making it a strong contender for anyone looking to enhance their organizational skills.

If you're interested in the specifics, I've put together a separate comparison between Motion and Reclaim. This way, you can check out all the differences and see which tool might work better for you.


Motion has a 7-day free trial. and after that, the individual plan starts at $19/month.

2. BeforeSunset AI


Millie's Take 

BeforeSunset AI is helps you stay focused and organized. It uses artificial intelligence to schedule your tasks efficiently and adapts to your mood, providing a flexible and personalized daily plan.

The app is easy to use, integrates with your calendars, and offers features like AI focus mode (the Oasis) and break timers to keep you on track.

Perfect for individuals and small teams, BeforeSunset AI is a great way to boost your productivity without breaking the bank.

Out of 10
  • Price: $4/mo
  • Promotion: 60% off until July 19th

What is BeforeSunset AI?

BeforeSunset AI stands out as a smart tool that leverages AI to help you organize your day effortlessly.

A standout feature is the Oasis, where you can set up your own workspace environment.

Whether you need to concentrate deeply or relax while working, the Oasis lets you personalize your surroundings with calming sounds like rain or waves.

This special feature helps you stay focused and get more done by reducing distractions.

Along with its easy task management and smooth calendar syncing, BeforeSunset AI isn't just a tool—it's like having your own helper that adjusts to how you work.

BeforeSunset AI Key Features

  • Automatic Organization: Quickly organizes to-do lists into calendar time blocks with a single click of the "Plan My Day" button.
  • Customizable Task Planning: AI-powered scheduling based on your priorities and work hours, ensuring tasks are placed optimally in your calendar.
  • New Filtering Capabilities: Easily filter tasks by tags, priority levels, and scheduled status across different tabs (Today, Tomorrow, etc.), enhancing task management and organization.
  • The Oasis (AI Focus Mode): Create a personalized workspace ambiance with customizable sounds and settings to boost focus and productivity.
  • Two-Way Synchronization: Seamlessly syncs tasks and events between BeforeSunset AI and other calendars like Google Calendar, ensuring consistency and accuracy.
  • Recurring Tasks: Easily set up tasks to repeat daily, weekly, monthly, or yearly, streamlining regular commitments without manual intervention.
  • Daily and Weekly Analytics: Gain insights into productivity patterns, task completion rates, and time allocation to optimize daily planning and workflow.
  • Focus Mode: Enables distraction-free work sessions with a built-in timer, supporting productivity techniques like the Pomodoro method.
  • Team Collaboration: Facilitates collaborative task management, allowing teams to tag tasks, track progress, and maintain work-life balance.
  • Integration: Connects seamlessly with tools like Google Calendar, Outlook, Slack, and more, enhancing workflow efficiency and usability.


You can try BeforeSunset AI, the paid plans start at $9.99

3. Timehero

timehero logo

Millie's Take 

TimeHero uses AI-powered scheduling technology to prioritize tasks and make a schedule for you. It analyzes your tasks and decides which ones are most important and need to be done first. You can add tasks easily using natural language and organize them into projects. This AI task scheduler is also great for teamwork, as you can invite others to join and see what needs to be done. 

Out of 10
  • Best For Task Management
  • Price: $5/mo
  • Annual Price: $4.6/mo

What is Timehero?

TimeHero is an AI task management tool designed to efficiently prioritize your tasks.

Gone are the days of struggling to determine which tasks demand your immediate attention.

TimeHero simplifies this by examining your to-do list and organizing a schedule that highlights the tasks you should address first.

This means you can concentrate on high-priority tasks and complete them effortlessly.

Tasks are seamlessly integrated into the planner in TimeHero. Here's the process:

You just add tasks into TimeHero in natural language, its intelligent AI system swiftly evaluates them.

It considers factors such as the task's significance and urgency.

From this evaluation, TimeHero intelligently arranges your tasks, ensuring you tackle the most important ones first.

Tasks automatically added in the planner in TimeHero

Why I Recommend Timehero

The coolest thing about TimeHero is how it adjusts automatically as your day changes.

When new tasks pop up, deadlines shift, or what's important changes, TimeHero changes too.

It keeps your task list updated so you're always ready for what's next.

Adding tasks is easy – just use everyday language. Say something like, "Write a weekly report for 30 minutes on July 28th," and TimeHero adds it for you.

In TimeHero, you can also organize tasks by putting them into projects. This means you can group tasks by their topic. Plus, you can attach notes or files to keep everything together.

If you've got daily routines, you can set up tasks that repeat. This way, you won't forget the regular stuff.

Plus, TimeHero has these cool "templates" that let you set up new projects super fast. They come with all the steps and details you need.

For team collaboration, you can bring your friends or co-workers into TimeHero. Everyone can see their tasks and deadlines, making things way clearer.

TimeHero even shows you neat reports on how your team's doing and if any projects need a little more focus.

4. Skedpal


Millie's Take 

SkedPal is the ultimate time management tool that helps you get things done effortlessly! Just input your tasks, set deadlines, and SkedPal will create a schedule for you, syncing it with your calendar.  Whether it's daily routines or long-term projects, SkedPal's got you covered. Plus, it works seamlessly with popular calendar apps.

Out of 10
  • Price: $14/mo
  • Annual Price: $9/mo

What is Skedpal?

Skedpal (My review here) is a time management tool where you use natural language to add tasks, and Skedpal does the rest.

Just type what you need to do, like "Meeting with Sam tomorrow at 10," and Skedpal adds it to your calendar.

It's perfect for anyone who wants to get organized without the hassle of planning every detail.

With Skedpal, managing your daily tasks becomes a breeze.

Why I Recommend Skedpal

What I love most about Skedpal is how it simplifies planning. You know how tricky it can be to fit everything into your day? Skedpal solves that.

It's this smart calendar app where you just tell it what you need to do, and it figures out when to do it.

The best part is how it understands natural language. You just type in stuff like "Email report to John tomorrow" and boom, Skedpal schedules it.

And it's not just for work; it helps you stay on top of personal schedule too.

Another thing I love is the flexibility. Skedpal adapts to changes in your schedule. If you need to shift things around, it's super easy.

The app keeps your days organized so you can focus on what's important, not on managing your calendar.

For anyone feeling overwhelmed by scheduling, Skedpal is worth trying. It's affordable, easy to use, and seriously cuts down on the stress of managing a busy life.

Plus, it works with the calendars you already use, like Google and iCloud, which makes it even easier to integrate into your routine.


Skedpal lets you to use it for free for 14-day, after that, that plans start at $9.95/month.

5. Trevor AI

Trevor-AI homepage

What is Trevor AI?

Trevor AI is a web-based time management tool that helps you plan your day with clarity and improve your focus.

It works on both mobile and desktop browsers.

Trevor AI schedules tasks and manages everything in one place by using intelligent time blocking without messing with your existing calendars or events.

The interface includes an inbox for tasks and a calendar for scheduling. Tasks can be added and estimated for the duration, then dragged and dropped into the schedule.

It also offers features like daily shutdown, weekly planning, and syncing tasks from third-party managers like Todoist.

Trevor AI is about making task management easy and efficient, helping you focus on one task at a time and balancing your work and personal life.

Why I Recommend Trevor AI

What's really cool about Trevor AI is how it lets you see everything you've got going on in one spot.

It links up with other apps, like Todoist, so you can pull in tasks from there and then drop them into your schedule right alongside your meetings and events.

Scheduling tasks is a breeze, too. You can drag and drop them into your calendar or let the AI suggest the best times to tackle them.

It's all about being intentional with your time. And Trevor keeps everything in sync with your calendar, so you're always up to date.

Now, let's talk about focus. Trevor AI has a time-blocking feature that helps you dive deep into your work without distractions.

And if you're not sure where to start, Trevor breaks down the task for you, which is a huge help.

The AI gets smarter the more you use it, too. It starts to figure out how long tasks usually take you and suggests the best times to schedule them.

For those who like to keep things flexible, Trevor AI strikes a nice balance between manual scheduling and auto-scheduling.

It gives you smart suggestions, but you're always in control, which means you can plan your day your way.

And if you're worried about privacy, Trevor AI is super serious about keeping your data safe and secure, and they're all about transparency. Plus, they're based in Europe, so they follow GDPR standards, which means your data is in good hands.


The free plan is great for personal use, with a lightweight task manager and unlimited task scheduling.

But if you're looking for more, the Pro Plan, which starts at $3.99/mo, is worth checking out.

It has many extra features like connecting multiple calendars, a personal AI model that gets to know you, and insights to help you improve your scheduling game.

6. Sunsama

sunsama homepage

What is Sunsama?

Sunsama is a simple day planner that helps you keep track of your work and stay focused.

It's like a one-stop shop where you can see and handle your to-do list, meetings, and emails all in one place.

With Sunsama, planning your day is easy because you can move your tasks around just by dragging them to where you want in your daily plan. This shows you what you need to do first.

Sunsama makes it easy to keep an eye on what you need to do every day and helps you keep your mind on your big goals.

It also makes sure you have a good work-life balance in your life, so everything you do fits well with both your job and your personal life.

Unlike Reclaim AI, Sunsama doesn't use AI, but it still offers a structured way to organize your day.

Why I Recommend Sunsama

sunsama calendar

Sunsama is a fantastic tool for managing both work and personal tasks.

Sunsama is not just a planner; it's a comprehensive system that helps keep everything organized.

It integrates smoothly with other apps like Slack, Trello, and Gmail, which means I can pull in tasks from these platforms directly into Sunsama. This integration is a huge time-saver.

What really sets Sunsama apart for me is its Focus Mode. This feature allows me to concentrate on one task at a time without any distractions.

It even has a timer to track how long I spend on each task in my focus time, ensuring I stay on track and don't overwork on any single item.

The Weekly Planning and Review feature in Sunsama is another aspect I find incredibly useful.

It helps me set objectives for the week and review my progress, keeping me aligned with my goals.

This way, I can adjust my plans based on actual time spent versus what I had initially estimated.

Overall, Sunsama has significantly improved my productivity and work-life balance. It's more than just a time management tool; it's like having a personal assistant that helps me stay focused, organized, and in control of my schedule


Sunsama's pricing, at $16 per month for the yearly subscription, is quite reasonable considering the value it provides.


Wrapping up, we've looked at 4 great alternatives to reclaim AI. Each has unique strengths, but if you're after something really powerful, I strongly recommend Motion. 

It's user-friendly and packed with smart features for managing tasks and schedules.

Thinking about making your days more productive and organized? Give Motion a try and see how it can change your routine for the better.

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