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Welcome to my BeforeSunset AI review of 2024!

After trying out big names like Motion, Sunsama, Reclaim, and Skedpal, I've got a lot to say about AI day planning tools.

Each one has its vibe and features, but I've been diving deep into BeforeSunset AI to see how it stacks up.

Picking the right tool to organize your life is a big deal. I've been there, stuck with choices I made years ago, and it's not easy to switch once you're all in.

That's why I'm breaking down BeforeSunset AI for you—pros, cons, how it handles tasks and schedules, and how it compares to the others.

Everything here is fresh off the press for 2024, mixed with my own experiences.

Let’s get into it…


BeforeSunset AI Overview

BeforeSunset AI is a cutting-edge task manager that uses AI to help you organize your day more efficiently. It's great for both students and small teams, offering easy calendar integration and a user-friendly interface. 

With features like AI-assisted planning and mood-based task adjustments, it simplifies scheduling and boosts productivity. Despite being new with some growing pains, its benefits, including a versatile free plan and potential for lifetime access, make it a standout choice.


Ideal for anyone looking to streamline their daily routine, BeforeSunset AI combines functionality with a touch of personalization, making it more than just a productivity tool.

Out of 10
  • Best For: Solopreneur & Small Teams
  • Price: Start at $49
  • Lifetime deal available

Quick Verdict: Is BeforeSunset Worth Your Money?

It's a yes from me. This little gem has quietly revolutionized the way I tackle my days.

The interface feels like it was made just for me, easy to navigate and filled with thoughtful touches that make the whole experience genuinely enjoyable.

From day one, it was a breeze to sync it with my Google Calendar and start offloading my mental to-do list into something far more manageable.

It's been a game-changer in how I organize my time, slotting tasks into my day so smoothly I barely noticed the transition.

Sure, NOT every AI suggestion hits the mark, but the sheer fact that it learns and adapts is impressive.

And the responsiveness to feedback? It's like the developers are right there with you, tweaking and improving based on what users say.

Plus, the morning emoji might seem small, but it's started to make me more aware of how I'm feeling each day—a small nudge towards mindfulness that I didn't expect to find here.

What I'm looking forward to is seeing how they expand the app's features, like customizing calendar colors or adding a visual Pomodoro timer for those deep work sessions (like how Sunsama did).

I'm also curious about the potential insights from analytics on what tasks get done and which ones get pushed.

It could be a real eye-opener on my most productive times.

In short, BeforeSunset AI feels like it was crafted not just to manage tasks but to genuinely enhance how we work and live our lives. It's not just functional; it's fun and has a charm that screenshots can't capture.

It's quickly become more than just an app to me—it's a vital part of how I navigate my work and personal life.

BeforeSunset AI Pros and Cons


  • Simple to Use: The interface is user-friendly, making it easy for anyone to get started without a steep learning curve.
  • AI-Powered Planning: The AI assistant helps plan your day efficiently, suggesting tasks and organizing your schedule.
  • Integrates with Calendars: Seamlessly works with your existing calendars like Google Calendar, keeping everything in sync.
  • Personalized Touch: Asks how you're feeling and adjusts your tasks accordingly, adding a unique personal touch.
  • Versatile Features: Offers note-taking, focus mode, and work/break time tracking, catering to various productivity needs.
  • Lifetime Access Offer: Available at a one-time cost for lifetime access, especially with special deals on platforms like AppSumo.


  • Limited Free Plan: While there's a free version, it's somewhat limited in features compared to the paid plans.
  • AI Can Miss the Mark: Sometimes the AI’s task prioritization might not align perfectly with your own urgency or importance levels.
  • New on the Market: Being relatively new, there might be occasional bugs or areas needing refinement based on user feedback.
  • Limited Customization: Although it's user-friendly, options for personalizing the look or functionality are not as extensive as some might prefer.

BeforeSunset AI Review Deep Dive: What Is It? What Do You Get? Pricing, and More

What is BeforeSunset AI?

beforesunset homepage

BeforeSunset AI is a smart task manager that syncs with your calendar, helping organize your day efficiently. 

It allows you to input tasks, feelings, and locations, prioritize them, and break them down into smaller steps for clarity. 

With a "Plan My Day" button, it updates your schedule automatically if things go off track, allowing for easy rescheduling. 

Ideal for those who like to keep tasks and appointments neatly arranged, it offers features like a focus mode and break timer to boost concentration.

Plus, you can bookmark tasks for later and get daily summaries to track progress and adjust plans as needed.

For teams, it supports task sharing, availability checking, and performance analytics, making collaboration smooth.

Who's Behind BeforeSunset AI?


BeforeSunset AI team

BeforeSunset AI comes from a group of people who were tired of the usual work grind and wanted something better.

They saw a gap in how we manage our workdays and decided to fill it themselves. This led to the creation of BeforeSunset AI, an AI tool designed to make daily planning a breeze and help everyone clock out on time, with their sanity intact.

The team, including co-founders Elif, Gökçen, Ceylan, and Batuhan, started from their own need for a smarter way to tackle tasks.

Now, they've built a platform that’s catching on with thousands who are looking for just that—a smarter, stress-free way to work.

BeforeSunset AI Dashboard

beforesunset AI dashboard

The BeforeSunset AI dashboard is all about making your workday easier and more personal.

With its user-friendly interface, diving into your daily tasks feels less like a chore and more like a seamless part of your day. 

The designers focused on creating an experience that’s both intuitive and engaging, ensuring you won't be bogged down by complicated menus or confusing options.

They aimed for simplicity in the UX and UI to avoid the sense of being overwhelmed, which is common with more complex platforms.

What truly sets this dashboard apart is the animation theme—cute and lively, it brings a bit of joy and engagement to your planning.

BeforeSunset AI Key Features

1. Automatically organizes to-do lists into calendar time blocks with one click.

1. Click "Plan My Day" button after adding your to-do tasks

AI plans my day in BeforeSunset AI - 1

2. AI will plan your day for you based on the priority you set 

AI plans my day in BeforeSunset AI - 2

Juggling a to-do list can be a hassle, but BeforeSunset AI makes it simpler.

With a click, it organizes your tasks into your calendar, using time-blocking to structure your day. Just sync your Google Calendar, add tasks, tag them (work or personal), set priorities, and hit "plan my day".

The AI power slots each task into the right time, helping you see your day at a glance.

From my experience, this feature is not always spot-on.

BeforeSunset AI is still pretty new, so yeah, it's got its quirks. Sometimes, it sorts my tasks in a way that makes me go, "Huh?" because it doesn't prioritize tasks as I would expect.

But, it's cool because they give you 3,000 credits per month so you can just hit the 'plan my day' button again and shuffle things around until it feels right.

The team seems super into making it better all the time, so I'm keeping my hopes up.

With all the updates they're doing based on what users say, I reckon BeforeSunset AI could turn into that go-to app for getting our stuff together and making our days a bit more doable.

2. Powered by OpenAI GPT-3.5-Turbo

AI assistant in BeforeSunset AI

BeforeSunset AI is powered by OpenAI GPT-3.5-Turbo. This means it's got some serious brainpower behind it to help you with your tasks.

For just a few credits, it can take a big task and break it down into smaller, more manageable bits (that's 5 credits for creating subtasks).

AI creates sub-tasks in BeforeSunset AI

It can even make your to-do list more manageable by making each task more detailed (takes 3 credits). 

For example, the app changes my task title "Write 1000 words for LinkBoss AI Review" into "Create a comprehensive 1000-word written review for "LinkBoss Review" discussing all features, pros, and cons."

This way, you're not just staring at a huge task wondering where to start; BeforeSunset AI gives you a clear path forward.

3. Two-Way Synchronization

Two-way synchronization is like a bridge between your BeforeSunset AI calendar and your other calendars, like Google Calendar or Outlook.

It means whatever you add or change in one place shows up in the other, automatically.

So, if you put a meeting in your Google Calendar, it pops up in BeforeSunset AI, and if you schedule a task in BeforeSunset AI, you'll see it in your Google Calendar too.

This keeps everything in sync, so you don't miss anything important because it was on one calendar but not the other.

It's super handy because it means less juggling between apps and more focusing on getting things done.

4. Recurring to-dos

recurring tasks in BeforeSunset AI

Recurring to-dos are those tasks you have to do over and over again, like paying bills every month or having a weekly team meeting.

With BeforeSunset AI, setting these up is a breeze. You just tell it which tasks need to repeat and how often, like every day, every week, every month or every year

This way, you won't have to keep adding them manually every time they come around. 

It's like setting an alarm clock for your tasks, making sure you never forget the important, repeat stuff.

It's a real time-saver, keeping your schedule smooth and your mind clear.

5. Daily and weekly analytics

Tracking your time with daily and weekly analytics can be quite an eye-opener.

It shows you clearly how you're splitting your hours between work tasks and personal time.

This feature from BeforeSunset AI isn’t just about crunching numbers; it’s more about gaining insights into how you spend your days to improve your planning skills.

It's pretty useful for spotting patterns and figuring out if you're pushing too hard or not carving out enough time for yourself.

Daily Analytics
Daily analytics in beforesunset AI

In daily analytics, you can see an overview of how you've spent your time, including the completion rate of your tasks, a breakdown of personal versus work-related activities, and the actual versus planned time allocation. 

This section provides insights into your productivity patterns, helping you understand where your time goes and how closely you're adhering to your planned schedule. 

It also highlights areas for improvement, making it easier to adjust your planning for better efficiency in the future.

Weekly Analytics
weekly analytics

In weekly analytics, you'll see a summary of what you did during the week.

It shows the time you planned to spend versus the time you actually spent on tasks. You'll also notice if you didn't use tags, which help track your goals.

The analytics break down your time day by day, showing which days you were more or less productive.

Plus, it shows how you divided your time between tasks, breaks, and meetings that are coming up, giving you a clear picture of your week and where you can do better.

Personally, I find this incredibly helpful for tweaking my own habits. Seeing the hard data on how my week goes helps me adjust to avoid burnout.

It’s not about being perfect, but about making small changes that can lead to a better work-life balance.

6. Focus mode

focus mode in beforesunset AI

When you really need to zero in on a task, Focus Mode is the way to go. It kicks in automatically when you start a timer for any task, which is super handy.

But if you're not into that, no stress—you can easily switch it off in the settings.

Just a couple of clicks and you're out of auto-focus mode, giving you control over when you dive deep into work.

The mode itself is straightforward, focusing solely on the task at hand without distractions like background noise or visuals.

Personally, I find the simplicity fits perfectly with the Pomodoro method I use to break down my work into manageable chunks.

The timer in the app doubles as my Pomodoro clock, keeping me on track without the risk of burnout.

While it lacks the specialized features of dedicated Pomodoro timers in apps like Sunsama (My review here), its straightforward approach suits my workflow just fine.

6. Break and work time tracking

Keeping track of how much you work and when you take breaks is key to staying sharp and not getting burned out.

BeforeSunset AI has a cool feature for this: break and work time tracking.

For work time tracking, it's pretty straightforward. When you start working, you hit a timer, and it keeps track of how long you're at it.

Added to this, you can compare the actual time you spend working versus what you planned. This comparison helps you understand where your time goes, ensuring you're not just busy, but productive.

focus mode in beforesunset AI

Need a break? You can easily start a timer every time you take a break, there's a bar with buttons right on the screen, so you don't need to go anywhere else.

start break in beforesunset AI

When you hit the "Start Break" button, the app will hover over your screen, providing a visible reminder of your break time.

breaking time tracking feature in BeforeSunset AI

This feature lets you see how much time you're spending on recharging throughout the day. It’s a straightforward way to make sure you're taking enough breaks, not just plowing through work non-stop.

7. Bookmark the task that you'd like to revisit

bookmark your task in BeforeSunset

Ever stumble across a task that you're not ready to tackle right away but know you'll want to come back to?

That's where bookmarking comes in handy with BeforeSunset AI. Just hit the bookmark button on any task you need to revisit later.

This simple feature keeps those not-so-urgent tasks visible and organized, so they don't get lost in the shuffle.

8. Team Collaboration

track team progression in Beforesunset

Now things get really interesting when we talk about team collaboration through BeforeSunset AI. This tool is essentially your AI-powered ally in navigating the often chaotic workday.

It creates a space where teamwork thrives, privacy is respected, and burnout is a word from the past—all while minimizing distractions and offering insights into how the team is doing.

You and your team can tag and categorize tasks to focus on reaching those collective milestones. It’s about seeing where you're all heading together and celebrating the achievements along the way.

 tag and categorize tasks

What makes it stand out is how it looks after the team. It’s not only about tracking the work done but also checking in on how everyone feels.

collect your team's emotions

By collecting info on team time, moods, and statuses, this productivity app helps prevent burnout.

This way, it puts a focus on well-being and staying motivated, not just finishing tasks. It ensures the push for productivity doesn’t come at the cost of well-being.

Managing workloads and resources becomes simpler, you get an overview of each member's progress for better resource management.

The platform also brilliantly merges work and personal tasks, ensuring neither gets neglected.

It's designed to keep you focused on what needs to be done, without the usual distractions, and makes it easy to gauge the team's mood and availability without intruding on their space.

What I personally find refreshing is how it fosters team bonding in such a natural way.

froster bonding between team members in BeforeSunset AI

Getting to know teammates beyond work—discovering hobbies, celebrating birthdays, understanding where they're coming from—happens seamlessly. 

It's more than just a tool; it’s a way to bring the team closer, making every day a bit more meaningful as we work towards our goals together.

9. Integration

Integration makes life easier by letting you connect BeforeSunset AI with other tools you use, like:

  • Google Calendar
  • Outlook Calendar
  • Slack
  • Notion (Coming Soon)
  • Todoist (Coming Soon)
  • Spotify (Coming Soon)
  • Zoom (Coming Soon)
  • Google Meet (Coming Soon)
  • Jira (Coming Soon)

BeforeSunset AI Pricing Plans

BeforeSunset AI has rolled out pricing plans that are pretty straightforward, making it easy for anyone to jump in and start organizing their workday.

beforesunset AI pricing


For starters, there's a Basic plan that's free forever.

This isn't just a trial; it's a fully functional setup with:

  • 300 AI assistant credits
  • Unlimited to-dos and subtasks
  • Note-taking, focus mode
  • One calendar integration

Plus, you get daily analytics and can bookmark up to 10 essential tasks to keep them front and center.

Personal Pro Plan

If you're looking to step things up a bit, the Personal Pro plan, a special offer for AppSumo users, is a one-time $49 for lifetime access.

It builds on the Basic plan by bumping AI assistant credits up to 3000, adding weekly analytics and planning, and allowing for multiple calendar integrations.

Not to forget, it gives you unlimited bookmarks for all your crucial tasks.

Team Pro plan

For teams ready to streamline their productivity together, the Team Pro plan starts at $99 for lifetime access.

It includes everything in the Personal Pro plan, plus:

  • A dedicated team workspace
  • AI assistant credits for each team member
  • team-specific daily and weekly analytics. 

Plus, there's a hint that Slack integration is on the horizon, which could be a game-changer for team communication.

In short, BeforeSunset AI is making it easy and affordable to get your work done efficiently (and maybe even before sunset), whether you're flying solo or working as part of a team.

BeforeSunset AI Alternatives

Looking for other options similar to BeforeSunset AI? There are a few out there, each with its own set of features for managing tasks and planning your day.

While BeforeSunset AI stands out for its AI-driven approach and user-friendly design, it's always good to explore and see what else might fit your needs or work style just right. 

Here are a few alternatives to BeforeSunset AI you might want to check out:

Final Verdict: Is BeforeSunset AI Worth It?


Final Verdict: Is BeforeSunset AI Worth It?

So, what's the bottom line? Is BeforeSunset AI worth your time and possibly your money?

After spending some real time with it and comparing it to other apps like Motion and Sunsama, I'd say yes, but with a small caveat.

BeforeSunset AI is a solid choice if you're after a tool that simplifies planning your day and actually helps you stick to your schedule.

It's smart, user-friendly, and gets better as you use it. However, it might not be a perfect fit for everyone.

If you love diving deep into data or need super-specific features, you might find it a bit basic.

But for most of us looking to get through our to-do lists more efficiently, BeforeSunset AI hits the mark. 

Out of 10
  • Best For: Solopreneur & Small Teams
  • Price: Start at $49
  • Lifetime deal available
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