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HEY! Welcome to my Submagic review of 2024!


That's the amount of time I spent on average to edit a TikTok video with a simple text effect for my client on Adobe Premiere Pro.

edit a short-form video with Adobe

If you've ever found yourself in the trenches of video editing, you know that sinking feeling as the minutes tick into hours.

It's a labor of love, but let's be honest, it can be a grueling process that eats away at your day.

I knew there had to be a better way, so I went on a quest for a solution and stumbled upon Submagic.

In this article, I'll share with you: 

  • My firsthand experience with Submagic after testing it out
  • Submagic examples
  • Submagic pricing
  • Is Submagic worth it?

By the end of this post, you'll know exactly how Submagic can fit into your video editing toolkit and whether it's worth the investment.

submagic review

Submagic, used by 900,000+ creators, quickly turns content into engaging unlimited short videos with accurate captions in 48 languages, trendy templates, and dynamic editing features like b-rolls, premium stock images, transitions, and auto-zooms.

Plus, it can add sound effects and music, plus auto-generate descriptions and hashtags for wider reach.

Out of 10
  • Free plan: Available (With trademark)
  • Paid plans: Start at $16/month
  • Use code "MPHAM10" to get 10% OFF

Quick Verdict: Is Submagic the best auto-subtitle generator?

I used Submagic (paid plan) to make this video

I've got to say, Submagic has been a pretty handy tool for me. Is it the best auto subtitle generator out there?

I think it's worth considering.What I like about Submagic is how it simplifies the whole process. You upload your video, and before you know it, you've got subtitles.

It's quick, and for someone like me who's always on a tight schedule, that's a big plus.

The accuracy is decent, too, which means less time fixing errors and more time doing, well, anything else.

It's not just about getting the job done fast, though. The subtitles come out looking pretty good.

You can play around with styles, which is fun when you want your video to have a certain vibe. And emojis? They're in there too, if that's your thing.

Although there are some downsides like the watermark and the limited features in the free version, when I compare it to the time it takes to edit a whole video manually, the extra time I have to spend with Submagic is just a fraction.

Sure, I might have to deal with a few quirks here and there, like making sure the text fits on the screen, but overall, Submagic saves me hours that I'd otherwise spend on the nitty-gritty of video editing.

It's a trade-off I'm willing to make for the convenience and speed that Submagic offers.

What is Submagic?

Submagic - Generate Amazing AI Captions-mh (1)

Submagic is an AI-powered subtitle generator tool  that helps you make videos that could go viral really quickly.

It's great for creating short videos like Instagram reels or YouTube shorts. With Submagic, you can add captions, b-rolls, zooms, and sound effects to your videos without much effort.

It's pretty straightforward: you upload your video, pick the language for your captions, and then Submagic does a lot of the work for you.

It can automatically caption what's being said in the video and even add emojis to make things more interesting.

What I Like/Dislike About Submagic

  • Quick video creation: Make videos fast, which is perfect for social media.
  • Easy to use: Just upload a video and click to edit; no tech skills needed.
  • Automatic features: Adds captions and emojis by itself to save you time.
  • Customizable: Change text, emojis, and sounds to fit your style.
  • Style options: Lots of templates to make your video look unique.
  • Magic b-rolls: One-click to add cool effects and make your video pop.
  • Free forever plan: You can try it out without paying anything.
  • Watermark: If you don't pay, your videos have a Submagic logo on them.
  • Limited free version: The best features are locked behind paid plans.
  • Ratio restriction: Your videos need to be 9x6, which might not work for everything.
  • Might be too simple: If you want to do complex editing, this might not be enough.
  • Text issues: Sometimes the text can go off-screen, which requires a bit of extra attention from me.

In-depth Submagic Review: Key Features Breakdown

Transcribe and add captions to your video

Just like I mentioned, editing an engaging TikTok video is a pain and can take forever.

But now you can do all that—the whole process, from adding captions, changing colors, to moving emojis—in just 1 minute.

You can start by creating a free account and then using the dashboard to create a new project.

You upload a video, which should be in a 9x6 ratio for platforms like Instagram Reels and YouTube Shorts.

add videos to MagicSub

Once your video is uploaded, Submagic allows you to add professional captions, styles, b-rolls, and descriptions.

caption style options in Magicsub

As you can see, speaking of caption styles, there are a lot to choose from, from the Alex Hormozi style with bold, attention-grabbing fonts to the Ali Abdaal style with clean, minimalist aesthetics.

In the style section, you can pick different themes for your captions and change their size, position, and colours to make your video stand out.

If the captions need tweaking, you can edit them and change the emojis too. You can even add sound effects to the emojis for extra flair.

Add 'B-Rolls' and transition for you

Have you ever watched a video and noticed those cool extra clips that pop up or the smooth way one scene changes to another?

Those are called 'b-rolls' and transitions, and they're like the secret spices that make your video way more fun to watch.

But if you're thinking, "That sounds hard to do," don't worry! Submagic has this neat feature that does it for you.

With Submagic, you just click on the 'magic B-rolls' button, and it gives you a bunch of options to choose from.

add "b-rolls" to your videos with Submagic

If you're on the Pro Plan, it even searches through a premium library of paid stock videos for you. 

And for transitions, just as simple, you just pick where you want a fancy switch from one scene to another, click on the type of transition you like—maybe a quick zoom or a vintage look—and it's done.

add trasitions to your videos with Submagic

And the best part is that you can even add transitions to your footage by clicking "original" and then choosing your preferred transition, making your own footage look like it was done by a pro. 

add transition to your footage videos with submagic

Create extra video clips with AI to make your content richer

Add background music and sound effects with just one click

add background music to your videos with Submagic

With Submagic, you don't have to dig through endless tracks or fiddle with complicated settings.

You just head over to the music section, and there's a whole bunch of tunes waiting for you. 

If you want something that's inspiring, just listen to a few samples, pick the one that gets your toes tapping, and click 'apply'.

choose background music in Submagic

It's that straightforward.

But what if the music is too loud for your talking? You can adjust the volume with a simple slider, making sure your voice and the music are balanced just right.

And those sound effects? Just as simple to add.

add sound effects yo your videos with Submagic

See that "speaker" icon? Click it, and you'll see a list of common sound effects used in short-form videos (normally, I have to download each of these on Youtube). 

Whether it's the 'ding' for a moment of revelation, the 'click' for a key point, or the 'typing' sound for a work scene, you can add it in with just one click.

Once you've chosen the right sounds for the right moments, hit 'export'. Submagic takes over from there, integrating your sound effects into the video. 

Submagic even fades the music out for you at the end, giving your video that professional touch.

Write video description for you

write video description with Submagic

This is an extra feature that's all about saving you time. When you're all done with the visuals and sound, there's still that little box under your video that needs some love – the description.

But after all the editing, who has the energy to write that?

That's where Submagic steps in.

You don't have to stare at a blank screen or stress over what to say. Submagic looks at your video and figures out the best words to describe it. 

All you have to do is check out what Submagic suggests and make any tweaks you want. Maybe you add a personal touch or a call to action for your viewers.

And just like that, your video is ready to go, description and all.

It's a small thing that can make a big difference, and Submagic makes it as simple as a few clicks.

New Features

1. 4K Export and 60 FPS

It's important for B2B clients to have top-notch video quality.

That's why Submagic now offers 4K export and 60 FPS options. Whether you're presenting to a client or sharing content with your team, these features mean your videos will look crisp and run smoothly.

No more worrying about grainy images or choppy playback. With Submagic, you're getting the professional polish your business deserves.

2. Submagic Collaboration

With Submagic Collaboration, you can now give feedback and make notes right on your videos, no matter where you and your team are.

This means you can all work together smoothly and get those videos polished and ready faster. .

Submagic Pricing: How Much Does Cost?

Let's talk numbers for a second. If you've ever looked into getting a video professionally edited, you know it's not cheap.

I've seen quotes ranging from $50 to $100 just to edit a short TikTok video. That's quite a chunk of change, especially if you're churning out content on a regular basis.

short video editor fee

Submagic, on the other hand, offers a more budget-friendly solution:

Submagic pricing
  • Starting with the Free Plan, sure, you'll have a watermark, but it's a solid way to test the waters. When you're ready to step up your game without breaking the bank, their paid plans are where it's at.

  • The Starter plan is a sweet deal at $16 a month (yearly billed). It's perfect for new content creators who want to ditch the watermark and get access to more videos and features.

  • For those of you aiming to make some serious waves with your content, the Pro plan at $40 a month (also billed yearly) is the way to go. You get to pump out unlimited videos a month and unlock some pretty slick premium features.

  • And for the heavy hitters working with multiple clients, the Agency+ plan at $120 a month is a powerhouse. You're looking at unlimited videos a month and a whole suite of advanced tools to play with.

In comparison to the steep rates of hiring an editor, Submagic's pricing is a cost-effective alternative that gives you control over your content and the flexibility to scale as your needs grow.

Conclusion: Should You Purchase Pin Inspector?

Alright, let's wrap up this Submagic review up. Is Submagic the tool to go for? If you're after quick and easy subtitles, it's a strong yes.

It's user-friendly and does a lot of the work for you with those automatic captions and emojis.

Sure, there's the watermark to consider if you're not paying, and some of the flashier features are behind a paywall. The 9x6 ratio can be a bit limiting, too. But honestly, compared to the slog of manual editing, Submagic is a time-saver.

For me, the convenience outweighs the cons. If you value speed and simplicity in your video editing, Submagic is definitely worth considering.

submagic review

Submagic, used by 900,000+ creators, quickly turns content into engaging short videos with accurate captions in 48 languages, trendy templates, and dynamic editing features like b-rolls, premium stock images, transitions, and auto-zooms.

Plus, it can add sound effects and music, plus auto-generate descriptions and hashtags for wider reach.

Out of 10
  • Free plan: Available (With trademark)
  • Paid plans: Start at $16/month
  • Use code "MPHAM10" to get 10% OFF
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