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Welcome to my ElevenLabs review for 2024!

You've probably heard about the ElevenLabs and how it's changing the game in voice generation. It's pretty cool, right? 

But here's the big question: is all the hype worth it? You're not alone if you're scratching your head, wondering whether these generated voices can really meet your expectations.

Well, I'm here to promise you a no-fluff, honest ElevenLabs review.

In this review of ElevenLabs, I'll dive into: 

  • What is ElevenLabs (And Why Do You Need it?)
  • Best Features!
  • Pricing
  • Alternatives: ElevenLabs might not be the best AI voice generator tool for you. I’ll cover a few alternatives that might appeal to you.

So, are you ready?




ElevenLabs review!


Millie's Take 

ElevenLabs keeps the original voice's quality, works with various video formats, and supports up to 29 languages. Plus, it is user-friendly and affordable, with plans starting at just $3. It's a practical tool for expanding your global reach

Out of 10
  • Best For: Everyone
  • Price: Starts at $3/mo

ElevenLabs Review: What is it? How does it help you?

What is ElevenLabs?

ElevenLabs homepage

Eleven Labs is an AI voice generator that transforms text into natural-sounding speech.

It offers high-quality audio in various voices, styles, and languages, catering to video creators, developers, and businesses.

With the ability to fine-tune speech for clarity and style across 29 languages and 120 voices, ElevenLabs stands out for its human-like intonations and context-aware delivery.

Its VoiceLab feature even allows for creating custom voices, making it a versatile tool for digital content creation.

What I Like/Dislike About ElevenLabs

  • Creates natural-sounding AI voiceovers, better than other tools.
  • Simple interface with options for different characters and voice settings.
  • Allows uploading and using personal voices, enhancing customization.
  • Voices sound human-like, with appropriate pauses and tone variations.
  • Offers a free trial and affordable plans for more extensive use.
  • The free version has a character limit, restricting longer projects.
  • Requires a stable internet connection for optimal functionality.

Benefits of using ElevenLabs

1. Sell Voice Over Services with Ease

One of the fantastic benefits of ElevenLabs is its ability to create lifelike voiceovers. You can sell these services on platforms like Fiverr and reach a global audience.

2. Create Engaging YouTube Videos

Do you dream of becoming a YouTuber but feel camera-shy? With ElevenLabs, you can create engaging YouTube videos without showing your face or speaking in your own voice.

3. Dominate Social Media

Want to stand out on social media platforms like TikTok or Instagram? You can use ElevenLabs to create attention-grabbing content with unique voices. Whether you're reviewing products or sharing fun facts, your content will capture viewers' attention.

4. Commercial License for Success

To make the most of ElevenLabs and unlock its full potential for making money, you'll need a commercial license. The good news is that it's affordable, with options like the Creator pack for just $11 per month. With a commercial license, you can confidently use ElevenLabs to generate income.

My favorite ElevenLabs features

#1. AI Voiceover

AI voice generator in ElevenLabs

ElevenLab lets you take any text—like a piece of an article you wrote—and turn it into spoken words.

Now, you might be thinking, "Sure, but can I make it sound like a real person?"

Absolutely, you can. This isn't your run-of-the-mill text-to-speech software.

It's got options to tweak the audio until it's just right.

You can adjust settings to enhance stability and clarity, reduce background noise, and even improve the original voice's similarity if you're using a cloned voice.

It's super easy to use, too. You pick a voice model, paste your text, and let the tool do the work.

I did this with a paragraph from a fairy tale named "The Wolf and the Seven Little Kids", chose a voice named Dorothy, and the result was terrific. The pacing, the tone—it was all there.

The first time I tried it, I was blown away by how natural it sounded.

The best part is that there are voice models for each specific use: animation, narration, fairy tales, video games, documentaries, and Christmas...

If you're curious, you can check it out on their website. They allow you to test the voice generation feature directly from the homepage with up to 330 words.

try out ElevenLabs for free on their homepage

Trust me, it's worth a look, especially if you want to add that human touch to your videos without spending hours recording voiceovers yourself.

#2. Voice Cloning

Voice cloning technology is something straight out of the future, and I've been experimenting with it with ElevenLabs in my projects.

It's fascinating how you can take an audio recording of someone's voice and create a digital version that's nearly indistinguishable from the real thing.

Once logged into the voice lab, you can upload voice samples, and they're ready to use almost immediately.

What's great is that these samples are private – they stay in your account, so you don't have to worry about them floating around where they shouldn't be. I've uploaded a couple of voices to see how they'd turn out.

Adding your voice is a breeze. You just name it, upload a file, and confirm you have the rights to use it.

The professional voice cloning kicks in, and within moments, you can hear your words in a voice that sounds like you – or whoever you choose.

I adjusted the settings a bit to get the tone right, and the result was a clear, stable voiceover that I could use across my videos.

This tech is a game-changer, especially when I want to create video content without recording new audio every time.

I can just type up my script, run it through the voice cloner, and get a professional-sounding voiceover in minutes.

#3. AI Dubbing

create a dub in ElevenLabs (1)

Have you ever watched a video by a big-time YouTuber like MrBeast and noticed they have channels in multiple languages?

It's a smart move because it lets them connect with viewers all over the globe. If you only make videos in one language, you reach just a slice of the potential audience.

That's where AI dubbing comes in. It lets you clone your voice in any language – German, Spanish, Mandarin, you name it.

ElevenLabs offers an advanced AI dubbing and video translation service to translate and dub content across 29 languages.

This service includes voice translation, speaker detection, and audio dubbing, ensuring that the dubbed version of your video sounds natural and authentic, maintaining the original voice tone and style.

Here's how it works:

You grab some audio files of your voice and upload them to a platform like ElevenLabs, and the system does the rest.

Just make sure you have the right to use the voice you're cloning, especially if it's not your own.

Once your voice is cloned, you can get a video transcript, use AI to translate it into the language of your choice, and then feed it back into the voice cloning too

I tested this feature with a TikTok video of Adam Enfroy speaking in English and made a dubbed video in Korean (as this is one of the supported languages that I fully understand, which allows me to test the accuracy).

Here is the original video

What really impresses me is that it keeps Adam's voice, making it sound like he is actually speaking Korean. The flow is very natural, just like a native speaker talking into the microphone.

#4. Eleven Turbo - Instant Voice Cloning 

What stands out about ElevenLabs is their cutting-edge features, like the turbo function for quick voice generation and the speech-to-speech capability that's hard to find elsewhere. 

#5. Projects: long-form speech synthesis editor

Tackling an audiobook or a voiceover project can be daunting.

With Projects, the process becomes straightforward. This tool is designed to help you produce long-form audio content efficiently.

You can start for free and choose from various AI voices, like the clear tones of 'Matthew' for 'Alice in Wonderland' or the engaging 'Charlotte' for 'Little Women.'

"Projects" allows you to generate and edit audio with precision. The voices are diverse, and you can adjust pronunciation to make sure the output is clear and understandable.

If you need to revise a section, editing specific parts is easy without starting over.

The goal of Projects is to let you create audio content that's polished and professional.

#6. Design entirely new synthetic voices from scratch

With ElevenLabs, it's surprisingly straightforward to create a new synthetic voice from the ground up.

All it takes is a few clicks: Head over to VoiceLab, confirm your rights, add the voice, and within moments, you're set to go.

This new voice is now at your disposal, ready to narrate anything you ask it to.

#7. Speech to Speech

speech-to-speech in ElevenLabs

ElevenLabs has just rolled out a fresh feature called Speech to Speech, and it's a big deal for them.

So what is "Speech to Speech"?

To explain it in simple terms:

Imagine that you speak into your device, and then having that speech come out in a synthetic version that captures all the unique sounds of your speech. That's what "Speech to Speech"

But note that this feature is not entirely new to the tech scene.

A while back, a service called Uberduck let you upload a voice recording, and it would spit back a synthetic version.

It was a cool trick, but it took a lot of time and high-quality audio to make it work. Most people just didn't have the hours to spare.

Now, here's where ElevenLabs is shaking things up. They've made it so you only need 1 minute of audio to create a voice that sounds almost like the original and captures all the little details of the speaker's voice.

That's something most people can manage.

For voice actors and creators, this is super exciting. Now, they can have a whole collection of unique voices at their fingertips, ready to bring their expressions to life.

But it's not just for professionals. Anyone can use this feature to create a synthetic voice. Whether you're making content for a podcast, a video, or just for fun, the possibilities are endless.

Pricing - How Much Does ElevenLabs Cost? Is it Worth it?

Alright, let's untangle the web of ElevenLabs pricing plans, shall we?

You want to make sure you're getting your money's worth without overcommitting. So, let's see what's on offer.

ElevenLabs pricing 1

Free Plan

Kicking things off, you can try ElevenLabs for free. This plan is ideal for hobbyists.

It's the no-cost, no-risk way to test the waters of prime speech synthesis. For exactly $0, forever, you can tinker with basic features, perfect for those just starting out or playing around.

You'll get 10,000 characters per month to convert into speech, the ability to create up to 3 custom voices and a taste of the voice design features. Remember, if you're using this plan, you'll need to tip your hat to ElevenLabs with an attribution.

Moving on, the "Starter" plan is where things get a bit more serious. For $5 a month (with a generous 40% off your first month), you get a bump in resources and the freedom to use your creations commercially.

Starter Plan ($5/month, 40% off the first month.)

Suitable for creators looking to publish more content. You'll have 30,000 monthly characters and the capacity to craft up to 10 custom voices. Plus, you get to play with instant voice cloning – pretty neat, right?

Creator Plan ($22/month, 50% off first month)

Designed for content creators who need compelling narration. You get 100,000 characters per month (about 2 hours of audio) and can create up to 30 custom voices. And yes, you can clone your voice–endless possibilities.

ElevenLabs pricing 2

Independent Publisher Plan ($99/month for authors/publishers)

If you're an independent author or publisher, the "Independent Publisher" plan for $99 a month.

With 500,000 characters each month and the ability to create up to 160 custom voices, this plan is for those ready to engage their audience with high-quality audio.

Growing Business Plan ($330/month for expanding businesses)

Tailored for publishers and companies on the rise. You get a generous 2 million monthly characters and can create 660 custom voices. It's about getting the scale you need as your business grows.

Enterprise Plan

For the big players, there's the "Enterprise" plan. It's a bespoke service where you discuss your needs directly with ElevenLabs to get a package that fits like a glove.

Refund Policy

If you've recently signed up for one of the plans but haven't used any of the character quotas and you're thinking, "Maybe ElevenLabs isn't for me," no worries!

If you change your mind within the first 14 days—after your payment goes through, you can ask ElevenLabs for your money back. Just make sure you haven't used any of the services yet.

Possible Alternatives to ElevenLabs

If you're looking for other options similar to ElevenLabs, you're in luck because some great alternatives might fit your needs.

Murf AI

murf ai homepage

Murf AI stands out with its library of over 120 professional voices in 20 languages, making it a strong contender for those who need quality voiceovers.

It's user-friendly and offers a range of customization options to make your narrations sound just right. boasts a massive selection of 829 voices across 142 languages and accents. It's perfect for adding a unique touch to your content with its expressive emotional speaking styles.

Other tools like Descript offer their own features, such as integration with podcast platforms and advanced editing capabilities.

Each alternative has different pricing plans, including accessible versions with basic features, so you can choose one that aligns with your budget.

Final Thoughts

ElevenLabs is a great choice for content creators looking to improve their projects with AI-powered voiceovers, voice cloning, and dubbing capabilities. With a range of pricing plans to fit different needs, it's accessible to both beginners and professionals.

After reading my ElevenLabs review, if you know any of your friends who could benefit from this AI voice generator, don't hesitate to recommend it to them. They'll thank you for it later. 

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