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Keeping track of what people say about your brand online can be tough. With so much chatter on social media, important comments can easily get lost.

This is where an AI-powered social listening tool can be a game changer.

More and more marketers are turning to AI. In fact, the number of marketers using AI shot up from 29% in 2018 to 84% in 2020 [1], showing a big move towards using AI to better understand and react to customer feedback.

In this article, we'll explore the top five AI social listening tools that excel in monitoring brand mentions.

These tools sift through the noise to find the conversations that matter most to your business.

What are the best AI social listening tools?

1. Brand24

brand24 logo

Millie's Take 

Brand24 keeps you connected with real-time insights on what the world says about your business, spanning social media, news, blogs, and more.

With insightful sentiment analysis and easy-to-generate reports, you can effortlessly manage your brand's reputation and make data-driven decisions.

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  • Price: Starts at $79/mo (billed yearly)

What is Brand24?

Brand24 homepage

Brand24 monitors what people are saying about your company online, tracking mentions across social media, news sites, blogs, and videos.

It evaluates whether the sentiment is positive or negative and measures your brand's popularity. 

With Brand24, you can understand how people feel about your brand through sentiment analysis, which separates positive from negative chatter.

You can also generate reports to showcase your brand's media performance, detailing talk volume and message reach. 

Additionally, Brand24 tracks hashtag usage, showing their frequency and impact.

With over a decade of experience in online brand tracking, Brand24 serves clients globally and handles mentions in various languages, using AI to streamline the information for easy understanding."

Why I Recommend Brand24

Here's why I find it particularly useful:

First off, Brand24 is incredibly user-friendly.

From the moment you sign up, you're guided through a straightforward setup process. You simply enter keywords related to your brand, competitors, or industry hashtags you want to track, and Brand24 starts collecting data.

The platform supports 108 languages, which is a huge plus if you operate in a global market. You can specify which languages to track, ensuring you're not missing out on any relevant mentions.

Once you've set up your project, Brand24's dashboard presents a wealth of information. You can see analytics like:

  • The volume of mentions over time
  • The reach of these mentions

This helps you gauge the impact of your brand's online conversations and can inform your marketing strategies.

One of the standout features is the sentiment analysis.

Brand24 categorizes mentions as:

  • Positive
  • Negative
  • Neutral you a clear picture of public perception. This insight is invaluable for managing your brand's reputation and responding appropriately to customer feedback.

The tool also excels in competitor analysis. By monitoring your competitors, you can gain insights into their strategies, see how you stack up against them, and identify areas for improvement in your own approach.

Influencer identification is another benefit. Brand24 shows you which influencers are talking about your brand or industry, along with their reach and engagement metrics. This can help you in forming partnerships that amplify your brand's message.

The reporting feature is a time-saver, too. You can generate reports that summarize your analytics, making it easier to share insights with your team or stakeholders. These reports can help you make data-driven decisions and track your marketing campaign's effectiveness.


  • Individual Plan: Pay $79 each month for small brand tracking.
  • Team Plan: At $149 monthly, this one's great for startups and small teams.
  • Pro Plan: The go-to for growing businesses at $199 a month.
  • Enterprise Plan: This plan is $399 monthly for the big players.

Get your 30-day free trial:

2. Sprinklr

Sprinklr's social listening tool

What is Sprinklr?

Sprinklr is a software company that helps businesses manage their social media accounts and interactions with customers. It offers tools for posting content, responding to customers, and analyzing social media performance.

Why I Recommend Sprinklr

1. Keep Your Ear to the Ground

Sprinklr helps you listen to what people are saying about your brand across various social platforms.

It captures everything from tweets to comments on social ads, helping you stay tuned in to customer needs and reactions in real time.

2. All Your Social Needs in One Place

Whether it's posting on social media, managing ad campaigns, or engaging directly with customers, Sprinklr makes these tasks easier by putting them all in one platform.

This means less switching between tools and more time focusing on what matters—engaging your audience.

3. Smarter Customer Service

With tools like live chat and AI chatbots, Sprinklr enables you to offer quick and helpful responses to customer inquiries.

This can make your customer service feel more personal and responsive, which customers really appreciate.

4. Easy to Use, Even for Big Teams

Sprinklr’s design is all about simplicity, making it easy for anyone in your team to use, whether they’re tech-savvy or not. Plus, it’s built to handle lots of users and data, so it grows with your business.

5. Safe and Secure

Keeping customer data safe is a big deal, and Sprinklr takes this seriously. You can rest easy knowing your customer interactions are secure, which is essential for maintaining trust.

6. Understand and Act Fast

The platform uses AI to quickly sort through data and highlight what’s important, like emerging trends or sudden changes in customer sentiment. This means you can react swiftly to keep your customers happy and engaged.


  • Free Trial: You can try the Advanced Plan for free for 30 days without even giving your credit card info, which is pretty handy to see if it fits your needs.
  • Advanced Plan: $249 per seat/month, billed annually. Comes with multi-channel support and basic automation tools—great for growing teams.
  • Enterprise Plan: Custom pricing for extra features like more channels and advanced AI—ideal for large companies.

3. Talkwalker

Talkwalker Social Listening

What is Talkwalker?

Talkwalker is designed to track and analyze online conversations to give companies insights into their audience's thoughts and feelings.

Here’s a bit more about what Talkwalker does:

Social Listening: Talkwalker helps you keep an eye on social media to see what's being said about your brand.

It's powerful and easy to use, allowing your teams to get real-time insights into customer opinions and trends.

Blue Silk™ GPT: Blue Silk™ GPT is one of the standout features of Talkwalker.

It’s a cutting-edge AI technology that’s been fine-tuned for over ten years to help businesses quickly and accurately make sense of a lot of customer conversations online. 

With this feature, companies can really get to know what their customers like and want, which can guide smarter business decisions.

Why I Recommend Talkwalker

1. Deep insights

Talkwalker takes social listening to the next level by not just tracking mentions, but also analyzing the mood and trends behind them. This helps you get a true sense of how people feel about your brand.

2. Comprehensive coverage

It monitors discussions across social media and over 150 million websites, ensuring you don't miss any mentions of your brand.

3. Real-time alerts

The real-time alerts from Talkwalker keep you updated on any emerging trends or potential issues as they happen. This means you can react quickly to keep your brand’s reputation shiny and bright.

4. Streamlined data analysis

Talkwalker helps you focus on what really matters. With advanced filtering options and AI analysis, you can ask simple questions and get clear, relevant answers. This makes it easier to turn all that data into decisions without feeling overwhelmed.

5. Visual content analysis

Not only does Talkwalker help you listen to what’s said, but it also shows you how your visual content is performing. Understanding how your images and videos resonate with your audience can help you make them even more engaging.

6. Influencer identification

Finding the right people to talk about your brand can be a game-changer. Talkwalker identifies influencers in your industry, making it easier to forge partnerships that can expand your reach.

7. Customizable dashboards

The customizable dashboards let you see exactly what you want to see, whether you’re tracking a specific campaign or just keeping an eye on overall brand health.

4. SentiOne

SentiOne homepage

What is SentiOne?

SentiOne provides two main services: social listening and customer service automation.

It uses artificial intelligence to track and analyze mentions of a brand across various online sources like social media, blogs, and forums. This allows companies to understand public sentiment, monitor their reputation, and identify new business opportunities.

Plus, SentiOne offers tools to automate customer interactions through chatbots and voicebots, which can handle many customer queries, making the response process faster and reducing the workload on human agents.

Why I Recommend SentiOne

Absolutely, let’s make it sound more casual and approachable:

1. Keep an Eye on Everything: SentiOne lets you watch over your brand across the web, from Twitter chatter to forum discussions. You can track everything that’s being said about your brand or competitors using unlimited keywords, all in real time.

2. Speed Up Your Responses: By pulling all your communication channels into one spot, SentiOne cuts down response times by up to 70%. It's like having a super-efficient command center that keeps your customers happy by answering them quickly.

3. Automate the Routine: SentiOne's AI takes the load off your team by handling the routine stuff, whether it’s through chatbots for text conversations or voicebots for calls. This frees up your team to tackle more complex customer needs.

4. Feel the Mood: The platform’s sentiment analysis helps you catch the mood behind the words. It figures out whether comments about your brand are positive, negative, or neutral, so you can understand and respond to customer sentiments more effectively.

5. Watch the Competition: Not only can you track what’s happening with your brand, but you can also keep tabs on your competitors. And with SentiOne’s help in finding and working with influencers, you can boost your marketing game to new levels.

6. Manage Crises Before They Blow Up: With SentiOne’s smart alerts, you can catch issues before they turn into big problems. It’s about protecting your brand’s reputation by being proactive rather than reactive.

7. Fit It to Your Needs: Whether you prefer your systems in the cloud or kept on-site, SentiOne has flexible options that ensure your data stays secure and your operations run smoothly.

SentiOne is really about making your life easier when it comes to managing customer interactions and insights. It’s like having a powerful assistant that helps you stay connected and informed, so you can focus on growing your brand.


  • Team Plan: Costs $300 per month; includes 5 projects, 5 users, support for 1 language, and a year of data.
  • Enterprise Plan: Custom pricing; offers unlimited projects and users, supports 117 languages, and provides three years of data plus a dedicated account manager.

5. Digimind

Digimind social listening tool

What is Digimind?

Digimind helps companies keep track of what customers and competitors are saying about them online. It analyzes trends, tracks brand reputation, and identifies key influencers to help businesses understand the market better and make smarter decisions.

Why I Recommend Digimind

Real-Time Social Listening: Digimind lets you catch every mention of your brand as it happens, helping you stay tuned in and quickly tweak your marketing strategies based on live feedback.

Content Performance Analysis: It's easy to see how your content stacks up against competitors with Digimind. You can track numerous social accounts at once to really understand what’s working and what’s not.

Online Reputation Management: Digimind goes beyond just tracking social mentions—it looks at what people are searching for about your brand online. This shows you what interests your customers and highlights areas that might need your attention.

Quick and Easy Reporting: Generating detailed reports with Digimind is super quick and straightforward. You can customize them to fit what you need, whether it's for a team meeting or an executive presentation.

Comprehensive Coverage: The platform covers everything from social media buzz to influencer sentiments and geographical trends, giving you a full picture of your brand’s online presence.

Engagement and ROI Insights: Engaging directly with your audience and tracking the effectiveness of your campaigns is simple with Digimind. It helps you understand the return on your social media investments and guides you in optimizing future efforts.

What is a social media listening tool?

An AI social media listening tool monitors brand mentions across major social media platforms. 

It uses artificial intelligence to analyze conversations and identify trends, giving businesses insights into public perception and engagement. 

This type of social media monitoring tool is essential for understanding and responding to customer feedback effectively.

Can social media listening platforms with artificial intelligence be trusted?

Absolutely, but with a bit of caution.

These platforms are great at scanning huge amounts of online chatter to spot trends and track what people are saying about your brand. 

However, they might not catch everything with perfect accuracy—like the tone of a comment or complex sarcasm.

It's a good idea to use these tools as a helpful guide but also keep a human eye on things to understand the full picture of your social media interactions.

What are the best benefits of social media listening?

Here are a few key ones:

  • Understanding Customer Sentiment: You get a real-time snapshot of what people think about your brand, which can guide improvements and innovations.
  • Spotting Trends and Issues: It helps you catch emerging trends and potential problems early, allowing you to adapt or respond quickly.
  • Improving Customer Engagement: By monitoring social conversations, you can respond to comments, answer questions, and engage in dialogues, making your brand more approachable and responsive.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are social listening examples?

Social listening can be as simple as a restaurant owner seeing tweets about their food and service to improve their menu. Another example is a beauty brand watching Facebook comments to catch and react to customer complaints quickly. Big companies might use tools to scan for mentions of their brand across the internet to manage their reputation.

What is the difference between social listening and social analytics?

Social listening is about gathering what people say about your brand across social media in real time. It focuses on collecting these mentions and comments.

Social analytics takes this data and analyzes it to find patterns, measure sentiment, and understand the impact on the brand.

Basically, listening is collecting the data, and analytics is making sense of it.

Does Tiktok allow social listening?

TikTok currently doesn't offer built-in tools for comprehensive social listening, mainly due to privacy policies and the nature of the platform. However, brands can manually or use third-party tools to monitor hashtags, comments on their posts, and trends to gauge what's being said about them.

Is Google Analytics a social listening tool?

No, Google Analytics isn't a social listening tool. It's more focused on analyzing the traffic to your website, like how many people visit your site, where they come from, and what they do on your site. It doesn't track what people are saying about your brand on social media or elsewhere online

Final Thoughts

Understanding what people say about your brand is key, and these 5 best AI social listening tools make it easy. They help you track opinions and improve how you connect with customers.

Interested in seeing the benefits for yourself? Try Brand24 today and start understanding your audience better.**

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